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Tai was very, very bored. He had been for years, but now he felt his boredom in an almost painful
way. It had been steadily growing more acute as the days, weeks, months, and years had passed.
He felt the need to DO something; anything that wasn't normal. In fact, at this point, normal
would be fine; as long as he could do it in an odd way. Or for an odd reason. Suddenly, he sat
up. And smiled. Inspiration! But would it work? He went over some of the most difficult details
slowly, with painstaking care. Yes, that would work. That would work...perfectly.

The brilliant idea had been...a reunion. Not a class reunion, but a Digital reunion with
the seven children he had teamed up with years ago to save the world. Though most of them still
kept in contact, it had been ages sense they'd all seen each other. One in particular. And in
that one laid the kink in Tai's perfect plan. Shortly after defeating the final evil in the
Digital World, Yamato 'Matt' Ishida had disappeared from the circle of friends. Takaru, called
'T.K' by those who were his friend, was Matt's brother. This blood bond, however, proved too
weak to maintain contact with the blue eyed boy of solitude. For weeks, the Digidestined
attempted to contact Matt. He never answered the phone. His father would take messages but...the
boy never called back. Then, an insurmountable problem. A promotion forced Matt's father to move.
There was no forwarding address. There were no letters; no phone calls. At first the remaining
seven searched doggedly for their onetime friend and comrade. There were never any breaks; never
any leads. Five years came and went. The Digidestined never heard from Matt again. This had
bothered Tai, but he continued on with his idea. If Matt couldn't be at the be it.
They had survived without him before. They would survive without him now. What was one lost? At
least there were still seven of them. That was better than nothing. Sighing, Tai forced himself
to stop brooding on depressing thoughts. This was a great day! After weeks of hard work, it was
time to send out the invitations! Tai knew that if everyone couldn't come, the party would be
ruined, so he supplied no date. On the bottom each card was written,

I want everyone who can to come to this reunion!
Take the time to look at your calendars.
Give me a ring!
I'll send another note telling you details.
And what to bring!
It'll only take a minute.
Call me!!

Then he wrote his phone number. He knew they'd all call. He smiled at nothing. This was going to
be a lot of fun.

Weeks flew by like days. Excitement reigned at Tai's house. The day of the party had
finally come.

"Tai! Hurry up! We'll be late!!" Tai grinned. The urgent calls of his sister, Kari, were
an incessant reminder of the approaching reunion.

"I'm coming!" He called back to her. "I just gotta grab some socks!" Kari made an
exasperated noise from outside his door.

"What is it about sixteen year old boys? They can never find any clean socks when they
need them! And yet I find them all over the house! Tai, c'mon! We're gonna be late!" Tai grinned
again, grabbed some socks, and ran out the door. As he passed his sister, he yelled,

"Oh, come on, Kari! You're gonna make us late!" Kari threw her hands in the air, grabbed
the food she made for the others, and followed her brother with an exasperated yell of,

"Boys!" Her brother answered in a mocking tone from just outside the front door,

"Girls!" They left for the reunion.

Sora was ready to explode with elation. It seemed like forever since the seven remaining
Digidestined had gotten together. Tai's ideas weren't always perfect, but this was definitely one
of his better ones. The reunion was being held at a small park, by a large lake. It was being
treated like a large picnic. Sora had already lied out the blanket when the first guest arrived.
She grinned as a tall, willowy girl, with long blond-brown hair that fell in rivers around her
elegant face appeared from behind a tree. She looked around timidly as she attempted to locate
the picnic area. Typical. She was looking the wrong way. Sora called her name.

"Mimi!" The girl looked over and smiled hugely.

"Sora!" She cried, running towards the girl. The two embraced and then held each other at arm length.

"You look great!" They announced as one. They laughed and blushed, hugging again. Mimi pulled away.

"How long has it been, Sora?" The other girl sighed.

"Too long." Mimi looked slightly distressed.

"Not as long as it's been since we've seen-"

"Mimi! Sora! Hey!" The girls looked up and their spell of gloom shattered as they waved
at a tall boy with bluish-black hair and fine rimmed glasses.

"Joe!" They called back. The three hugged simultaneously, causing another round of

"It seems like years since I've seen the two of you at the same time. And even longer
since we've had the time to catch up!" Sora laughed.

"Listen to us! We sound like a bunch of old people! Look at you, Joe! Talking as if I
didn't see and talk to you just yesterday!" Mimi and Joe both laughed.

"Yes." Joe agreed. "We do act as if we haven't seen each other in a long time. I suppose
its because we're all so busy, and we never have the time to just relax together and-"

"Prodigious! Hi there, everyone!" The trio looked over as a younger boy, red hair
managing to look frazzled and orderly at the same time, came over, toting a small object.

"Izzy!" Mimi cried, delighted to see him. The other two chorused their hellos and the
four chatted idly as they waited for the remaining members of their group.

"See?" A feminine voice rang out. "I told you we'd be late."

"Aw, c'mon, Kari! We're not that late." Another, masculine, voice commented. "Are we?"
This last question was directed at the four on the blanket, who smiled happily as two of the
three remaining expected guests arrived.

"Actually, Tai," began Joe, "you are kind of late."

"At least," commented Sora at Tai's defeated look, "You're not early."

"See?" Kari stated simply. "Late."

"But." Tai stammered. "But."

"Actually, Tai, she is correct. You're time of arrival is not in collaboration with the
time of arrival specified on your notice to me." Izzy blinked at the startled expression on his
friend's faces.

"You've been reading the dictionary again, haven't you, Izzy?" Izzy only looked at Mimi
and grinned. Tai sighed.

"Well," he started, "at least I'm not as late as-"

"Hi there, everyone!" Six head turned and six people smiled in delight as the seventh and
final member of the locatable Digidestined arrived. T.K. was smiling, as he always was. Once,
during a time of fear and despair, this boy had been called the Child of Hope. He lived up to
that name even now, five years later. His brother was gone, but he was convinced that he had a
good reason, and would be back. The others weren't so sure. T.K., however, refused to be swayed.
Matt was always there for me, the boy would say. I'm not about to give up on him. The others
would just sigh and shake their heads. He would learn. In time, he would accept the fact that
Matt had left. He just needed time. Tai stood up and high-five-ed the thirteen year-old boy.

"Hey, there, T.K.! How's life?" T.K. shrugged.

"Same as it was when you asked me yesterday." Everyone laughed and the 'reunion' began.

Several hours later, the Digidestined reclined on the blanket, full to the brim with food
and lazily watching the stars. T.K. pointed to a spot in the sky and said,

"Oh, look! It's Ursa Major." Mimi shifted.


"The Great Bear. Look, do you see the Big Dipper?" There was a moment of silence. One by
one, the seven answered in the affirmative. "Ok, now, the handle of the Dipper is the Bear's tail;
the bowl is its back. D'ya kinda see it?" More silence.

"No." They answered as one. T.K. tilted his head.

"Oh, yea? Well, it doesn't really look like a bear. But that's the constellation,
anyway." There was a moment more of peaceful silence, then Tai asked,

"Hey, T.K.?"


"Where'd you learn about constellations?" T.K. sighed.

"Oh, here and there. I've always loved them."


"Because of something someone told me once."


"Well, it was a long time ago. I was...oh, I don't know...five or six. I was out late one
night, looking for someone. When I found him, he was lying on his back, just...looking at the
stars. He stayed that way for a really long time. I remember not understanding what he was
looking at. I asked him what was so great about the stars. I still remember what he said. He said,
'Long ago, people didn't have TV or radio. Not even books. They had nothing to do at night but
sleep or talk. Most people slept, but some didn't. They were dreamers who found nothing more
interesting than lying here, like this, staring at the stars. As they kept staring, night after
night, dreaming of nothing in particular, and everything in general, they began making pictures
of the stars, turning them into a game of 'connect-the-dots.' The pictures were of animals and
gods and goddesses. Anything. As time went by, more and more people saw the same pictures, and
the pictures were called constellations. Everyone who looks at a constellation sees the same
thing that first person did. When you look up at the stars, you can see the past, and share it
with countless people in the present. Right now, you and I are looking at the same thing that
children in America, Russia, Africa, and everywhere are seeing. That's what's so great about the
stars. Even when I can't be with someone I love, I know they're out there, watching with me, no
matter where they are. It's a great comfort.' The divorce happened shortly after that. Whenever I
was missing...anyone, I knew that I could look up at the stars and be with them, in a small way.
He was telling the truth, that night. It is a great comfort." There was another almost reverent
silence. Then, very quietly, Mimi asked,

"Was it you're father who you found that night?" T.K. sighed.

"No." He murmured softly. "It was Matt. He was like that, then. Before the divorce.
Distant...metaphorical...very observant. I don't know what happened to him, after that. He was
still...well, he was still all that stuff, but...he wouldn't talk to me anymore, tell me what he
was thinking or pondering or whatever. It was almost like he was afraid to, at...the end. Like
I'd yell at him, or turn away from him, or give up on him, or...something. I don't know, I just...
I wish he'd come back, even for a little while. I miss him. And I don't even know if he's all
right. Mom's given up. Though I must say, she never really looked that hard. I wonder about that,
too. Poor Matt. I wonder if he knows I miss him?" Tai reached out a hand and patted T.K.

"He knows, T.K. I'm sure he knows." T.K. sighed again.

"I hope so." There was a gloomy silence as all the Digidestined thought of their lost
member. Suddenly, Sora sat up, gasping. Joe looked at her.

"What?" He asked. She peered into the darkness of the night, willing her eyes to see
farther than they could.

"I don't know." She began slowly. "I thought I saw someone, but I guess not." There was
another gasp and T.K. was up and running. Tai jumped up and was after him in a flash, yelling,

"What's the matter?"

"I saw Matt!" Was the swift response. Years of soccer kept Tai running after T.K. His
brain was not functioning. T.K...saw...Matt? Sora was running beside him now, in an effort to
keep up with T.K.

"I saw Matt, too! But what's he doing here?!"

"I don't know. I don't care!" T.K. called back. "It was him and all I want to do is say-"
T.K. stopped running suddenly. He was standing at the edge of the small park, staring over at a
small, all-night coffeehouse. There was a tall blond teenager entering the shop. He ran a hand
casually threw his hair as he studied the menu and ordered. He half-smiled at something the girl
behind the counter said. She blushed and ran to get him his order. The boy half turned. "-hi,
Matt." T.K. finished in a whisper.


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