Here is an all new story. A Mental Case.

Summary: All the ghost hunting has become too much for Danny to bear alone. He has had enough of ghost hunting and is begining to turn into a mental case. He starts to do things that put his life in grave danger. Can his friends and family help him before its too late or will this be his end?

"Danny please calm down, it wasn't that bad." Sam tired to comfort Danny, but every effort seemes useless. Danny stormed through his house and up to the opcenter. He pulled himself up to the roof and sat down. He crossed his arms, and sat down in a huff.

"Danny, please, it's nothing to get upset about." Sam tried again. Danny tried his best to ignore her. Sam sighed and sat down next to him. For the past few weeks, ghost attacks bothered Danny more and more. He was getting down right mean when they attacked. He held back less and less. She could tell it was changing him, being the only one to fight them. Today was no exception, except, that Danny threw a fit when the ghost, the Box Ghost, got away.

Sam looked at him, as he sat there, looking out at the sky. As she looked closer, she thought she saw a cut on his arm. It didn't look like a cut he'd gotten from fighting ghosts. This was small. "Danny, where'd that cut come from?" She pointed to it. Sam almost thought he growled at her when she said that, but he did answer her.

"I fell okay."

Sam sighed, exasperated at him. He could be impossible at times. She recognized the style of the cut. It was like what you'd get if you cut yourself with a razor. She'd seen it on her goth friends that she knew cut. Sam knew Danny was upset, and could do something like that, but she didn't think he'd actually do that. She didn't have solid proof he did cut, but, she suspected it. Danny rubbed his arm, irritated.

She heard Danny's mother call to him, but he ignored it. Sam looked toward him, still he showed no sign he planned to go to his mother, who continued to call him. He just stared out at the open sky before them. He pulled his legs up to his chest and huged them close as he watched the sky darken. Danny rested his chin on his knees. Sam heard him let out a heavy sigh. She placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to jump. He let his legs slide down, and placed his hands on the cold metal roof of the opcenter. Danny looked over at her, he mummbled, "Sorry for j..jumping."

"It's okay, you've had a lot going on. Why don't we go back inside?" Danny nodded, and followed Sam inside.