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Chapter Twenty-One: A Gathering and Slavery

Wrapped within the darkness provided by a blacken sky wraith like shadows glide throughout a stone structure. Odd behaviors of recent had not gone unnoticed by the many eyes caged within dampen walls. Whispers began to cultivate steadily in the cold darkness of Azkaban until the once silence fortress seemly came alive with the hiss of serpents. In one particular dark corridor, individually lining the walls behind magically enhanced steel bars was none other than the elite of the Dark Lord Voldemort's army.

Dark eyes watched as a dementor passed down the corridor, "curious, is it not my brother," Rabastan Lestrange asked his brother, who was kept in the cell next to him, as his eyes remained riveted on the skeletal being.

"It is indeed," came the raspy reply of Rodolphus Lestrange, "the creatures rarely come to our sector yet in these last few days we've seen them every hour without being effected." Rodophus turned his eyes to his wife across the way.

Bellatrix was biting down hard on her upturned palm as her insane eyes watched the phantom disappear from view, a trail of blood dripped down her arm as her eyes shifted towards her husband. "I see your excited my love," Rodolphus stated huskily as he licked his cracked lips.

Bella's face lightened in manic glee as she lapped the blood from her wound, her eyes darting back and forth between the two brothers, "death flies tonight," she said quietly, blood staining her lower lip, "we are to become one again. Burnt, decaying flesh to flawless white. The true color of death."

Rodolphus moved to his right cell bars and reach through them to trail his fingers through his younger brother's oil matted hair, "are you ready my brother?"

"To follow you and death? Always," Rabastan replied, smiling like a lunatic in an insane asylum.

Pleased with his brother's response Rodolphus slowly moved his head towards his brother with a cruel smile on his lip but stopped his advance to look at his cell door when a click echoed through the stony room. Soft chuckles were heard as fifteen Death Eaters within the level 10 top security corridor of Azkaban prison threw their cell doors open and leisurely walked out into the main holding where many other Death Eaters had already gathered. A tall Death Eater who looked nothing more than skin and bone strode purposefully away from the group of elites and up to a single dementor who hovered silently.

"What are we to do," the Dark Lord's general named Jugson demanded with a snarl.

Stand in a tight circle, a voice commanded in all of the Death Eater's minds, and do not speak or move as we prepare for our collective departure.

Once the Death Eaters formed a circle in the large courtyard a high pitched shrieking sound ricocheted off the stone, soon followed by dozens of dementors pouring out of the shadows like water from a glass. Not once did any of the Death Eaters flinch as the dilapidated monsters flowed towards them, nor were they startled as the creatures took up a banshee like incantation. In fact the only trouble currently plaguing the mass of Death Eaters was the maniacal laughter that was threatening to burst from their chests as the taste of freedom settled on their tongues.

Rodolphus wrapped his large hands around his wife's and brother's neck and began to squeeze when he noticed how dangerously close they were to voicing their glee. Two sets of wild eyes trained onto him with evil smiles but he paid them no mind as the final spell was cast. Darkness engulfed the courtyard.

Fenrir Greyback was standing next to his lord as he impatiently waited for his pack to appear, he snarled as another minute passed with no results from those disgusting creatures that smelt of graveyard and month old meat.

"Calm yourself Greyback," Lord Voldemort hissed smoothly as he ran his fingers over his familiar's scales, silently amused with the werewolf's behavior.

"Forgive me my Lord," Fenrir asked as he tilted his neck slightly to the side, bearing his throat to his master.

Voldemort shifted his eyes to gaze at the naked werewolf's throat but didn't bother responding as he felt a shift in the magic around them. A cruel smile bearing his serpent like fangs was exposed as the clearing they were standing in was suddenly filled with Death Eaters and dementors. The Dark Lord Voldemort paused for a moment, allowing his minions to orient themselves before letting his presence be known.

"Welcome my followers," Voldemort stated, his voice magically finding the ears of all those gathered, "to the beginning of the end." His proclamation caused a volcanic eruption of sound. Thunderous cheers, screams, roars and howls filled the night sky as chaotic magic burst from the once magically suppressed bodies. Human Death Eaters surged forward to kiss the hem of their master's robe, groveling at the feet of their beloved savior, while their wolf counterparts ripped the clothing from of their bodies and loped to their alpha, beyond content as they licked, scratched and gently bit at his already nude form.

The dementors choose to fade into the shadows of the surrounding trees; there was still work to be done.

A soft snickering sound escaped Draco's lips as a tanned face scrunched up and sneezed. A few moments later he watched as a tanned hand sluggishly batted away the feather Draco was using to continually tickle Harry's pointed chin. When the tickling sensation refused to leave Harry sleepily turned his face to the side in an effort to escape. Draco stopped for a few seconds and watched as Harry's lips twitched upwards, followed by a content sigh. After he felt the sleeping boy had enough of a reprieve the large red feather moved forward again to lightly tap on Harry's exposed cheek, causing the beautiful boy to try and bat the evil thing away once again.

Not to be deterred the feather began attacking the unsuspecting nose, causing the sleeping Harry to scrunch his face up in an adorably childish way and huff. Draco continued the assault receiving a range of entertaining results from Harry but had to bite his lip to stop his laughter from escaping when he trailed the feather across the victim's forehead, which resulted in Harry rolling over to burrow his head under the pillow as an extremely unmanly whine filled the air.

"Ohhhh Harry," Draco sang as he began tapping the only skin left exposed, the back of Harry's neck.

"Go away," Harry mumbled as his hand tried to destroy Draco's weapon. Snickering, Draco continued to tickle Harry with the feather until the submissive finally gave up. After throwing a small hissy fit, involving a few curses and thrashing under the covers, Harry tried to bring himself into awareness. "For the love of Merlin," the raven hair boy growled as he threw a pillow at the snickering Draco, "stop that now!"

The blond Slytherin grinned as Harry's eyes finally focused on the feather he was holding. "Oh good Godric," Harry sputtered, "Please tell me that is not one of Dumblecock's feathers."

"Why, as a matter of fact it is," the silver eyed boy replied, brushing the feather across Harry's lips. Harry pushed Draco off of his bed in retaliation.

"That is so disgusting! Ugh, you're still touching it! Gah! Don't put it on my bed damn it!" Harry went to reach out and throw the feather in the trash but thought the better of it as Draco started a half laugh half snicker from his position on the floor.

"Don't fret princess," he said as he stood next to the bed, grabbing the feather to start harassing a completely grossed out Harry, "I cast multiple spells to make sure the feather was clean."

Harry hit the feather away from his face as he got out of bed, "away with you foul demon," he muttered in irritation. Grabbing the necessary items from his truck he turned towards the bathroom, ignoring Draco's snickering as he readied himself for the day. With his morning ritual completed, just as the other occupants of the dormitory were starting to stir, he turned his piercing emerald eyes to Draco.

"Alright slave," Harry addressed the blond sprawled upon his bed, the feather no where to been seen, "since you're here you might as well get a head start on you're latest task." Draco grunted as Harry's school bag landed heavily on his stomach, "chop chop ferret face."

A blond eyebrow rose in response, "and what exactly will I be doing?" asked the cultured voice.

"You, my dearest, will be carrying my bags for me today. But first," Harry swiftly pulled out his wand and fired a spell at Draco before the blond boy could respond. A playful smile lit Harry's face as he watched Draco inspect his electric blue hair with a grimace on his lips, "if it makes you feel any better I made sure to have your eye brows match."

"How thoughtful of you," Draco replied with a look of what could only be described as constipation gracing his features.

"I thought so," Harry replied with a smirk.

Bearing his punishment like a Malfoy on the outside, while whining like child on the inside, Draco pulled both of their school bags onto his shoulder and then lower into a mock bow towards the smirking submissive, "after you my liege."

Harry laughed but did lead the way to breakfast. The raven haired boy tried to engage in conversation with Draco a few times but had to give it up as a lost cause, the blue haired boy was far to busy sulking.

To Harry's great amusement most of the teachers as well as a few students were already seated for breakfast. Sirius provided the best response to Draco's hair with his barking laughter unabashedly filling the hall the second the ice prince came into full view.

Draco, pretending that no one else existed besides Harry, sat down next to his submissive and began piling food on his plate. He glanced at Harry when said boy sat unmoving, "is there something you needed?"

"Your plate looks delicious," Harry smiled innocently, "give it to me."

"You're serious aren't you," silvery blue eyes looked towards the ceiling for some sort of divine guidance as he pushed his plate towards Harry. "Is there anything else you'd like," the veela asked sarcastically as he started piling food onto his new plate, "shall I feed you as well?"

Draco snickered, having amused himself, until he noticed the abnormally large grin on Harry's face, "well if you insist," the green-eyes danced in reply as he handed his fork to Draco. With one last longing look at his food Draco took the fork from Harry's hand and began feeding him.

Harry, being who he is, took this opportunity to gush over how incredibly delicious the food is. Appreciative moans and humming drew Draco's attention to Harry's soft kissable lips. A pink tongue darted from Harry's mouth in time to catch the syrup dripping off his lower lip; he noticed when the silvery blue eyes shifted more towards silver. "See something you like Draco?" Harry asked coyly.

Draco's eyes narrowed, "you're doing this on purpose," he accused as shifted he uncomfortably.

"Punishment, remember?" Harry drawled as he licked the sausage bit on the fork before he took it into his mouth, chewing very slowly while moaning before he swallowed.

The tightening in Draco's pants had him wishing he wore a less form fitting pair of trousers, "I'm not going to like today am I?"

Harry's eyes lighted in mischief, "probably not."

It took until the entire hall was filled with chattering students for Harry to finish his plate. Unlucky for Draco the Gryffindor table was next to the Slytherin one this morning, allowing them full view of his new hair color and plenty of ammunition to annoy Draco by making him the butt of their jokes.

"Not even bonded and he's already whipped," Gideon cracked as Draco glared at him, "just give Harry another couple weeks and Malfoy will be more compliant than a house elf." The surrounding Gryffindors as well as a few of the Slytherins had a good laugh at that one.

Everyone was interrupted as the great hall was suddenly filled with the screeching owls. Draco paid the owl delivering his newspaper but handed the paper over to Harry so he could go back to eating his breakfast. A moment later the hall was filled with gasps.

"What is it?" Draco asked.

"All of the Death Eaters and dementors are missing from Azkaban," Harry answered.

Draco snatched the paper from Harry and laid it down on the table so he could read the article as well, "I know Sev told us Voldemort had returned but I wasn't expecting him to act so soon."

Once the noise level of the hall had turned deafening the Headmaster Dumbledore stood and made a speech, reassuring the students that classes at Hogwarts would not be effected as the castle was completely secured whereas trips to Hogsmeade would be indefinitely postponed.

"Do you think Hogwarts is secure enough to keep out Voldemort?" Lida asked everyone as they walked to double potions.

"Well," Hermione began, "the castle and the wards follow the will of the current headmaster. So all Dumbledore would have to do is ask it of Hogwarts and it will be done."

"What she means to say is that we are at the mercy of the Headmaster," Draco clarified with a sneer.

The group entered the dark classroom where Professor Snape was already waiting behind his desk, his worried expression was hidden behind a cool mask as the students filled the room. Both Harry and Draco shot him a concerned glance but he shook his head and began lecturing about the next stage of the taste enhancing potion they were still working on.

Harry, taking full advantage of Draco, had the blue hair boy set up his cauldron and the fire, placing any other necessary items neatly off to the side, followed by Draco fetching all the ingredients. Harry patted him on the head when he returned and gave him a, "good boy," Draco simply glared and continue his task. Smiling cheerfully as he watched Draco open all the potion containers Harry was very tempted to have Draco do something mildly humiliating but thought the better of it when he remembered that Snape would probably use him as a potions tester if he were to hurt his precious god son.

"Is there anything you need to do for your free period Draco?" Harry asked while Draco cleaned up both of their potions stations.

"Just a bit of reading," he replied, "you?"

"Same here, want to go to the Slytherin common room?"

"Why not go to my room?" Draco purred.

"Because it's your room," Harry purred right back.

'He is so much fun to tease,' Harry thought as he pulled Draco out the classroom and into Slytherin territory once both of their bags were on his shoulder. "Now don't be like that Draco, you'll be touching some skin soon enough," Harry said, trying for a sexy voice.

"Really," Draco replied with a bit of triumph coloring his voice, "you kinky little minx. Are you going to order me to pleasure you?"

Harry blushed slightly, 'I can't believe he can say all that with a straight face, the prat.' He mentally giggled, 'might as well play along.'

"Actually I am," Harry whispered, saying nothing more as they neared the common room entrance.

Draco was just about to whisper the password when a small explosion erupted behind them, the magical surge throwing them into the wall. Regaining their balance the two Slytherins jumped into a defensive position with wands raised, Draco moving to stand slightly in front of Harry as bits of burning magic fell down around them.

"Who's there," Draco demanded, placing both school bags near to entrance, once the last of the burning magic hit the stone floor. The shadows dancing by the torch light was the only movement in the hallway as Draco was answered by his own echo.

"Don't," Harry hissed as the veela took a step towards the flickering darkness. The dominant paid no attention to the warning as he stalked down the hallway in search of the spell caster. When the now platinum eyed boy was ten steps away a low muttering was heard, immediately followed by a roaring wind rushing down the corridor. Draco cursed loudly as the magically lit torches were snuffed out.

"Draco?" Harry's voice called out to the darkness. When Draco didn't answer right away Harry willed magic into his hand to light the area, "Draco?" He called louder this time when he was unable to locate Draco within the lighted area.

Harry started slowly walking forwards, left hand with the light orb held out front while his right hand held his wand at the ready. Straining his ears for the any hints to Draco's where about Harry damn near screamed when all of sudden Draco was standing right in front of him, eyes glowing eerily.

"What the hell Draco?!" Harry shouted as he calmed his racing heart.

"Shhhh," Draco hushed him, his gleaming eyes still scanning the surrounding darkness, "who ever did this is still in the shadows. He had me by the throat, so I couldn't answer you, but I managed to throw the attacker off me. Unfortunately I wasn't able to break any bones before I lost track of them." He paused in thinking, "the odd part is that I can't smell the son of a bitch. It's as if it not really there."

"We should go to the common room," Harry suggested nervously, watching as the shadows seemed to try and crawl into the light his orb was giving off.

Before Draco could reply another spell exploded, throwing both boys down onto the ground. Concentration broken by the spell Harry's light orb blink out of existence, he was about to call another one to him when a hand grabbed his throat and pinned him to the wall. The phantom knocked the wand from Harry's hand just before the struggling submissive was able utter a spell.

Harry managed to crock out a "Draco, help," as the hand tightened and held him a foot above the ground, a long tongue trailing saliva across his firmly shut lips.

Hearing Harry's plea was enough for Draco's inner veela to take over. Veela's fire lit the torches and danced at his feet as his eye trained on the black shadowy phantom that continued to hold a thrashing Harry against the wall. An ear shattering screech echoed throughout the hallway as Draco reached out his talons and ripped the shadow away from Harry, leaving the gasping boy to fall to the ground.

In his fury Draco tore at the shadow, causing blood to splash on the ground but before the shadow took on a more solid form it was able to push away from Draco and disappear into the shadows of the ceiling.

"Is it gone?" Harry asked as he looked into the shadows.

"I'm not sure, here," Draco held out his still bloody hand, "let's get to the entrance."

"Is it safe to say the password?" Harry asked unsure.

"Wait a moment," Draco said and then began firing spells down the hallway. When nothing happened Draco whispered the password and walked into the Slytherin common room. "Whoever that was shouldn't have been able to hear the password. If they were close they would've been hit by one of my spells."

Sighing Harry plopped down on the nearest couch in a surprising empty common room, "so, you still up for a little skin?"

Draco took a moment to clean the blood from his hands before he sat next to Harry, trying to pull the beautiful submissive onto his lap, "what is it you command?" Draco queried huskily.

Harry smiled, reached over to pull off his shoes and socks and laid down on the couch with his feet propped up on the confused dominant's lap.

"You're kidding right?" Draco said in disbelief as toes wiggled on his lap.

"Nope," Harry chirped, throwing a bottle of lotion that was conveniently in his bag at Draco, "if it makes you feel better this really is going to be a pleasurable experience for me."

"Anything for you my love," Draco said sarcastically as he poured lotion onto his hand.

"Not love," Harry purred, closing his eyes as Draco massaged his feet, "Master."

Hunched over his Ancient Runes text Draco focused on the assignment his professor had assigned that day, well technically he would be focusing on the assignment if Brimstone hadn't curled herself on top of his book and stared at him.

"Must you be right there," Draco asked, leaning back in his chair and sighing. "Harry put you up to this didn't he?" Brimstone shifted slightly, covering more of the text.

Draco sighed again as ran his fingers through his hair, "is there anything I can bribe you with that would tempt you into moving," Draco questioned hopefully, his eye brow twitched as he looked at her, 'is she smiling?'

The pale boy was distracted as a knocking came from his entryway. Curious as to who would be knocking this late, and having his wand at the ready just in case, Draco opened the portrait.

"Good evening Draco," Harry cooed, dressed in causal clothes with Shasa wrapped around his neck, "are you busy at the moment?"

Draco was very tempted to roll his eyes but refrained, "not at the present. But I suspect you knew that."

Harry grinned mischievously, "Since you're free I'd like to take a walk with you if you don't mind. Also, you should bring Brimstone."

A blue eyebrow rose in question but said nothing. Draco wrapped Brimstone around his neck and grabbed his cloak before leaving with Harry. The pair of Slytherins had to stealthy traverse the castle since it was late enough at night that not even the head boy could talk a passing teacher into believing that he was doing a round.

The boys squished together behind a statue when a pair of ghosts floated towards them, Draco took the provided opportunity to grope Harry's arse.

"Hands off prat," Harry hissed, he could still see the ghosts floating down the hall.

"Your arse fell into my hands, they squeezed out of reflex," the smirking Slytherin stated.

Cursing his bad luck when the ghosts decided to stop and chat with yet another ghost at the end of the hall Harry pinched Draco's wandering hands, "now is not the time, and it is most definitely not the place."

Draco smiled, a very small smile, as he pulled Harry into him, "it's too bad Shasa and Brimstone are with us. We could have a hallway quickie," he whispered while he fondled Harry's chest.

"I already told you," Harry mumbled, pinching the wandering hands whenever possible, "they are our protection from shadow creature thingy." Too busy kissing the tanned neck to respond Draco simple hummed in acknowledgement.

It took 20 more minutes to get to the final destination between evading Mr. Flich, Mrs. Noris and the poltergeist peeves. Not the Draco minded of course, every time they rushed to a dark corner the dominants hands and lips starting attacking the trapped submissive.

"So tell me exactly why we are standing in the middle of the quidditch pitch in the middle of the night?"

Harry's evil smile returned, he gently took Brimstone from Draco's neck and sat down Indian style on the grass, "Strip."

"What?" Draco asked deadpanned.

"I said strip," Harry's smile looked far to evil to be on his angelic face.

Grumbling, Draco took off his clothes layer by layer until he was once again standing naked in front of Harry, "you're not going to turn me into a ferret again are you?"

Tilting his head to the side Harry pretended to ponder the question, "tempting, tempting. But I think having you run nekked around the quidditch pitch ten times while singing the school's anthem will be more than enough for me tonight."

Draco stood staring at Harry for a moment before he decided that the sooner he did what Harry asked the sooner it would all be over with. He could try to oblivate himself later.

Harry wolf whistled at Draco's very, very sculpted body as he took off running, "sweet Salazar," he shouted, "can I try and bounce a galleon off that arse?" Draco responded by starting to sing the school's song. The next time Draco ran by Harry tried to swat him on the arse but Draco out maneuvered him while speeding up. On the fourth lap Harry managed to sneakily take a picture of Draco, the sweat starting to drip down his body, 'and this picture I shall name The Streaking Dragon,' Harry though as he watched the creamy drearier flex and relax with each stride, 'mmmmmm.'

Tuesday ended perfectly with a pale skinned, blue haired boy running laps while singing as a raven haired boy came dangerously close to wetting himself because he was laughing so hard.

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