Sorry this took me a while to post. Still haven't been feeling to great & then I was waiting for it to be beta read :/ Anywhos, I figured I should just post it. This is the final chapter and there is a sequel called "Runaway" posted now. Thankyou, Kimmae, for beta reading!


"I'm so happy you're back!" Lisa smiles and wraps her arms around me. I couldn't help it, I stiffened, and she noticed. "Sorry, I was just so happy."

"Oh, it's okay. I'm just a little stressed is all."

"Does it have to do with whatever happened after you left?"

I don't know what it is about Lisa, but whenever I'm around her I feel just a little bit happier. She's a very perceptive young girl, and despite her age, there are times when I feel like I am talking to a close friend. It's as if I could open up to her and tell her anything… even about being a mutant. Or at the very least, my real name. Without fully deciding upon it, I say, "I need to tell you something about me, Lisa."

"That's no surprise." Her smile is soft and knowing, and it sort of makes me nervous.

"My real name isn't Raven."

"Well, that sucks. It's such a cool name, too! So what is your name? Something really lame?"

I can't help but smile. Only Lisa would take this so calmly. "Marie."

"I guess its an okay name. Can I still call you Raven sometimes?"

I laugh, "Sure. Actually, I'm not really sure I'm ready for your mom to know I lied to her about my name."

Lisa's face grows serious now. "So, what else have you lied about?"

"Not a lot, really. I told you before why I was running away; that's one of the reasons why I lied about my name."

"I can tell there's something else you're keeping, but that's okay, I guess. We all have our secrets."

"And what secrets do you have?" I ask, finding it hard to believe someone like Lisa could have any deep, dark secrets.

"I can… I… I guess I can tell you. Maybe if I'm honest with you, you'll be honest with me. You see, I don't know if I'm completely nuts, but it's like I can feel what other people are feeling. I can't hear their thoughts, but I can almost sense them sometimes."

I'm not really sure what to think as Lisa makes this confession. For a moment, I think she's just a kid messing around with me, but the sincerity in her eyes says otherwise. Either Lisa is telling the truth, or she is 'nuts', and needs some serious help. The possibility that Lisa is telling the truth terrifies me—can she sense that I'm a mutant?

"Like right now, you're really scared." Lisa continues, " You're afraid I know something about you that you haven't told me, but I don't. I swear, Marie, I don't know anything."

"How did you—?"

"It's just something I can do." She smiles weakly. "And sometimes I can change people's feelings. Make them feel more at peace… or worse."

"Are you a…?" I can bring myself to ask it.

"Mutant? I'm not sure. Maybe. Or maybe I'm just psychic or something."

I take a deep breath, "I can do things too, Lisa."

"Like what?"

"If I touch somebody… I can kill them."

"So, that's why you always wear gloves."

* * *

I spent most of the night talking to Lisa, opening up. I even told her about everything that happened when I left. I told her about Xaiver's School, and she seemed really interested. I told her that she might be able to attend, and she really liked the idea. I told her everything that I haven't been able to tell anyone, and it felt right.

Now I'm thinking that maybe things really do happen for a reason. Maybe this is where I'm supposed to be, to not only grow and mature on my own, but help Lisa do the same, help her understand she isn't a freak. And Lisa is helping me understand that it's okay to be in love and not have that love returned. That it's good to feel that sharp pain every now and then.

"It means you're human." she told me.

You're human. And I think that's something I forgot, because I so often label myself as a mutant or a monster. I'm human. Maybe that's what I was really searching for all along: my humanity.