A Gravitational Series of Unfortunate Events

Rune Alchemist Kaori

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Chapter 12

Yuki looked around for the apartment building his heart racing slightly as he did, his sweating hands gripping the steering wheel of his car. Every few seconds he'd glance down at the scrap of paper in his hand. Be happy. Did it really mean what he thought it meant? The author stopped the car, parking it on the side of the road. He took several small deep breaths before walking into the building. He looked down at the paper again and read the number: 519. The author pushed the button for the elevator, looking like an antsy child with how impatient he was being. He swayed back and forth a little, bouncing on his heels slightly. However, much to his annoyance, the damn elevator stopped at one floor and would go down.

"Damnit!" Yuki muttered angrily as he began to run up the stairs. By the time he reached floor five he was panting slightly. Feeling like he would collapse soon moved down the hall, looking at the numbers; 517, 518, 519! He knocked on the door and waited... No answer. He knocked again... Still nothing. He then had a thought, and an image of Shuichi trying to get to the elevator and asking someone to hold it for him ran through his mind.

"Oh shit, this really isn't my day," he muttered before going down the elevator,all the way back to floor one. He got out and looked around seeing a flash of pink hair outside. He burst out the door.

"BRAT!" he yelled and the figure froze. The blond author ran over and grabbed him, turning him around. Shuichi stared up at his golden eyes, tears in his own violet eyes. Yuki pulled him close, kissing him softly.

"Damnit brat!" he mumbled, "I've been sitting in the parking lot every day for a week and a half looking for you! Where the hell have you been?"

Shuichi didn't say anything as he cried quietly into Yuki's shirt, holding onto him.

"Y...Yuki..." he said tearfully, "You came for me..."

"Idiot," Yuki said, kissing the top of his head.


"Let's go home," Yuki said.

"I can't."

"Yes you can, I say you can."


"Don't even mention that bastard! You're coming home!"

The younger man nodded, leaning against him.

"Yuki, I love you so much." He murmured into his shirt softly.

"You're still crying idiot."

"I.. I'm sorry."

Yuki shook his head and helped him into the car before getting in and driving home.

"Yuki... all my stuff is still up there."

"I'll pick it up tomorrow... are you alright?"

"I'm ok...I just haven't been sleeping much."

The blond nodded. After a few minutes he placed Shuichi's key into the young pop-star's hand. The singer blinked then beamed happily when Yuki parked the car and the two went up to the apartment.

"I missed you Yuki," Shuichi whispered and Yuki nodded. He kissed his little lover gently as he slowly unbuttoned Shuichi's shirt, carrying him into the bedroom and... -censored- (A/N: sorry don't want to go past my rating.)

Yuki drove Shuichi to work the next day. He gently kissed his lover goodbye and watched him head off into N-G Productions, looking a little bit frightened. Shuichi walked up to the president's office and knocked.

"Come in Shindou-san," Came Seguchi's pleasant voice. Shuichi hesitated now. How had he known? He stepped in anyway.


"Yes Shindou-san? It's so nice to see you've gotten over the flu bug you caught."

"But I..."

Tohma looked up sharply and Shuichi fell silent. He waited for a few minutes.

"Why did you tell Yuki where I was?"

Tohma set his work down and he looked out the window. He saw Yuki driving out of the parking lot, smiling slightly. The blond smiled slightly himself. He turned back to Shuichi.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," the blond said, "I only told him he should be happy."


"That will be all Shindou-san," Tohma said, waving his hand dismissively. Shuichi blinked. Had Tohma told Yuki where to find him or not? He supposed he'd never figure that one out.

End Chapter 12

A/N: This is the end of "A Gravitational Series of Unfortunate Events" Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed it. If you want a sequel let me know and I'll get started on that, I do have a few ideas.