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Chapter One

Seto had taken Mokuba to the Park and was sitting under a tree reading while Mokie played on the swings, when all of a sudden they heard the most terrifying scream coming from inside the bathroom. Seto got up and told Mokuba to call the Police and he raced to find out what was going on. Inside he witnessed three men and they were raping a girl. Seto kicked the first man, and he screamed and fell down. His leg was broken. The second man turned to swing at Seto and he grabbed the man's arm and twisted it and threw the man against the wall and knocked him out. The third man was still inside the girl and he pulled out and because he was naked from the waist down, Seto kicked him in the balls and he fell down into a fetal position. Seto then went over to the girl and he covered her with his coat. She said "thank you through her tears." Just then the Police came in and finding the men, they arrested them and the Paramedics took the girl to the Hospital. "Make sure that she has the best medical help she can" Seto told them and the paramedic said that he would.

Seto went outside and behind the building and threw up. Mokuba found him there and asked "what was wrong?" "Those three men hurt that girl very badly and I made them stop." Seto told his brother. Mokuba wasn't old enough to learn about rape and God, Seto was glad about that. Sergeant Miller went to the Mansion to talk to Seto that evening. "How is she?" Seto asked Sergeant Miller. "She was in pretty bad shape, but the Doctors think she will pull through. She was very lucky that you were there today. Her name is Tea Gardner and she would like to talk to you if you would do it." Sergeant Miller told Seto. Seto knew who she was, because she hung out with Yugi and Joey. "Has her parents been told?" Seto asked him. "Yes, and they are acting like it was her fault it all happened." He said. "Did she say why she was there alone?" Seto asked. "Tea said that she had a fight with her parents and just walked there to cool off." Sergeant Miller said. "Are the men being charged?" Seto wanted to know. "Yes, and they are already two time offenders and will be sent to prison for a very long time." He told Seto. "How is Mokuba taking this?" The Sergeant wanted to know. "He is too young yet, but when he gets older I will tell him about rape and how horrible it is to Tea." Seto said. "Thanks for coming out and telling me about how she is doing" Seto said to the Sergeant.

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