This is the last chapter. It's sooo sad that such good things come to an end.

Chapter 18

I could feel her gaze on me, and I knew she was contemplating what I had said. I turned to her, and gave her a look that told her I knew what she was thinking.

"We'd better go and see if they need any help." I stated plainly, getting up and offering my hand. She gratefully took it, and we slowly made our way back.

What I didn't realize until we reached the edge of the carnival, that I was still holding her hand. I went a light shade of pink, and went to let go. But as I did, she grasped it tighter, and wrapped her other hand around them. I looked at her, and I sighed in defeat. We went to the carnival, and stared in awe at the result.

It was like nothing had ever happened, except for the ship still sitting in its place, and kids were playing in the mountains of candy.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" I asked.

"Well, I'm waiting for you." Virginia replied with a smirk. "So, are we going to start the night again? Because I think they're resetting more fireworks for later."

"Well, ok then." I replied, and we decided to start again. We went to the game arcade area, and one extra tent had been made. We found some of our friends there, trying to dunk Mr. Boss into the water. He was no longer in a business suit, but in a swimsuit. Fanny picked up a ball, and grinned evilly.

"Don't worry daddy, this is only for fun." She stated before hitting the bulls eye.

He was dunked, and the spectators started laughing loudly.

"Well, at least he didn't completely ruin the night." I said as we continued down to the bottle game. I looked at her, and we decided we'd try again.

"Well, it's all you." Virginia stated, handing me the ball. I flicked it p once, and flung it at the bottles. I had won yet again, and so I yet again picked the prize.

This time, I found a heart plushie, one side being black, and the other being red. I handed it over to Virginia as we left, and she seemed to turn as red as the heart. I smiled, and I knew this time would be different.

"So, what do you want to do now?" I asked deviously.

"I think we should go on the ferris wheel now." She replied with a wink. "They'll be setting off the fireworks now, and we'll get the best view."

"Well then, after you." I gestured. She giggled, and we made our way to the ride. We both got settled in to the seat, and it ascended upwards. We both admired the work that everyone had put in to the carnival, and suddenly the ferris wheel came to a halt

I looked up, and saw they were letting the firework display off. Virginia saw too, and I noticed a glistening in her eye. We both turned to each other, and smiled. Before I could react to anything, Virginia hastily leant in and caught my lips with hers. I was shocked at first, but then joined in as the ride started to move again. We came down, and the guy was about to stop it.

"One more time." I said quickly, before going back to our activity. And then a thought crossed my mind.

Hoagie wasn't as crazy as I thought.