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Spoilers et al: TenRose. Oneshot, set almost immediately after The Satan Pit. Sorta spoilerish for The Satan Pit, but if you blink you'll miss it. Just a harmless little piece of fluff.

Rose Tyler tilted her head back, closing her eyes, feeling the rain sluice down her body.

Her hands were tucked into the sleeves of her thin, dark green jumper, her arms folded across her chest and she shivered as the breeze blew cool against her sodden clothes, wet skin.

She knew it was likely wreaking havoc on her makeup, but she didn't care. They'd had a near miss—a very near miss--and she was just happy to be alive.

Standing in the court yard of her estate, the sky rumbling above her, the pellets of rain hitting her with a gentle thrum, thrum, that planet, that impossible planet, seemed as far away as it was.

Part of her heart tugged in guilt, knowing she'd left the Doctor with her mum, but at the moment it was nice to be alone in the dark.

She put her arms around, twirling in a small circle as the rain fell down.

"Dancing in the rain, Rose Tyler?"

With a shriek, she spun around, pushing her hair off her face. The Doctor stood under the overhang of Bucknall House, arms crossed, an amused smirk barely visible in the dim light.

"What are you doing, sneaking up on me like that?"

"I didn't sneak anywhere! S'not my fault you didn't hear me coming."

Rolling her eyes, Rose closed them once more, tilting her head back again and holding her arms out wide.

"Come in, you're going to get wet!" Rose snorted at her mum's voice, keeping her eyes closed.

If she stopped breathing…just for a minute…she could feel the world turn.

When the Doctor's hands fell on her waist, she jolted a bit but she didn't shriek this time. He took one of her outstretched hands and she tilted her head up and opened her eyes as he began to spin them around to a song she couldn't hear.

Her other hand came down on his shoulder and she laughed.

She felt the vibration of his chuckle in her chest a minute before he pulled her close. His eyes fell on hers, dancing merrily.

Rose heard her mum's voice again, but didn't so much as take her eyes from the Doctor's. If she inched forward…just a bit…she could kiss him.

As soon as the thought floated through her mind, he was laughing again and bending her back into a dip. When he straightened her out again, he held her close and Rose snaked her arms around his neck, playing lightly with the hair at the nape of his neck.

His arms came around her waist again, resting lightly on her back as they moved through the courtyard to their own music. Rose bit her lip, looking up at the Doctor through her lashes, seeing his amused look.

"What is it, Rose?" His voice was soft and he was close enough she could feel the flutter of his breath on her cheek.

"It's always going to be like this, Doctor, isn't it? Always this good." He pulled back a bit, looking down at her.

"You almost died today."

"So'd you," Rose replied quietly. "But we're together now. The Doctor and Rose" She looked up at him again, caught his guarded expression. "It'll always be us, won't it?"

She felt more than heard his sigh, saw something flit through his eyes a quick second before the smile grew. She bit her lip again as he studied her face, almost as if he were memorising it…

"The Doctor and Rose," he confirmed softly. "Always."