"Morning Danny!" Phantom chimed, inches from Danny's face.

"Ah!" Danny yelped as he rolled off the bed. "Must you always do that?" Danny asked as he sat up.

"Do what?" Phantom asked innocently. Danny rolled his eyes at him. Danny stood up, intent on getting clothes for the day, when Phantom grabbing his arm stopped him.

"What is it?" Danny got no answer as Phantom pushed the sleeves of his pajamas up.

"Hmm." Phantom hummed, "Well, at least there aren't new ones."

"I said I'd try to stop didn't I?" Phantom nodded. "Well I'm trying ok."

"So, you gonna see Sam today." Phantom said in a sing-song voice.

"I don't know; I feel awkward around her. Like, what if I mess up and we aren't even friends anymore!"

"Aw c'mon now," Phantom said, "It's been over two weeks. I'm sure if she was gonna leave you there'd be some hints at least by now."

"What would you know about love?" Danny questioned, "It's not like you've got a girl anyway."

Phantom shrugged. "Hey you don't always need experience to know something."

"True, but experience helps." Danny pointed out. He then went in search of clothes to wear for the day. All the while he felt Phantom's presence floating behind him.

"Is our Danny feeling better yet?"

"Who's this 'our' you speak of? And what's with you today?" Danny asked as he pulled his shirt oh. He heard Phantom laugh. As Danny was pulling on his jeans he saw Phantom spin around the room.

"I think Danny needs to laugh more." As soon as Danny had his pants on, Phantom grabbed him and spun him around a few times. Danny couldn't help but laugh some.

"There much better. Now I think you're ready for school." Phantom grinned.

"Did you get into the sugar bowl or something?" Danny questioned him.

"Just think of me as the fun therapy." Danny smirked as he headed out the door.

"Beware of flying lunch meat." Phantom said as Danny walked out. Danny laughed as he closed the door behind him.


"Still with the long sleeves?" Tucker questioned him when they met up.

"They all haven't healed yet ok." Danny said, irritated.

"Calm down Danny." Sam said as she grabbed his hand.

There was little conversation the rest of the way to school. Once they reached school Danny let out a soft sigh, he and Sam didn't share the same first class. Reluctantly he let go of her hand as they went their separate ways. School seemed a blur to Danny as he moved from one class to the next.

Soon enough lunch came by. Danny and Sam met up with Tucker in the cafeteria. After getting their lunches, they decided to head outside to eat.


Danny sighed and wondered what would be this time. He set down his lunch and waited for Dash to arrive with his complaint.

"This 'F' I got in history is all your fault."

"So it's now my fault for your stupidity?" Danny questioned.

Dash paused; he hadn't expected a reply quite like that. "Are you saying I'm stupid?"

"Ding we have a winner, and what is his prize today Tuck?" Tucker looked away, not wanting to be involved in this.

Dash was raging mad now. He lifted his fist and swung, but was shocked when his fist met nothing but air. Danny glanced around; he thought he'd have to run for it, he certainly didn't expect to become intangible.

"Your fighting is pointless." Phantom said as he materialized by Danny. "Now go on Mr. Big-Shot-Jock and do your thing somewhere else. Maybe next time if you either study or do better at cheating you'd get a better grade."

Dash was speechless as he turned and walked away. Phantom turned to Danny.

"Dumb he may be, but don't dumb yourself about what you say. After all he is still bigger than you are." Phantom paused. "You can thank me now."

"My hero." Danny sarcastically said.

Phantom sighed. "I supposed that'll do. See ya around!" With that Phantom flew off.