Mr. & Mrs. 4077th

Chapter One

"You know, I never was much on anniversaries," mumbled Margaret as she slammed the door to her tent. The Officer's Club had gotten too noisy and Post-Op was empty.

For once, Major Houlihan wasn't needed.

By her husband, who she'd been married to for exactly six months to the day?


By the doctors, who were at the moment getting drunk and painting Charles's head purple?


By the patients?

Yes...if there were any.

"I got married," Margaret began, "so I would have someone to be with, not a damn picture and random letters!" She sighed. "Yeah, well, that's the price I pay for deciding to start a family in a war."

Margaret sat down on her cot and leaned against the canvas wall. Her eyes closed slowly, and soon she was floating off into a river of dreams...

A/N: This just came to me in a strange, strange wave of weirdness. (I think that sentence was a little redundant...oh, another random piece of trivia: my math instructor told me that my wording of a problem was redudant. That actually was the first time anyone had told me that.)

But anyway, back to the original topic...

This is sort of kind of maybe (WOW, I'm definite today!) based on the episode Dreams. Enjoy it...for better or for worse. :)