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Forgotten Wings

Prologue: Sacrificed

Lily Potter was heading downstairs after putting her twin baby boys to bed. With the Deatheaters attacking nearly everyday now performing one last diagnostic and strengthening spell on the house wards seemed like a pretty good idea. Though she was highly advanced in both Charms and Curses Lily believed that she would rather never be in a situation where her and her children's lives were dependant only on kill or be killed. She had the front door half open before the house's wards flared in warning.

"Hello Lily."

"No!" Lily swiftly raised her wand. "STUPE . . ."


'Give me your wand Lily'. Whispered a voice in Lily's mind. 'No! I will Not!' Lily was desperately fighting the overwhelming feeling telling her to listen to the voice. 'Give me your wand Lily'. Without her minds' consent her hand slowly raised to surrender her wand to the monster in front of her. 'That's a good girl.' The voice was laughing now. 'Let us go have a look at your children now, shall we.'

The monster easily maneuvered through the first floor, going straight towards a large book case. "Did you think that I would be fooled by this charm Lily?" The monster chided, "Do you really think so little of me?" He raised his wand towards the book case and muttered an intricate reveling charm. Within her mind Lily was screaming. As the book case disappeared from view a small bedroom came into view. 'NO! Please God, NO!' There in the middle of the room was a simple white crib. Lying asleep in that crib were her babies. The monster walked towards the cribs while slowly raising his wand.

"NOOOOO!" Lily broke free from the curse and threw herself at the monster, desperate to protect her children. "You Bastard! Get the hell away from MY CHILDREN!" Lily screamed. She was frantically punching, biting, kicking and scratching the monster, anything to distract him while she searched for her wand. A hand flew towards her neck. She blocked it to the right and sunk her teeth into his arm. A curse spewed from the monsters mouth while slamming his other fist into the side of her face. She flew backwards into the wall. She again threw herself at the monster, but he was ready for her this time. A blinding pain ripped through her body, she crumpled to the floor unconscious.

During the struggle both boys had woken up and started to cry. The monster stood in front of the crib and laughed manically, "I don't know which one of you is suppose to defeat me and I don't care. You will both die tonight!"



James was terrified. While on a mission for the Order, James, Sirius and Remus were somehow ripped back into Black Manor and found it in udder chaos.

"James! The wards on your home have been breached and we can not travel there by Floo!"

That was all the three marauders needed to hear. As a precaution they were the only ones besides Dumbledore and Peter to be able to apparate though the wards surrounding Potter Estate. They had just apparated to the front door in time to see a large grin on Peter's face, and to hear the killing curse.


No one could ever say what exactly happened next. The Killing Cures echoed throughout the manor followed by an enormous rush of power, throwing the three marauders and Peter to the floor. After about thirty seconds the power faded. Peter was quickly subdued by Remus while James and Sirius ran to the hidden bedroom. There they found a pile of black robes, an unconscious Lily, a screaming brown eyed baby and green eyed baby who wasn't breathing.

Dumbledore, who had arrived a moment after the discovery, noticed a 'V' like scar on Gideon's upper right arm. Gently picking Gideon up he handed him to James stating, "He is the boy-who-lived". Lily was awoken, and after seeing Harry's lifeless body, had to be taken out of the room by Sirius; James following behind with tears streaming down his face, clutching tightly to his only son.

Dumbledore, never one to miss detail, was inspecting the lightening bolt like scar on Harry's forehead when the child began to glow a faint green. Harry began breathing. After a moment green eyes open to pale blue, but were too tired to remain open.

Dumbledore knew he had a critical choice to make. Both Potter twins were very powerful and so this recovery was not entirely surprising; however, Gideon must be the boy-who-lived for he was marked with a 'V', naturally the 'V' must stand for Voldemort.

If Harry grows up in the shadow of the boy-who-lived he could very well grow up to become the next Dark Lord. 'James and Lily already believed Harry to be dead, if they raise Harry only to lose him again they would never recover,' he reasoned. Anyways, they will now have to concentrate solely on Gideon. Gideon must be raised to become the next leader of the Wizarding World, which will demand the complete attention of all around him. There was no place for Harry.

'Yes.' He thought to himself, 'it is better to lose Harry now instead of losing him later on. They will come to terms with Harry's death and soon forget.'

The decision was made.