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The following are completely unrelated sentences, except that they all relate to the Hiei and Kurama relationship, but they are not part of any story. They're just snapshots. The challenge is to write one sentence, and only one, in response to each of the words in parenthesis at the beginnings. There's 5 sets of 50 words and I intend to do them all for this couple, so keep checking back.

I would really really love to know which everyone's favorite sentences are, even if it's a lot of them, so I can see if they coincide with my favorites and which ideas I should be getting back to and exploring further; if you'd let me know in your reviews I'd love you forever. Thanks!

#1 (Comfort): Throughout his long life, the only person Hiei ever found he could accept the concept of 'comfort' from was a compassionate redhead with arms strong enough to keep the nightmares out, but gentle enough never to hold him longer than he sought to stay.

#2 (Kiss): Kurama liked to kiss, and Hiei tried to convince himself that he was indulging Kurama's foibles, repaying him for all the healing and the sound advice, when he offered his partner kisses on arriving, and leaving, and sometimes for no reason at all.

#3 (Soft) Kurama discovered, while tending his wounds, that Hiei's skin was as soft as a young child's, and he stared at Hiei in amazement and wondered just how old he really was.

#4 (Pain): To Hiei, sex and pain were the same thing, so it was several years before he could put a name to what it was he and Kurama were doing.

#5 (Potatoes): The first time Kurama gave Hiei human food it led to Hiei being sick for hours, and it was nearly a month before Hiei would let Kurama cook for him again.

#6 (Rain): They sat on opposite sides of town, staring at the darkening clouds, each praying that it would rain so that Hiei would have an excuse to come over and they could be together.

#7 (Chocolate): Cocoa beans were not something native to the Makai, so when Hiei gave Kurama a piece of sweet chocolate in apology for his lateness, Kurama knew Hiei'd done his research.

#8 (Happiness): Happiness was nebulous and rare, and they both knew it; when they discovered happiness in each other they never spoke of it, holding their breath as they quietly cultivated it, aware that the slightest wrong move would send it shattering.

#9 (Telephone): Hiei threw away the first two cell phones Kurama bought him but kept the third when Kurama explained, with tears in his eyes, that he couldn't stand not knowing where Hiei was anymore.

#10 (Ears): Kurama thought Hiei's ears were cute and elfin, and said so at great length, and was also known to remark on how this apparently prevented them from hearing anything they didn't want to.

#11 (Name): Kurama was the first person in human world that Hiei gave his true name to, and it left a hole in him, a slight ache that was only filled later that night when the fox gave his own name, also unspoken in this realm, in return.

#12 (Sensual): To Hiei, the only thing that mattered was the fight; so it wasn't surprising that the first time he thought of Kurama as beautiful was while watching him kill.

#13 (Death): Kurama had stopped fearing his own death centuries ago, and so it really irritated him when he began to fear Hiei's.

#14 (Sex): Sex with Kurama was different and better than any sex Hiei'd had before, and at first he believed it was because of his lover's centuries of skill in the bedroom arts, but as time went on and the novelty didn't fade he realized the difference was that Kurama loved him.

#15 (Touch): They touched in battle, one of them shoving off the other's shoulder, one of them catching the other as he fell; they touched in practice for battle, matching their weapons and wits, or matching their bare hands and sheer will to win; but when they touched outside the game, and had no excuse for their hands shaking or bodies quivering, they were quick to pull away.

#16: (Weakness): Just like sex was pain, love was weakness if you asked Hiei, and it was only after years and years of patient effort that Kurama could change his mind about either thing.

#17 (Tears): Kurama hated that Hiei never cried when they fought, hated it and feared that it was a sign that it didn't really matter; until one day he hurt Hiei badly enough that he did cry, and as he watched his lover pick up the scattered red-black gems as they fell, angry and hurting and trying to ignore it all, he realized why Hiei had taught himself not to cry.

#18 (Speed): Hiei could run faster than the eye could follow him, but Kurama could track a scent gone two weeks cold, and trying to hide from him was useless anyway.

#19 (Wind): The wind howled in Hiei's ears, and as it did so it carried a mocking echo of laughter, of a voice sweet and gentle in its mirth, that Hiei knew he had said goodbye to forever.

#20 (Freedom): Hiei had always believed freedom was not belonging to anybody--until he met somebody he wanted to belong to and discovered the ache, the pain, of not belonging was more constricting than any love ever could be.

#21 (Life): "Life," Kurama told Hiei firmly over Shiori's grave, "is more than the avoidance of death--life is meant for joy, for celebration of those we are close to, for more than pursuit of a cold revenge or worthless trophies... she was the one who taught me that, you know."

#22 (Jealousy): Yusuke found it amusing that every time he touched Hiei's shoulder, Kurama would growl under his breath.

#23 (Hands) Hiei refused to hold hands with Kurama, because he said it made him feel like a child; Kurama asked when Hiei had ever had a hand to hold as a child, and Hiei fell silent.

#24 (Taste): Hiei tasted of Makai, of blood and wind and the struggle to survive, and it was that taste of home, unexpected in its presence and the longing it inspired, that Kurama sought again and again in his mouth.

#25 (Devotion): Hiei knew each time he passed out that he would wake in a safe place, with his arm neatly bandaged and his Jagan securely bound; and he would know Kurama had tended to him, for no one else was brave enough to approach the weapons Hiei possessed when their wielder was asleep.

#26 (Forever) Forever meant a lot more to the centuries-old fox demon than it did to his younger companion--but when Hiei asked for it, Kurama told him yes anyway.

#27 (Blood) Hiei liked to taste his enemy's blood during a fight; but when he fought with Kurama and got a fleck of blood on his lips, it nearly made him throw up to realize he'd made the fox bleed.

#28 (Sickness): Hiei's love for Kurama was feverish, intense and delirious and sometimes painful, as though he had been struck by a rare and potent disease that only this gentle healer could cure.

#29 (Melody): Kurama's scent was like a melody on the air, elusive and ethereal and ensorcelling, and Hiei followed it like any spellbound mortal man.

#30 (Star): Kurama taught Hiei to wish on falling stars, and Hiei called him a stupid ningen, but many times after that when things grew dark Kurama would catch Hiei scanning the skies for a star to wish on.

#31 (Home): Home was not a concept Hiei subscribed to, so he thought of Kurama's room as a base of operations, and never noticed that he missed the scent of it when he was away.

#32 (Confusion): Hiei stared at Kurama in confusion, and it was many minutes and several failed attempts later that the little fire demon realized Kurama wasn't trying to bite him, but to kiss him.

#33 (Fear): The moment Hiei realized he loved Kurama was the moment he began to fear him, because of what could now be taken away.

#34 (Lightning/Thunder): Kurama earned Hiei's unending gratitude for not laughing when he found out that the real reason Hiei came to his house when it rained was not that he didn't like to be wet, but rather that he was afraid of lightning and thunder.

#35 (Bonds): He tied Kurama to the bed during sex, because it gave him the illusion of power over the fox whom he knew had, in reality, bound Hiei to himself tighter than Hiei could ever hope to bind him back.

#36 (Market): Hiei knew when he found himself going to the supermarket to fetch Shiori milk that his corruption was complete, and it was all the damned fox's fault.

#37 (Technology): Technology baffled Hiei, and while he tolerated such conveniences as a microwave and a refrigerator and even learned something of how to use them, he had a tendency to blow up the computer if he felt Kurama was spending too long at it, or "accidentally" switch off the alarm clock that took his lover from him at the start of the day.

#38 (Gift): The only gift Hiei ever gave Kurama was a flower, and it was meant to be a weapon, but Kurama put in it a vase and let it bloom.

#39 (Smile): Hiei's smile was usually sadistic and a thing to fear, an expression of joy at someone else's pain; it was only Kurama who knew that same smile could be heartbreaking in its innocence if it was caught in just exactly the right moment, like a shy and beautiful creature who could dance only if no one was looking.

#40 (Innocence): It was a while into their relationship before Hiei realized Kurama only had the barest, most confused memories of being Youko; and as the years passed and the memories returned and became clearer, Hiei never stopped feeling sad for the lost innocence of Shuichi Minamino's eyes.

#41 (Completion): Completion was the word that roared through Hiei's mind and permeated his being, the night he first lay sweatsoaked on Kurama's futon, waiting for his breath and sanity to return.

#42 (Clouds): Chasing each other's love was like chasing clouds that the wind blew across the sky, that dissolved in your hands if you ever got to hold them; but nonetheless they suddenly woke one morning to find that the sky was overcast, and that they couldn't be without each other.

#43 (Sky): The sky was vast, whether here or in Ningenkai, and looking at it terrified Hiei and made him feel like he was falling, gave him vertigo because his first and most powerful memory was of looking down at it, not up--but just before he grew too dizzy a hand at his elbow steadied him, and the others never noticed how close he had come to falling.

#44 (Heaven): Heaven was not a place either of them believed in, but they murmured the word in each other's ears as they made love anyway.

#45 (Hell): Being personally acquainted with the lord of the dead as he was, and knowing him to be a toddler, Kurama had little fear of hell; but when he found himself separated from his mate for days on end, not knowing if he was alive or dead or imprisoned, he went to Koenma after the ordeal and made him promise that he and Hiei would not endure separation after their deaths.

#46 (Sun): Hiei saw Kurama outlined against the setting sun, glorious in his wrath, eyes glinting with emerald fire and hair black against the brilliance of the sunset, and the afterimage stayed with him longer than merely staring into the sun could account for.

#47 (Moon): "There is a fox in the moon," Kurama whispered to Hiei one night, "not a man like the humans say but a fox, silver-white and cunning, and he watches you when I cannot," and then they both laughed.

#48 (Waves): When Yusuke came back, Kurama did not go to splash in the tide with the others; he was glad to see Yusuke, but was saving his own celebration, his own joy, for another demon who had promised to come back soon

#49 (Hair): Kurama's hair was a subject of great debate, and no one knew that the real reason he'd grown it out, and kept it long, was that Hiei liked it that way.

#50 (Supernova): Hiei read Kurama's textbooks when he was bored, and made strange and putridly romantic associations in his head--a black hole is missing you, a sun is your brightness with me in orbit around it, a supernova is what it would be to kiss you--that he never told to anyone.