Supernatural Challenge.

The Challenge: What exactly would make Dean stop hunting?

Dean Winchester cleared his throat, and spoke the words that he thought would never come out of his mouth. "Sammy, I'm not hunting anymore."

Dean's brother Sam nearly choked on his coffee. "You're kidding me right?"

"Not at all." Dean said, his face hard and serious.

"May I ask why you have decided to quit?" Sam asked, still clearly not believing this piece of news delivered to him by his brother.

"Dylan and I are getting married."

The statement hung in the air, the brothers staring at each other. Sam's brown eyes showed no emotion. Dylan had originally been Sam's girlfriend and best friend, but Dylan had kissed Dean, and after that, things just never seemed the same. Dylan and Sam tried to work it out, but they just gave it up and Dylan went out with Dean, while fixing the 9-year friendship with Sam. It killed Sam inside to see Dylan and Dean so happy, when Sam thought Dylan was the girl for him after Jessica died. And now, he defiantly knew nothing would be the same between the three of them. Sam knew he needed to be happy for his best friend and his brother, so he put on a smile and said, "Oh. Well, that's great!"

"I mean, no hard feelings or anything right? We're still cool right?" Dean asked his brother. It had been a year since the official breakup with Dylan and Sam, but Dean still knew that Sam had feelings for Dylan.

"Yeah, we're cool. It's great you've finally found someone. When did you propose?" Sam asked.

"Oh…around last week. We had to talk about when and what to tell you." Dean said.

Sam nodded, trying to look understanding. But deep in the depths of his mind, he was racing with questions.

How could you take my girlfriend and marry her?

How come you didn't tell me sooner?

How come she didn't tell me?


Brothers don't do this to each other.

You hurt her I'll kill you.

"So, when is the wedding?" Sam asked.

"Next week actually. There seems to be a lack of weddings going on, so we got it pretty easily. And, Dylan wants you to walk her down the isle by the way." Dean said, like it was the kind of thing that happened every day.

Once more, Sam choked on his coffee. "She what?"

"Since, obviously, her father is dead, and you are her best friend, she wants you to walk her down the isle." Dean said plainly.

"And she couldn't tell me this herself why?" Sam asked.

"Right now she's busy. Her and her friends are getting her dress right now." Dean said.

"Oh." Sam whispered. Why did Sam feel upset that she didn't invite him? It felt like they were breaking apart after so many years of friendship, all because of Dean. And now she was getting married to the jerk. Damn his brother.

Sam left the kitchen of the house the three of them shared. He assumed they would move out together and leave him by his little depressed self. Sam could not believe that he was distressing. He should be happy for her; didn't he want the best for his best friend? He found himself taking his cell out of his pocket and dialing that famalliar number. The phone rang 4 times before her clear voice came on.

"Hey Sam! I guess Dean told you everything?" asked Dylan, her voice happier then it had been in ages.

"Yeah, he did." Sam said, his voice becoming happier as well, his mind was formulating a plan. Maybe he could get her back.

"Great. I hope you said yes, because it would be rather sad if you didn't." Dylan said.

Would hate to put a damper on you're mood. I mean, since you act like everything is okay, marrying my brother when I still love you, and I know somewhere inside of you, you do too., Sam thought to himself. He put it inside and said, "Yeah, of course. I'm really happy you chose me. Would you think about having lunch with me today, just the two of us? It's been a long time since we actually have hung out without Dean." Sam said, hoping it wasn't too obvious he still liked her.

"Yeah, I'm done here. Can I meet you at our usual place in 15 minutes?" Dylan asked.

"Yep, sure, I'll be there." Sam said quickly and hung up.