Naruto Omake

Haha, I know this isn't the chapter of Minor-Boy, but I'm just updating letting you guys know that I'm still alive. Look I'm even nice enough to make you guys a nice little omake about... stuff!! How nice is that? –dodges tomatoes- Wait a minute, why I am I dodging tomatoes!? I love tomatoes!!

Regarding that Lemon issue with some people wanting to read the chapter and not having to browse through the Lemon part, I have solved that problem! I will be putting up two versions of that chapter, one of them with a lemon and one of them without a lemon. I'll label them so you know which one is which.

Anyway, enjoy the Omake!


Naruto and Sasuke were having a nice little friendly art competition with Sakura judging. Okay, fine they were having a race to see who could draw a decent chicken, meaning that you could tell it was a chicken, in the shortest amount of time with Sakura timing.

"Done!" Both of them shouted at the same time, shoving the papers forward and smacking their pencils down on the desk. Naruto scowled at Sasuke. Sasuke glared at Naruto. Sakura was trying to get the papers from their grip.

"Umm… guys? Let go of your papers!" Both of them paid no heed towards Sakura, continuing their glaring contest. Sakura kept on tugging the papers. Finally both of the papers ripped in half.

Sakura took out two new sheets of paper and gave them to the duo. "Sasuke, you go first." Naruto sent Sasuke a nasty glare while Sasuke smirked. He took the paper from Sakura's hands and placed it down on the desk, starting to "draw" on it immediately.

"No! That's not how a chicken looks dattebayo! No! Dammit I won't shut up! Sasuke-teme! Dammit, that's not how you draw a freaking chicken!"

Sasuke faced Naruto angrily, his now red eyes flashing. "Fine. If that's not how a chicken looks like, then you draw one!" With that said, Sasuke threw the pencil at Naruto. Naruto looked ready to rip Sasuke's head off, nearly tearing the paper in half when he accepted it from Sakura. "Prepare to be amazed dattebayo!"

--Five Minutes Later--

"Usuratonkachi, that's not a chicken."

Naruto crossed his arms. "It is a chicken! It's got chicken feet, chicken wings, and a chicken beak! It's so chicken, it practically screams chicken!"

"That thing is not a chicken." Sasuke replied flatly.

"If that's not a chicken, then what is it?"

Sasuke snatched the paper from Naruto's hand, carefully inspecting it. "It's a chickendragon." He finally declared.

Naruto looked completely insulted. "This is not a chickendragon! It's a chicken!"





Kakashi looked at the picture. "Nice chickendragon Naruto."

Sasuke smirked while Naruto screamed out, "IT'S A CHICKEN!" Sakura snatched the paper out of Sasuke's hands (remember Sasuke's still holding the paper) and inspected it in a similar way that Sasuke did earlier.

"Naruto, it's more like a chickendragon then anything." She finally said after minutes of observation. Naruto started whining. "Demo Sakura-chan!! It said in the books that Chickens de… uhh… what was the word again? De-de-DESCEND! Yeah that was the word dattebayo! Umm, it said that chickens descend from dragons!"

Sakura smacked her forehead and let it slide down in a disgruntled sort of way. "Naruto… chickens are descended from DINOSAURS!!! Dinosaurs, not dragons!!" She spat out angrily, fire flaring in her eyes. Naruto nodded. "Hai, hai… ano… Dinenasors wasn't it?"

Even Sasuke winced when he heard that bone shattering punch that resulted in Naruto flying through the sky with a streak of red following him. He sighed exasperatedly.

"All you had to do was admit that it was a chickendragon dope…"