By: Karen B.

Summary: Just a teeny weeny snippet about the day Starsky shows off his new red car to his partner.

"How do you like her? Huh, Hutch?"

With my hands on my hips, I did a slow walk about the brand new shiny car. Stopping at the back bumper, I looked up at my partner's smiling face and shook my head.

"Starsky, I hope it's rented. How the hell are we suppose to ferret around in that?

"Hutch, it was a steal. A once in a lifetime deal."

"Naturally." I folded my arms across my chest. "What'd you name her?"


"A name, Starsky. What's her name?"

"Hutch, it's a car, not a dog."

I thoughtfully gazed at the glossy red vehicle with the ridiculous white stripe streaking down its sides.

"Rebel Rose," I proudly announced, looking up just in time to catch my partner cringing. "Don't you like it?"

"The car doesn't like it," Starsky huffed.

"A car with an ego problem, great." I watched Starsky reach in through the open driver's window and a second later I heard a popping noise. He sauntered to the front, lifted the bonnet, and bent down over the engine. "What are you doing now?" I asked with impatience.

"I'm lying naked on a bearskin rug." Starsky wiggled further under the hood. "What does it look like? I'm checking the oil, dummy."

I rolled my eyes. "How about we go check out that new bakery on Front Street instead, my treat, partner."

Starsky quickly wiggled back out from under the hood and slammed it shut. "No more talk of roses?"

"No more talk of roses," I agreed.

"Terrific," he said, making a beeline for the driver seat.

I smiled making my way to the passenger door. "Looks more like a tomato, anyway," I mumbled under my breath.

The end