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Chapter One

It was almost six in the morning when Kagome arrived at the back entrance of the massive film studio. Pushing the heavy metal door open she walked into studio 18 muttering to herself, "What kind of man starts the working day at such an ungodly hour."

"You're the new assistant aren't you?" a curious feminine voice asked behind her.

Turning Kagome came face to face with a happy dark hair young women, "Yeah I am, this is my first day. How can you be so awake at such an early hour?"

"You bet accustomed to it. So what do you think of Mr. Taisho? "

Kagome shrugged, "I haven't met him yet, my friend Hojo works for him, he told me that Mr. Taisho was in dire need of a new secretary, one that wouldn't hit on him. So I had an interview with a man named Hitan, he gave me the job on the spot." Kagome held out her hand. "I'm Kagome by the way."

The dark haired women readily accepted it, "I'm Sango, nice to meet you, and I'm the assistant director's assistant."

Kagome nodded her understanding, taking her first look around the room. It was a small, well lit entrance room painted all black, a room that doubtlessly led to a larger studio area. She was just uncertain as to which of the rooms three doors would take her the in the right direction. Looking back at Sango, who was digging in her purse, Kagome asked, "Could you show me where it is I am suppose to be going since it sounds like we're going the same way."

Sango looked up from her search and grinned, "Oh, sure of course, just give me a second I'm just making sure that I have my mace."

"Mace, why do you have mace?" Kagome inquired shocked.

"Oh, you'll find out." Sango gave her an evil grin, "Come on it's this way, and we don't want to be late. It's one the worst things you can do here, it is a guarantied way to ruin your day. Mr. Taisho hates it when people are late." She told her as she led her towards a large metal door on the far wall.

The door led to a massive studio with lights and props everywhere. People scurried around moving tables, carrying pictures and setting things up. Sango led her towards a large foldable table loaded with donuts and coffee holders, and grabbed two jelly donuts. Turning to Kagome she held one out.

"You have to start off the day with a good breakfast." Sango told her with a smile.

Kagome grinned back, but declined the sweet, far too nervous to eat. "So what exactly do we do, Hojo didn't really go into great detail about it with me?"

"Well," Sango hesitated a moment, "we basically do what ever they need us to do, however your job will be quiet different from mine. Mr. Taisho is… somewhat difficult to work with."


Swiftly, Sango turned and headed across the studio towards what appeared to be the set, judging by the various lights and props that were being rolled over towards a set of directors' chairs. In on sat a man with black hair and an old fashioned director's mega phone, and next to him sat another tall man with long silvery looking hair. Beyond those simple distinguishing features Kagome couldn't see anything else because they had there backs to the two women. As they got closer to the two seated men Kagome could hear that they appeared to be discussing something.

"I do not understand why you insist on using that ridicules antique, it is absolutely useless." A cold, detached voice asked.

"It's not useless, it bothers Inu-yasha," The other man answered happily, apparently use to his companions iciness, "which is immensely entertaining."

"Yes, that it does." The cold voice replayed and glanced over at them as they approached.

The other men, noticing his companions shift in attention, turned in his seat to view the new arrivals. Upon seeing who it was a smile lit his face, "Ah, my lovely Sango, it's good to see you have arrived."

Sango smirked secretively, "Good morning Miroku," she responded and gestured to Kagome, "This is Kagome. I believe she is your new assistant Mr. Taisho."

The silver haired man turned farther in his seat so that Kagome got her first full view of his face. There was no question in her mind that this was the famous demon producer Sesshoumaru Taisho. His elegant sculpted face and distinct magenta markings were unmistakable. He had the face that was the envy of any male model and the body to go along with it. That kind of handsome man was not someone easily forgotten neither was his stoic, expressionless mask that appeared to be a permanent resident on his face.

Sesshoumaru raised a single, perfectly arched silver eyebrow as his molten gold eyes took in the appearance of his new personal assistant. His gazed made a swift sweep of her curvy body from her booted feet, up her long black clad legs, her dark crimson blouse to rest on her face. Taking in her brilliant blue eyes he found himself some what shocked at the intelligence gleaming in them. She might be the first person who didn't take the job as a way in jump into his bed.

Kagome shifted her weight back and forth nervously under Sesshoumaru's scrutinizing gaze. 'Man, Hojo said he was intimidating, but I didn't think that he would be this bad' Kagome thought as he analyzed her as though she were a horse at auction he might wish to purchase.

"Today we are just getting this set up; therefore you shall take this opportunity to learn what is going on. You shall follow Sango around for today and learn what needs to be done. She does not do all that you will be doing but it will give you a general idea of how thing work around here." Sesshoumaru told her, his voice just as detached of emotion as his face visage.

Nodding her understanding, Kagome opened her mouth to respond but before she could even made a peep he continued on. "You will address me as Mr. Taisho unless I tell you otherwise, and you may address Mr. Honshu as Miroku, as he seems to despise being called mister."

Miroku looked chuckled, "Of course I don't like being called mister, and it makes me feel old. My dad is Mr. Honshu, and he isn't even that old."

Kagome chuckled a little, marveling at the difference between the two directors, while Sango spoke "Okay, we'll, is there anything that we can get you before I show Kagome around?"

"No we're okay, right Sesshoumaru?" Miroku responded glancing over at Sesshoumaru, who simply shook her head as he proceeded to overlook the stage hands.

Getting the hint that they were no longer needed Sango quickly led Kagome away from the set. Dragging her to nearly the opposite end of the room Sango stopped at a large rack of what appeared to be various 18th century clothes from several countries. Kagome presumed these to be the costumes. Turning to Kagome Sango swiftly began to fill her in.

"Okay these are just a few of the costumes we have for this movie there are several sense that contain dozens of extras so there are tons of costumes here. So if you are ever asked to retrieve a costume you come straight here and look for the head costume designer. Her name is Kagura, she can be a little overwhelming but you get use to her." Shoving past the various racks, Sango ushered Kagome up to an open door that had been hidden behind all the clothes.

Absorbing the information she had just received Kagome scooted into the room an saw various manikins with partially made costumes on them. At the far end of the room stood a beautiful black haired demon in a red dress, the woman glanced up and Kagome got a good look at a set of crimson eyes.

"Hello Sango, why are you here?" the women greeted, dully, as if she couldn't believe she was being bothered.

Sango rolled her eyes to Kagome before she turned towards the women fully and answered her "Hello Kagura, this is Kagome, she is Mr. Taisho's new personal assistant, and I'm just taking her around to meet everybody."

Kagura eyed Kagome with distain before addressing her, "Hello, I'm Kagura, I am in charge of the costumes, if Sesshoumaru has any direct, urgent problems come to me otherwise just talk to one of my girls or my sister Kana." With that she turned back around, ignoring them, and went back to work.

Giving Kagome an apologetic smile Sango began explaining more as she led her out the door towards another. "She is a wind demon, and can certainly be full of hot air at times it can make her hard to deal with at times. Her younger sister, Kana, is her assistant she's a little odd, she is a void demon and has even less emotion then Taisho."

Kagome nodded, "Is the head of every department a demon?" she inquired, curious to know if they would all be so high and mighty.

"Most of them are, but there not all like Kagura, most of them are better although some are worse. Come I'll introduce you to Yura next, she's in charge of hair and make-up."

By the end of the day Kagome had met nearly all the important people she would need to remember to get through the upcoming days. By the time five o'clock rolled around and Sango told her that they could go home Kagome was mentally exhausted from absorbing all the information. But on the plus side Sango and her self had become fast friends and had decided to go out for coffee on their next day off.

When she finally got home to her apartment at five thirty Kagome popped a quick frozen dinner in the microwave and called to her pets. "Buyo, Valeo, come here you too, dinner time."

Seconds later a plump tricolor cat raced into the room, a large leggy dog at his heels. Reaching down Kagome scooped up the fat cat into one arm and ran her vacant hand over the black Great Dane's head. "Who's a good girl Valeo?" She cooed at the young dog, happily thumping it's tale on the floor. As she scratched the dogs head Buyo shifted in Kagome's arms demanding his share of attention. Quickly giving the cat some attention, Kagome put him down and went to get the animals' food silently thanking her judgment at getting her brother to walk Valeo for the rest of the week until she had her job settled.

After feeding her pets Kagome shifted her attention over to her own meal, after swiftly devouring it she slipped into a nice hot bath. She was intent on relaxing before she had to prepare for her early morning, and walking the dog before bed. After finishing everything she crawled into bed, thinking of how very long the next few days were going to be until she got use the early rising. Within minuets of shutting her eyes Kagome was sound asleep.