2nd Chapter

When Sam arrived at the diner, he saw that Dylan had already arrived. She hadent noticed his arrival, so Sam took this moment to watch her. She had that same long blonde hair, but since dating Dean, she had taken out those black highlights that made her Dylan. She still had those deep blue eyes, but instead of being dark and cold, they looked happy, the happiest she had looked in all the time Sam had known her. As much as Sam hated to admit it, she was much happier with Dean then she was with him. Maybe he shouldn't try to steal her from him. But Sam shook that thought from his head and thought about how he was better for her then Dean was. Sam was nice, and funny, Dean was rude and sarcastic. Finally, Dylan looked up from her menu, and smiled at him.

Sam walked over and sat down across from her. She reached over the table and gave him a hug, Sam stunned for a second, then hugged her back. They settled back down in their seats, and Sam cleared his throat.

"I'm happy for you Dylan." Sam said, his voice sounding sincere, but he knew his eyes were betraying him.

"Sure you are."

"No, really I mean it." Sam said, giving her a smile, hoping she would believe him.

"No, you aren't. Your best friend, and ex-girlfriend, is marrying your brother who she kissed while going out with you. You aren't happy for me." Dylan said. She knew Sam like that.

Sam's face grew hard. He looked up at her with his deep brown eyes. "I am too happy for you."

Even though Sam knew deep down she was right, Dylan was always right about that stuff.

"Its just that…I still love you. And I always will."