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Chapter Nine

I loved the idea of being pregnant. Seto and Mokuba were like mother hens, always making sure that I was taking the vitamins and getting plenty of rest. One day while I was having my lunch, which I always did in the kitchen with Marie I felt the baby move for the first time. Marie saw the weird look on my face and asked me what was wrong? I smiled and said "nothing, the baby moved." She smiled at me and gave me a hug. One day while the doctor was examining me, Seto and I heard the heartbeat for the first time and we cried because we were so happy. The one thing that I didn't like was the morning sickness. One day I was outside and it hit me and before I could get inside I threw up all over the walk and I started to cry. Roland had seen what was happening and he held my hair out of the way and carried me inside and went back and cleaned the mess up. I felt horrible but he told me "that it was alright and he held me in his arms and it was like a father would hold his child. I've grown to think of Roland as a father figure. Thank you for being here for me" I said and gave him a kiss.

That evening when we were watching television I felt the baby move and took Seto's hand and placed it on my stomach. He got tears in his eyes and Mokuba asked "what was wrong." "Come here" I said and took his hand and he felt the baby move. "Wow," he said. Just then Marie came and asked if we needed anything and it hit me. I turned to Seto and whispered something to him and he smiled at me and said yes. "Listen could you get Roland and the two of you come back here?" I asked Marie. She said "yes" and left. "What's going on" Mokie asked? Roland and Marie came into the room and Seto and I walked over and I asked, "will the two of you be our child's Godparents?" They both had tears in their eyes and they said "that they would be honored." We all hugged each other and our child decided to let me know that it like the idea too. I stood still and Roland asked "if I was alright?" I took his hand and placed it on my stomach and he felt the baby move. "Thank you" he said and kissed my cheek.

I was getting bigger and sometimes I felt like a beached whale. Mokuba was great, he was always getting things for me and helping me get up when I was sitting on the couch or chair. As I neared my ninth month I wanted nothing more then to have the baby. I wanted to see my feet again. We were watching television when my water broke. Seto I said "as I grabbed onto his hand. It's time." He looked scared but kept his cool. "Mokie go get her bag" Seto said, and he called the Doctor to let them know that we were on our way. I was in labor for over six hours, six long hard hours and then I gave birth to a nine pound fifteen ounce baby boy. He was screaming as he came out and Seto was laughing and crying at the same time. The Nurse handed him the baby and as he looked down into the eyes of our son he said "welcome son" and I lost it. Seto went to the waiting room and let everyone know that our son had arrived. Mokie asked "how I was" and he said "that I was great. He then fainted out cold."

We named our son Matthew James Kaiba and he was baptized with his Godparents holding him. One thing I can say, is that Seto is a great father. He never thought it was a woman's job to take care of his son, he would get up a night and change Matthew and sit and rock him to sleep. One time Seto was so tired because of some business deal that he had gone to bed early, when Matthew woke up and before I could get up Seto was there talking to our son and making funny noises and making the baby laugh. I stood there in the doorway and had tears in my eyes watching them. We have talked about having another baby, but we both agreed to wait till Matthew is about three. Mokuba is a great Uncle who loves his nephew to death. One day while I was resting, Mokuba was watching Matthew and telling him about some of the things his father use to do and the baby was laughing and making cooing sounds. Seto walked in and stood there watching all of this and I came and stood beside him and we both knew that we were very blessed.

I never believed that I could be so happy, till I looked at our family. It still seems almost like a dream, a dream that started as a nightmare when I was raped and thought my life was over, then my Knight came and took it all away and made me feel like I was his Princess and showered me with his love and gave me a new life. A life filled with love and happiness!

The End...

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