True Love

A Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic by KChan88

A/N:Hey everyone! This is a WE fic that covers some of the time between COTBP and DMC. I thought it would be an interesting fic to write, so I hope it turns out well! Please read and review!

Chapter 1: After the Kiss

ELizabeth Swann's face glowed with newfound happiness as she and William Turner broke apart from their very first kiss. She looked into his soulful brown eyes, loving how they sparkled when they looked at her. The kiss had been so sweet and Elizabeth felt as though she had been sent to heaven. It felt so right to be here with Will. Suddenly she realized that she still had his hat in her hand, and she put it affectionately on his head. He smiled and they seemed to be silentlylost in each other until they noticed that Governor Swann was still standing there. The two turned, blushing slightly, to face him.

"Well," said the bemused Governor, turning to Will. "Take care of her Mr. Turner, that is all I ask," he said, smiling slightly and putting out his hand.

"I will Governor, you can be sure of that," said Will, shaking the Governor's hand firmly. "And please, call me Will."

The Governor started to started to turn away until he heard the soft voice of his daughter behind him. "Thankyou, father," she said softly, her voice emanating with joy. She embraced her him with all her might, never more grateful to have a father who loved her so.

"Anything for you my dear," he said, planting a kiss on her cheek. "Oh and Will?" he said, glancing back towards the young blacksmith.

"Yes Governor," asked Will politely.

"Please join us for dinner tonight, if you are able."

"I would be honored," said Will nodding his head, a bit nervous at the prospect.

"All right, good. Well I'm sure you two need some time alone to talk things out," he said quickly. "So I shall see you later."

As the older man walked away, Will and Elizabeth looked towards the horizon, and they could just see the speck that was the Pearl, and both chuckled.

"I suppose that Jack is quite content now," said Will with a grin. "He finally got his beloved Pearl back."

"Thanks to you," said Elizabeth, putting a finger to his cheek and lightly tracing it. "What you did was the thing I've ever seen, and very clever."

Will smiled, his eyes looking towards the sea, which sparkled under the sunlight. "He helped me and so I helped him in return. It was the least I could do," said Will humbly. "He didn't deserve death, pirate or not."

"You are right about that," remarked Elizabeth, taking his hand in hers. "Now I'm sure he is as happy as a clam. But come, there is something that I want to show you before we have to get ready for dinner."

Hands still linked, she led him past the market, the fort, the outer parts of town, and past her house.

"Where are you taking me? asked Will, thinking that the pathway looked familiar.

"You'll see soon enough, oh impatient one," laughed Elizabeth.

After a few more minutes Will felt sand creep into his shoes and saw palm trees swaying in the breeze. They were on the beach, but instead of people and boats milling about, it was completely secluded.

"I come here all the time when I need sometime to think or to be alone," said Elizabeth as she pulled the pins out of her hair and let it flow down her back.

"As a matter of fact, I used to come here a lot when I first arrived here," said Will, admiring the way his love's blonde hair caught the sunlight. "But then I got so busy that I hardly had time to come anymore."

"So we've always shared this place, even though we didn't know it," stated Elizabeth. "And now that we do, we should make time to come here. You need to take some time to relax Will, and not stay in the forge all day," she said playfully.

"Is that so?" he questioned, trying to keep as straight face as he edged toward the water.

"Yes," said Elizabeth, not noticing as he neared the water. She suddenly felt a splash of cool water on her face and watched as Will laughed at her bemused expression.

"Well Mr.Turner," she said in mock anger. "Let's se how you like this!" She said as she chased him down the little stretch of beach, splashing him. Soon both had kicked off their shoes and were running barefoot through the warm sand, their laughter echoing around them. After several minutes of this however, both collapsed on the sand, short of breath and grinning, remembering when they had played this game as children, just after arriving in Port Royal, before class and propriety had demanded that they be apart.

Their eyes met and Will tentatively put his arm around Elizabeth's waist, and at her approving nod, pulled her close. She laid her head on his well muscled chest, a permanent smile overtaking her features. It was silent for a few moments, both reveling in how miraculous and right this felt, like two puzzle pieces finally being put together.

"I love you Elizabeth," said Will, his voice filled with emotion, his heart hammering in his chest.

Elizabeth's heart fluttered at these words, her light brown eyes filling with happy tears. "I love you too, Will," she responded, almost in a whisper. Their lips met and this this time, they held nothing back. It was filled with all of the passion, love, and desire that had so long been restrained. It was in that moment that they realized just how much they needed each other. They broke apart and then leaned in for another. Elizabeth suddenly felt herself being picked up as they broke apart from the kiss. She found herself facing Will, her legs dangling below her as he firmly held her.

"What are you doing Will?" she asked, chuckling.

"This," said Will as he spun her around "Don't worry, you're safe with me," he said, a mischievious twinkle in his eyes. He continued to run along, spinning her as he as he did so, and they once again erupted in laughter.

"I love William Turner!" exclaimed Elizabeth, her voice echoing around her.

"And I love Elizabeth Swann!" responded Will. "And I want the world to know!" With that he put her delicately back down on the ground, dizzy.

"We are certainly a mess," remarked Elizabeth as she pushed Will's wet hair from his face. "And we are soaked."

"Indeed," said Will. "We should probably go and get ready for dinner as well. Will you allow me to escort you home Miss Swann?" he said, offering his arm.

"Of course Mr. Turner," she said, chuckling as she took it.

They walked through town attracting quite a few stares due to their disheveled appearances, but they didn't care.

"We've had quite an adventure haven't we?" said Elizabeth as they reached her doorstep. "I'm thankful that we made it out alive. It seems almost unreal."

"Yes it does, but I have a feeling that the real adventure is just about to begin," responded Will, smiling from ear to ear as he kissed her cheek. "I'll see you tonight."

"Until then," said Elizabeth dreamily as she walked inside almost faint with happiness.

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