Chapter 11

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Kagome gawked silently at Sesshoumaru as took in what he had just told the press. Even though she knew that her jaw was ajar Kagome did even thinking about shutting it, she was trying to take in the implications he had just told the world. She shook off the bases of her daze as Sesshoumaru lent in to whisper in her ear.

"You best stop your attempt to capture flies unless you whish the picture to be all over the tabloids tomorrow." He told her softly; knowing full well that the reporters would take his quiet murmurs to Kagome the wrong way.

"Well they wouldn't be taking pictures if you had not said what you just did," Kagome hissed back between smiling teeth.

Sesshoumaru just nodded at the cameras and led her through the doors swooping down to speak in her ear one more time, "If you behave I shall explain later."

"I'll be the bell of the ball." Kagome growled the moment they were away from the reports attentions.

Just as she spoke those words Kagome saw Koga walking towards them, Dressed immaculately in his black tux, though Kagome couldn't stop the thought that Sesshoumaru had been more appealing at first sight from slipping into her thoughts. The same Koga she had met when she first baby sat Rin, the same one had inherited his father's company, and the same man who could not take a hint. She grinned at him as he strolled closer she liked him well enough, she just didn't want to go out with him and unfortunately he had quite accepted the fact yet.

"Kagome," Koga beamed taking both her hands into his and brushed a kiss against her knuckles, "it is great to see you again. I'm lucky that Sesshoumaru has decided to suck it up and bring a date this time. How fortunate for me that it was you he chose."

"It's good to see you too Koga," Kagome smiled at him as she tried to and subtly to retrieve her hands.

Not relinquishing his hold Koga took a few steps back, dropped one of her hands and pulled Kagome with him, "the band is great how about a dance?" Koga invited, still pulling slowly her towards the floor before she had even answered. Glancing at Sesshoumaru he asked, "You don't mind do you?" Koga didn't wait for Sesshoumaru's answer either while he continued to move her further away from the other demon and closer to the dance floor.

Still unable to release her hands from Koga's grip Kagome sent a pleading look towards Sesshoumaru, and hoped he would take pity. When Sesshoumaru didn't look as though he was going to do anything, Kagome resigned herself to make the best of the dance and hope that Koga wouldn't take it the wrong way and double his efforts in his one sided courtship.

As she let her self be led away Kagome was surprised when she heard Sesshoumaru come up behind her, one of his arms claiming her waist. When Koga kept walking and found that his prize had suddenly became heavier he turned around. Kagome Watched Sesshoumaru with apprehension, wondering what exactly he was going to do. When Sesshoumaru neither said anything nor moved right away Kagome began to think he might not do either. Thinking that it might be best if she broke the silence Kagome opened her mouth to speak; but was beaten to it by Koga.

"You'll have to let go Sesshoumaru, so that Kagome and I can hit the dance floor." Koga told him tightening his hold on Kagome's hand ever so slightly.

Sesshoumaru did not relinquish his hold, "You did not wait for my answer," Sesshoumaru told him as he took a few steps back and gave a small strong tug. Effectively bring Kagome closer to him while forcing Koga to either let go or risk hurting Kagome. As Koga dropped her had Sesshoumaru continued to talk. "I cannot let you take her for this dance, I am afraid that I claimed her before we had even arrived. I asked her in the limo on the way. You may ask her if you do not believe me."

Knowing a quick escape was available Kagome latched onto it and nodded in agreement with Sesshoumaru statement. "Yes he did ask me, just before we stepped out. Sorry Koga, perhaps later."

With that said Sesshoumaru quickly swept Kagome away onto the dance floor and into an enchanting waltz. Glancing up from attentively staring of their shoes Kagome smiled faintly at him and whispered, "thank you" before resuming her foot watching.

Sesshoumaru merely harrumphed as he regarded her carefully. After a few moments he spoke softly his lips a few inches from her ears. "Just how long has my ex-stunt man been intent on pursuing you?"

Kagome's head snapped up quickly, "he is not pursuing me" she told him, her voice guarded.

"Oh," Sesshoumaru responded, his eyebrows rose ever so slightly, "is that so?"

With sparse nod of affirmation Kagome attempted to sound stern, "yes that's so."

"Your tone belies you Kagome," Sesshoumaru told her with a smirk. "It is a wonder how you managed your lie when we were with my father and mother; you are a horrid liar."

"My lie! That was your-" Kagome started to huff indignantly.

"Yes you're not good at it," Sesshoumaru told her again, cutting off and ignoring her interrupted protest, then he gazed pointedly behind her shoulder "My proof is right over there."

Confused Kagome tried to spin in his arms, "what proof."

"That Koga is indeed pursuing you."

Looking once more Kagome finally caught a sight of Koga, who was indeed watching them as though he wanted to run over and pull the two of them apart. "Oh," Kagome mutter slightly embarrassed and glanced back at Sesshoumaru, who merely arched an eyebrow at her. "Well he may be chasing me but, it is not because I gave him any reason to. I have told him no more then once." Kagome said defensively.

"Oh so you have in not encouraged him in any way?" Sesshoumaru asked disbelievingly.

"No, like I said, I have told him more then once that I didn't want to go out with him. Thanks for the vote of confidence Sesshoumaru." Kagome growled at him giving him an icy glare.

"Hmm," was the only response Sesshoumaru gave as they continued their waltz.

Remaining silent for the rest of the dance, Kagome immediately removed herself from Sesshoumaru and strode off to the bathroom. Once she was inside she sat on one of the stools in front of the powder mirror to collect her thoughts, 'stupid male populous. Koga doesn't get it that I don't to date him, while Sesshoumaru thinks that I have been leading Koga on. Now I remember why I avoided dating back in high school. Men are idiots, you think that once they get older, at least as old as those two demons they would get less dense, but no it gets worse!'

Lost in her internal mutterings Kagome didn't notice that she had been joined by another person until female stood over her tapping one of her designer heels. Jolted out of her internal ramblings Kagome gazed up at the face of a gorgeous, tall, read headed demoness. A very peeved gorgeous, tall, read headed demoness.

Swallowing Kagome attempted to smile at the glowering face above her, "Hi, can I help you with something?"

"Yes, you can stick to your own kind," the demoness sneered.

"Uh, what do you mean exactly?" Kagome inquired, worrying if this particular female was talking about a certain silver haired demon.

"Don't be insolent," she snapped, "just because Sesshoumaru brought you here as a date, dose not mean that you are in any way special. It does not even mean that he will leave here with you tonight. So why don't you aim for someone you might obtain; like a waiter." The red head smirked.

Getting a little annoyed Kagome just took in the demoness' expensive indigo dress that revealed a little too much and gave her a blank stare, "excuse me?"

"You heard me," she said talking a step back looking smug and eyed Kagome, "I wouldn't count on him leaving with you. If I have anything to say about it he wont even remember who you are."

Now thoroughly ticked off Kagome rose to her feet and glared at the other woman who stood a several inches taller, "Look, I don't know who you are, but you have to be completely daft to think that Sesshoumaru would look twice at a gold digger like you. Hell he probably won't even look at you. He'll pass you right by like window manikin. Though you are right about me snagging Sesshoumaru, but I can guarantee you one thing." Kagome smirked taking a step towards the woman to glower at her. "It will be me he leaves with tonight." With that Kagome nudged past the demoness and strolled out the door.

As the door closed behind her Kagome couldn't help but snicker, "I may only be going home with Sesshoumaru tonight because I work for him and we have to get back to the shoot but, she doesn't know that." She mumbled under her breath to her self, quite pleased with herself.

Before Kagome had even made it ten feet from the bathroom door a man sauntered out from the shadows and blocked he path. Halting quickly, Kagome's gaze swept over the man. Taking him in two words flashed through her mind: creepy and danger. Taking a step back Kagome attempted to sneak around him, she had a feeling that this was the hanyou Sesshoumaru had told her to avoid. Just being near him had her spine tingling like nuts. When he moved with her Kagome took another step back and said politely, "Um, excuse me please."

When the man, did not move Kagome was about to try once more to move around him; before she could take a step he spoke, "Sorry, I do not believe that we have met, I am Naraku Onigumo." He told her holding out his hand.

'Its him!' Kagome thought nervously, eyeing his hand wearily Kagome began to take it, spoke awkwardly trying to avoid telling him her name, "Hello, I have heard of you." As she spoke their palms touched and a small pink shock zapped off Kagome at Naraku. Snatching his hand back quickly, Naraku gave her a venomous glare and started to move to wards her.

Just as he started moving a familiar voiced filled the air, sending a wave of relief flooding through Kagome. "Naraku, why am I not surprised to find you here?" Sesshoumaru asked, as he came up behind Naraku his eyes on Kagome.

Kagome watched as Naraku stiffened slightly before turning to cast his glare on Sesshoumaru, "I don't see why anyone would be surprised that I should be here. It is after all a rather large calibration party."

"I see I must be more specific. What I meant was that I was not surprised to find you here with a woman you do not know in an isolated area."

"That too should not be a surprise I like know of all the beautiful things around me, so I thought to meet the latest beauty." He said glancing at Kagome, "We were just getting into introductions when you came up." Naraku told him as he shifted to back and over to the side so he was a few feet from Sesshoumaru.

"Oh," Sesshoumaru said, he face as stoic as ever as he moved so that he was standing mere centimeters behind Kagome his eyes never leaving Naraku, "were you now?"

"Yes, though you like I mentioned you interrupted us and this lovely lady did not get a chance to introduce herself." Naraku continued, slowly clenching and unclenching his zapped hand, causing Kagome to eye it nervously, sending yet another shiver racing down her spine.

Sesshoumaru, shifted his gaze to Naraku's fist for a brief moment before he spoke, "then allow me to continue the introductions; this" he said, wrapping his arms around Kagome, "is my date. Now if we must be leaving." With that Sesshoumaru steered a very quiet Kagome away and back towards the hustle and bustle of the dancing.

Once they were admits the crowed Sesshoumaru leaned down and whispered into Kagome's ear. "Do you have any objections to us leaving now?"

Kagome just shook her head; if she could she would avoid the man indefinitely. Unfortunately she got the feeling that that was not very likely to happen.


It wasn't until she was safely seated beside Sesshoumaru and the limonene was moving that Kagome allowed herself to relax. Glimpsing over at her silent company Kagome was about to explain why it was that she had ended up getting cornered by the one person she had been told avoid when Sesshoumaru started to speak. "I am glade that you remembered not to tell him your name. He will eventually find out, however now he will have to take the time to either snoop or ask around, in which case he will make people aware of his curiosities."

"I didn't even know he was there until he popped out and blocked my path. Although the moment I saw him I knew that he was who you had warned me about. Sorry I cause us to leave" Kagome told him as she gazed out the window, hoping he wouldn't be too mad at her.

Sesshoumaru nodded, "yes I saw him just after you came out, however I was detained a moment." He continued, sounding annoyed. The tone in his voice had Kagome turning to look at him curiously. Seeing her expression Sesshoumaru elaborated sounding bored. "A demoness seemed adamant about convincing me to take her home."

Kagome chuckled slightly, "a red head?"

"Yes, I would not have noticed her had she not practically leaped onto my person." Sesshoumaru said dryly.

This information had Kagome giggling and Sesshoumaru looking at her with one brow arched. After a good little chuckle Kagome turned and asked, "Umm, when I went to shake Naraku's hand I zapped him. I don't know how, it wasn't like a shock you get when you've been sliding on carpet and touch someone it was like a pink jolt."

Sesshoumaru didn't look surprised, "that is your Miko abilities coming out. It would appear that you have some strength in that department if they seek to protect you and you are not even aware you have them."

"Again with the Miko thing, would you care to elaborate a little?" Kagome asked him slightly exasperated.

"No, we shall discuss this at a later time." Sesshoumaru said in a tone that told Kagome that they were done talking for the evening. 'He is going to explain this soon, or I will have to make his life torture.' Kagome thought as she looked once more out the window.

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