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He only ever saw me as an enemy, an obstacle to over come. We would spend days fighting each other, hissing and barking orders at the other until our throats were raw, then we'd go home, and start it all the next day. I don't know why he saw me as such a threat. I never posed a threat to anyone but the people I was assigned to kill, and unless he ran from the village, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. I guess he was sore that I would always beat him in a fight, that my skills at hand to hand were better, and that I had been trained in advance jutsu's at an earlier age than he had. He also was never good at giving in whenever he lost, he would be bleeding, coughing up blood, and wheezing, but he would never give up and I would have to eventually sigh, whap him in the side of his neck, make him pass out, and wait five minutes until he woke up.

Things started to change though. I don't know when it happened, or why for that matter, but he started to look at me different. Whenever I got too close for his taste when we weren't fighting, or even when we were, he would stiffen and look away swiftly, as if my presence was something offensive. He also was starting to get sloppy in fighting, well, fighting me, and we had verbal battles when I saw him fighting someone else and doing things that he would not do in battle with me. When I demanded to know what it is that he hated about me so much as to dishonor my integrity as a shinobi, he yelled at me, spouting something I'll never forget.

He only ever saw me as an enemy, but… now he sees me as something more, and I think I see him as something more as well. Though don't tell him I said that, he'll get such a big ego I won't be able to face him for weeks!

Chapter one:

Blades of Grass and Steel

Sun shine. That's all there was, sunshine and swaying grass. The forest around the village was quiet and the only sound was the crunching of leaves from under a lone figures foot, the trees having shed the leaves in the dry summer heat. It didn't help that it was hot, so very fucking hot, and that the figure was wearing a jacket and trudging through the part of the forest that didn't have a pool of water anywhere within the next mile. A small bundle struggled in the figures arm, hissing and spiting at him while the figure just sighed and glanced up at the azure sky with slightly hateful eyes.

He was a higher rank ninja then this! He was a chuunin, a damn strong one at that, and here he was, delivering a pet back to its owner on a D-rank mission from his village. How the hell had he managed to get into this again? Eyes closed in memory and sighed as he recounted the ways that he had been lured into accepting this damn mission. Hinata was busy, and Shino had gone off on a B-rank mission by himself, so that left him to take care of it since Kurenai wouldn't be caught dead doing such a mission, her being a jounin and all. That didn't give them the right to unload all the grunt work onto his shoulders! They'd always be all 'Kiba, you have to do it, since everyone else is busy' or 'Kiba stop being a crybaby and do the damn mission'. He hated them all. They should all die a slow and painful death, especially Shino, that bastard; he kept getting better missions than him. Damn it all to hell.

Just then his ears pricked and the sounds of scuffling and clashing of steel blades slamming together filled his acute hearing. He stopped dead in his tracks, his large dog by his side stopping as well and glancing up at his pack member, cocking a confused brow on his massive head. More sounds, only this time, the shouting of attacks and the pulls and surges of someone using a great deal of chakra, A-rank Taijutsu from the feel of it. Kiba narrowed his eyes slightly, securing the struggling bundle to his hip, and started to walk forward towards the noise, sniffing at the air cautiously. If it was Shino he could just leave him and let him take care of whoever they were fighting, or if it was someone from the village sparring then he was fine, but from the sounds of it this was a fight to the death.

Just as he reached a small clearing, Akamaru, his faithful dog at his side wagging his tail in anticipation, out of the other side of the clearing came barreling a figure of a Cloud ninja, clad in battle gear, and slammed hard into the ground. Out of the forest surged the form of a jounin from his village, short brown hair whipping around their tanned face.

The cloud ninja struggled to a standing, bringing his kunai before him while the other whipped out a hand full of shuriken. Kiba watched intently, enamored with the coming fight and awed that he would get to witness something like this without either of them pouncing on him. The Konoha nin shouted and charged the other, their body bending close to the ground and curving around like a cats when the other tried to slice them. Two shuriken launched from the finger, one deflected but one hit its mark soundly in the shoulder, causing a stream of red to burst from the skin and armor. Akamaru whined at Kiba, wanting to join into the almost as much as his shivering master, but watched on as the jounin back flipped, dodging a blast of air filled with knifes and threw all of the throwing stars at the enemy at once.

Thinking this an easy ploy the Cloud shinobi swiped a large sword, knocking down and blocking all of the offending blades, but when his eyes flitted up he noted the jounin from the leave village was not there. He glanced around hurriedly, bringing his sword by his side while having a kunai clasped in the other hand. Wherever they were, they wouldn't get passed his rock solid defense. That is, unless they were in the rocks! The Cloud nin shouted in pain as the fighter shot from the ground behind him, rocks flying around them and their drawn kunai running a crimson line up the Cloud nin's back.

He staggered back and faced the other, blood now streaming down his back and legs while he gripped onto his weapons with dying strength.

"Shadow Clone no jutsu!" the Leaf shinobi shouted and instantly there were four others and all dashed forward with weapon ready and determination in their eyes. One slammed forward, forcing the weakened ninja to jump, only to be met with the knee of one of the clones, sending him flying back, then to be greeted by a swift kick upwards, forcing him to fly. While in the air the two others jumped up, their hands surrounded by chakra. The man tried do dodge but he was too covered in blood and wounds and when one's fist came into his gut, breaking any bones in his torso, the other span him around with a quick jolt to the arm and punched him in the spine, shattering all of his vertebra. He let out a shriek as he started to fall, the remaining leaf nin, now all clones gone, stood there with a chakra cloud flowing from them, the auras of the others dancing around and forming into almost panther looking cloud.

"Tiger no Jutsu, eight claws of death!" kunai rattled every knuckle and while the Cloud shinobi fell, unable to move or scream for the pain racking his body, the Leaf nin slid a foot back, their eyes glowing a deep golden and pulling back the kunai. In a leap the man was ripped to shreds, the offending kunai causing a cloud of red to rain down onto the ground beneath them while short brown hair came down to shade the eyes.

Kiba let out an excited breath. That had to easily be a B-Rank Taijutsu, one that even Might Gai would be interested in! Just then the jounin that Kiba and Akamaru had been watching so intently put their hands to their chest, doing a few hand signs, then hissed out a sea of flames onto the man they'd just killed, burning them into ash so that no one could ever use their secrets in their grave. Kiba stared in awe as the jounin turned and started to dash out of the clearing at a rapid speed, their kunai, still bloodied, back in the holster and their clothes splashed with crimson spray. He caught the scent instantly, he would never forget that scent, it was so strong and yet subtle. Water and rosemary, if he had to put into words that was what that jounin smelled like.

For one instant the jounin's head snapped around and bright amber eyes came to lock with his then narrowed and they were gone into the forest surrounding the clearing and surrounding Konoha. Kiba was rooted to the spot, he couldn't breath, he couldn't move. He had seen such blood lust, had seen such power, had seen nothing like that before in his life! That jounin had been… the amount of power they had given off was more than Kiba could wrap his mind around. Those eyes were burning into the back of his mind, seared with that look they had given him. He shivered and let out an almost painful breath, his eyes wide and his mouth twitching with his trademark smirk.

"Wow… Akamaru, can you believe what he just did?" Kiba asked and turned to his dog, a broad smile on his face. "That was amazing; I've only ever seen Taijutsu like that from Lee or Gai, but damn! What until Hinata and Shino hear about this! Then they'll be sorry they loaded this mission off on me!" Kiba said happily and threw the package over his shoulder and started to walk proudly back to his village, his headband gleaming in the sunlight. Akamaru gave out a deep bark before trotting after his pack mate, his ears pricking at any noise around them.

Bright golden eyes narrowed as they watched the youth that had spied on them during their fight walk away with its giant dog. The figure frowned deeply, bringing a bruised hand to lips that sucked on the wounds, licking at them like an injured animal while regarding the youth coldly. Who the hell was this kid to spy on the jounin during an important assassination mission? An A-rank mission! True… the fool had been easy to take down, and he had been unbearably weak compared to her sparing partner that usually showed up out of no where some nights, but still, it had been an important mission and she would have been blamed had the kid gotten hurt thanks to his carelessness.

A slight, almost cat like hiss came from lips and one of the bruised up hands swatted the light, almost blond brown hair from the sun scorched face. "Idiot… if I ever see him in the village he's gonna get it," a slightly fiery voice escaped the lips and they were gone in an instant, leaving the youth behind and the perking ears of his dog.


It took about another two hours before Kiba reached the impressive gates of Konoha, stretching up high into the sun and gleaming like the doors of heaven itself. Or, so they looked to a certain dog nin, because right now he was really sick of walking and really, really hungry. He nodded to the guards outside of the entrance and waited patiently as the massive metal doors creaked open to allow him safe passage into his home village. The forest around him quieted at the sound, all animals froze as the mighty gates opened up to reveal Kiba's birthplace while he exhaled a much needed breath.

Konohagakure gleamed in the sunshine of afternoon, its buildings stretching up with white walls, gleaming red tile and blue tiles, and fences and roofs of wood as far as Kiba could see. In the far off distance stood the large, dome like building in which all of Konoha's missions and all of the goings on of the village, it was it's life source and blood, the office of the highest of all ninjas in his village, the Hokage. Kiba set foot into the village and let out a hesitant breath, his eyes glassing over at staring at the beauty of it all. Well he would be staring at the beauty of it all, had his nose not been overridden at that time by all of the sudden thrash of bodies in the mad house of the main road as he began to trudge his way down to the office.

Akamaru walked behind him, occasionally offering up a friendly bark to whomever passed them by, all the while the damn thing he had been sent to retrieve struggled against the strap that kept the bag tied to his waist. The fight was still replaying over and over in his minds eye, watching how she had forced the other ninja into her trap, into being led right into a powerful Taijutsu move that had most likely snapped his neck and then being shredded to pieces. He only wished that he could actually meet that guy so that he could see his technique up close and rub it in Lee's face.


"So… Saiyuki, you tell me that your mission was a success?" the office was empty save for one solitary jounin, her head bowed and the leader of all of the Hidden Leaf Village staring at her. She nodded stiffly, her light brown hair shifting around her face while her eyes narrowed at the ground, body taunt and tense all over. The Hokage, now one Tsunade for the Third had been killed by Orochimaru, nodded slowly to her, interlacing her fingers while her kind eyes rested on the younger girl. The Hokage was a strange woman, though one of the legendary senin, she had rather large breasts that Saiyuki had a sneaking suspicion that were fake on some level, with long blond hair, and didn't look a day over thirty even though she was easily fifty.

Saiyuki shifted against the cold, polished wood floor of the Hokage's office, glowering while her eyes were slowly starting to drift open from a long blink. Tsunade regarded the girl with slightly raised eyebrows, putting a hand on her cheek. Saiyuki was around five foot five, short compared to other girls her age, with short, choppy light brown hair that had much longer strips tied up in two bindings down her back side all the way to her middle back, wore a dull red shirt with a massive turtle neck much akin to the one that Sasuke used to wear that had lashes down the front, keeping it closed, with a dark green and gold dragon coiling around the side until it rested on her clan symbol on the middle of the turtleneck, along with her shirt she wore long, black pants that had tatters on the ends and several holes that had been patched up around the knees and thighs from being in many, many fights in her career as a jounin. But what Tsunade found most fascinating about the girl was her eyes… those bright, flashing, amber eyes that shimmered with any emotion she was feeling, and if angered or under such a barrier of feelings they slit and became almost cat like. Like the girl they belonged to.

"Is there something wrong, Haraku?" Saiyuki's head jolted up from its steadily sinking position while her heart pounded in her throat. If Tsunade knew what had happened during the mission, that some kid had been spying on her then… fuck she'd be in trouble. Tsunade studied the girl over for a few seconds then waved it off, leaning back in her chair and glancing over her scroll report on the man she'd killed. "I know, it doesn't matter, you got the job done right? Anyway, good job in silencing that Cloud spy, though from your mission statement he was at most a high ranking chuunin?"

"Yes Tsunade-sama," Saiyuki bowed her head before smirking broad and running a hand over the nape of her neck. "But I would have been able to take him even if he had been a jounin," she said cockily.

Tsunade smiled at that and nodded her head slowly, "I don't doubt you, but, we must find a way to make you less arrogant, you may be the youngest of all the jounin Saiyuki-san, but you are still only seventeen and that means that you have to watch your chakra fluctuations very carefully…"

Saiyuki sighed and waved her hand around, imitating Tsunade with an annoyed look on her face, crossing her arms and cocking her head to the side, a large smile on her face. "You've given me this lecture time and again, Tsunade-sama, you act like you don't trust my chakra flows!"

"Well, given that your recent Taijutsu training has been getting more intense and your chakra cloud right now is thrumming around the room unchecked, I have every right not to trust it for a while. Now, did you get the enemies scroll that he had taken?"

"You mean this?" Saiyuki asked and pulled the scroll from the depths of her scroll pouch and threw it at the Hokage, her smile flitting away quickly. "What's so special about that scroll?" she asked slowly, not sure that the Hokage would tell her anything.

Tsunade raised her eyebrows at the girl then slowly twirled the scroll in her fingers. "None of your business I'm afraid, Haraku Saiyuki, now, if you would, I need to see other ninjas and as much as I enjoy your company," Saiyuki smiled brightly, putting her arms behind her head while her chakra retreated back into her body in a swirling cloud of bright red, "I must get back to work. Are you sure that there isn't anything else that happened in that mission that you would like to tell me about?" Tsunade asked, leaning back in her chair.

Sunshine caught Sai's amber eyes and she squinted, staring out into the village with a dazed look. The village was so beautiful at this moment… hard to believe the emptiness that was waiting for her should she go straight home after her report to the blond haired leader. Was there? It could have been an isolated incident, and the kid had only watched, he hadn't interfered, so there was no real reason to tell her superior of the boy watching her fight. But she felt horrible lying to the Hokage, and Tsunade of all people on top of that, but still.

There was a restlessness that had been growing in Saiyuki, even the woman sitting behind the massive desk could see it from this far away, because her once rounded pupils were slowly starting to elongate and slit and her shoulders were starting to tense. There was a war wagging in her mind, there always had been, but lately it seemed to be getting worse for her. Saiyuki walked over to the floor to ground windows that curved around the entire wall of the office, offering a splendid view of the village that the teen had vowed to protect.

"How's… the home life, Haraku?" Tsunade asked cautiously.

Sai didn't move from her spot, rooted to the ground while she lowered her head to where her amber eyes were hidden in her bangs, her hands resting on the glass of the windows. What to say? Horrible, yes, dramatic and draining, hell yea, to where she wished that she could just set her house on fire and run away, damn straight, but… there was nothing that the Hokage could do about it, she had made the mistake of telling the woman her home life once before, and had paid dearly for it, so she was not about to do it again.

She turned to Tsunade with a bright, cheery smile, putting her hands behind her head while saying happily, "pretty good! Why do you ask?"

"Sai…" before Saiyuki could open her mouth and lie to the Hokage more the elder woman held up a hand and stared at her intently, the skyline of Konoha providing a serene backdrop compared to the dark subject matter. "Why do you feel the need to lie to me? You can tell me if there's something wrong… is it…"

"I have to go now, later Tsunade-ba-chan!" and with that Tsunade was left to stare at a plume of smoke in the center of her office where a one Haraku Saiyuki had stood. She rubbed her temples and sighed, shaking her head. That was it, that girl would be the death of her one day!

She slumped forward slightly, knowing well that the next ninja would be in shortly after the disappearance of her favorite jounin. The girl was… messed up in more ways than one. She remembered the night that Saiyuki had stumbled into her office with tears streaking down her face and her fangs gnashing, yelling at the Hokage desperately and breaking down in her arms. Sadly, that was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen from the girl, since she shut her suffering away and put others before her, put her village before her, and even the one at her home that had long ago moved on and was leaving the girl in the dust. Tsunade had once asked her why she didn't just move, she was of legal age now… to which she'd replied very slowly and cautiously, looking as if the words hurt her very being…

The door suddenly burst open and in came striding the next ninja on her roster to hear from today. He stood before her proudly, his hand holding out the struggling sack while a large, white dog came lumbering behind him, its head lowered in fatigue. Tsunade frowned lightly at the intrusion, but then again she supposed it was a good thing that she'd been ripped from her dark, depressing thoughts, and glanced up to the shinobi before her warily.

"Kiba… good to see that you completed your mission this time," Tsunade commented and made his eyebrow twitch.

"It wasn't my fault that the damn cat was like fourteen and afraid of Akamaru," the dog nin growled and put his hands on his hips, Akamaru barking lightly in agreement. Tsunade raised her eyebrows then shrugged tiredly, extending her hand to retrieve that animal that Kiba had unceremoniously tossed into what looked to be a bag usually used for carrying fish.

"Yes, well, give it here and I'll make sure that the owner gets it back. Where is your mission statement scroll?" Tsunade asked, twitching her fingers and staring Kiba down. Kiba scowled then shrugged, actually tossing the still squirming package over to the Hokage and pulling out his mission scroll with a nonchalant look. Tsunade blanched at how Kiba just up and threw the object of his chuunin mission and grabbed it before it could hit the floor with her lightening fast reflexes and pulled it up to her desk, glaring at the youth. With a flick of her wrist the draw string was undone and the sack fell from around the small ball of fluff that was inside, and it commenced emitting odd squeaking noises.

"Why they wanted a chuunin to go and get their guinea pig is beyond me!" Kiba snarled and placed his mission scroll down onto the desk, sitting down into the chair and crossing his legs with a broad smirk on his face. Akamaru came and bound up next to him, taking a seat down besides Kiba who was regarding the small squeaking animal with contempt. "Though I did get a good show out of it," Kiba mused allowed, closing his eyes and remembering the fight between the Cloud Shinobi and that Jounin from their village.

Tsunade raised her eyebrows at this, stroking the terrified and rather disgruntled looking animal softly. What could he mean by that? Knowing him he probably managed to see some poor village maiden bathing in a stream and watched, all men were the same… But something told the Hokage that that wasn't it, that this went deeper than some flesh show, even though Kiba was craning his neck back and smirking positively happily. "What do you mean?" she asked slowly, sweeping up his scroll and unraveling it before her to check the squares that stated all was delivered intact and in prime order. Which from the way that this little thing was nuzzling into her hand affectionately the only harm done was by Kiba's attitude.

Kiba started from his day dreaming of the fight and grinned widely, pushing down his hood and showing off his wild brown hair. He ran a hand through it then put his hands on his knees, looking like some kid with a huge secret he couldn't wait to tell. "Well, on the way here, I saw some jounin from our village trouncing some other guy, couldn't see his face, but he had to be jounin! What's better is the Taijutsu he used! Guy had to be a specialist!" Kiba relayed excitedly, remembering the way that the jounin had twisted around, the final move they'd made, and then those fantastic eyes that had pierced into his very soul when they locked gazes. He shivered momentarily, making Tsunade raise her eyebrows. She didn't know that the boy was attracted to other boys… she might have to think about that later when she as assigning him. She'd always thought that there might be something between him and his fellow teammate Shino but…

"Hmm, that sounds fascinating," she breathed then her eyes widened slightly. Saiyuki's mission statement had said that she had fought the Cloud nin close to the village, that he had been weak, and that she was a Taijutsu specialist… She regarded the boy slowly then shrugged, assuring herself that she'd let the girl slide with it for at least the rest of the day, give her good time to think of an excuse. "Now, here's your pay for the month and the mission," Tsunade shuffled through her desk then pulled out the bag of coins that was for the mission and the village check that was for his monthly salary as a shinobi of Konohagakure.

Kiba was mildly aware of something that the blond Hokage was keeping from him. He wanted to know what could possibly be so important that she couldn't talk to him about it right to his face, and then it hit him. She knew who he was talking about! He tensed and shuddered visibly at meeting this person, wanting to see those moves again, to be taught some of them on a level, and to see if this guy was really as good as they had seemed. Kiba stood, bowed is respects to the higher ranking kunochi, and shuffled out of the room, Akamaru lagging behind slightly. The large dog turned it's head to Tsunade who raised her eyebrows then sniffed around the room, whimpering slightly, then following after Kiba who was already down the hall and tapping his foot impatiently.

The dog nin hummed happily as he made his way out of the office, his dog following on his heels while still whimpering oddly at him. Then Akamaru froze in his spot and turned towards the Hokage memorial that was carved into the face of the mountains that stood guard over the village.

"You wanna go over there or something, Akamaru?" Kiba asked, narrowing his sharp eyes. The dog didn't wait for him to answer and was off towards the platform that one stood on to observe the monument.

Saiyuki frowned as she perched on the railing of the monument, her hair blowing before her amber eyes while her arms crossed over her knees. She closed her eyes and let all of the world slip away while listening to the whispers of the wind, telling her the stories of the world and all it's happenings of that day. Her feet conformed to the shape of the rail all the while the curved form of the cat like kunochi stared vaguely up at the leaders of the village's past.

'You're so weak! You're a monster!' her mind yelled at her, echoing her own past while her body shook in repressed emotions. Number one rule, she told herself then came to a standing on the railing that was no thicker than an inch, and stared up at the monument with a blank gaze.

A bark filled her sensitive ears, causing them to perk at the sound, and she turned with her hair flying before her face and her eyes seeming to glow in the light of the mid-day. Coming before her was a large white dog that looked rather like it had a smashed muzzle in her opinion, and when it stopped before her she felt her hairs on the back of her neck bristle. She hissed lowly at it, her eyes slitting warningly, her hands coming to her hips while she and the dog exchanged glares.

"Akamaru, what the hell is your deal?" a loud shout filled the silent glares and transaction going on between dog and cat. Saiyuki turned with a weary gaze as the dogs owner came running up, his eyes trained on the large white animal before her. The boy stopped and finally it seems spotted Saiyuki there, with her brown hair floating around her sun scorched face and her amber eyes slender with agitation. She did not like dogs… and from the looks of the teenager, no older than sixteen, he looked like one as well. With wild, unruly brown hair, slit like eyes that were no where near being called innocent and actual fang like teeth, she decided right off the bat that he was too much like a hound for her tastes. And that was before his scent invaded her sensitive nose.

Kiba shifted and raised an eyebrow at the girl before him, his eyes scanning over her body slowly. She was all right looking if you liked them muscular and kinda scary looking. She had mid neck length choppy brown hair that was almost blond and had what looked to be longer strands of it tied up in the back with long bindings that came down to the small of her back, fanning out in an almost lions tail. Her body was ripped, he could tell even from here, and the way that her hands were curled into fists showed off every single muscle in her arm, he almost envied the girl for pure muscle tone. He scanned her outfit and found that it wasn't too bad, with dark blue pants that were cuffed at the mid calf, her hitai-ate wrapped around her leg, and a dark red short sleeved turtle neck like that traitor Uchiha used to wear with golden lashes down the front. But what caught Kiba suddenly were those eyes, glowing amber with what looked to be slits. That color… it was just like…

"You stink, you know that?" her voice suddenly ripped into his head and he was shaken from his wonderings.

"Excuse me?" Kiba demanded hotly, snarling at her like Akamaru was right now. She put a hand on her hip and cocked her head to the side, her mouth in a firm frown while her nose was wrinkled up slightly.

"You smell like dog, you stink, horribly, verging on reek," Saiyuki stated, swatting at her nose then flicked a piece of her hair from before her startling eyes.

No! This chick couldn't be the jounin he saw out in the fields! She was… well… a she! The one he had seen had to have been a boy, there was no way that a girl could have that much power behind an attack! He then sniffed at the air and winced, swatting at his nose like she had and growling lowly at her, his eyes narrowing in disdain. "You're one to talk! You reek so fucking bad! You smell like a cat! Like a whole mess of 'em!" he complained, suddenly realizing that the reason why his dog had freaked was because he had smelled this girl.

Saiyuki hissed at him and put her hands on her hips, her face contorting into a displeased scowl. He was saying she stunk? Who the hell did he think he was? "You're a weak little chuunin that doesn't know his place," she spat at him, feeling the air around them starting to thicken with the promise of a fight.

Kiba felt his hackles start to raise as he had to resist the urge of just jumping on this chick and making her apologize for saying all that shit! Who the hell did she think she was? And how the hell did she get off saying that he was a lowly chuunin when she was too? "You're one to talk, bitch! Who the hell do you think you are to talk to me that way?"

"A jounin that has more important things to do than to talk to a boy that smells like wet dog," and with that Saiyuki crouched and teleported out of the boys sight and smell. Kiba snarled and glanced to his faithful dog, running a hand through his messed up hair.

"Whatever, not like I care or anything, right, Akamaru?" the dog barked and the two set off away from the sight of the argument.