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Chapter One


She was hunched over in the bathroom wearing only her undies and a T-shirt, looking at her legs. Grissom walked in to find her like this.

"Honey? What's wrong?"

Sara straightened up and gestured towards her legs, "I have this weird rash all over my legs."

Grissom cringed at the sight of the rash; it looked painful, "I'll get the aloe."

"I already tried that," she said shrugging and sighing

"How longs it been there?"

She shrugged again, "About a week."

A look of confusion crossed Grissom's face, "Really? It's been that long since we…"

Sara laughed, pulling on some pants, "Sweetie, you weren't really paying attention to my legs last night"

A bemused smile took place on Gil's face, "Good point," he then pulled up his pants leg and rubbed his calf, "I don't have it, so it mustn't be contagious."

Doing up her fly, Sara leaned over and gave Gil a quick peck on the lips, "I wouldn't worry about it. It'll go."


"She was beautiful, wasn't she?" Catherine asked, snapping a photo of the model they were investigating the death of.

"Yeah. It's a pity, you know. The director said she was only 18. Had her whole life ahead of her."

Catherine just shook her head and snapped some more pictures of the girl, "Have we got an ID yet?"

Nick pulled some note out of his pocket, "Yeah, Angela Greenwood." He put the notes back in his pocket and took some photo's of the scene.

"No outward signs of homicide. We'll have to wait and see what Robbins says."

Nick agreed and then looked around the room, "Have you seen Sara yet?"

Catherine shook her head, "No, but I called her, she said she'd be here soon."

As if on cue, Sara chose that moment to walk through the double doors on the side of the function room, "Sorry I'm late guys. What've we got?" as she walked past Catherine she added a quiet, "I need to talk to you," that went unnoticed by an already talking Nick.

"Dead model. Angela Greenwood, 18. Director says she got to the end of the runway, and then just collapsed. Everyone thought she had just passed out until the paramedics got here."

"So no one tried to resuscitate her before then? There was a whole room of people, someone must've known CPR."

"Sara, one thing I've learnt about being associated with Sam Braun is that rich folk don't like to get involved. This room was full, sure, but the guests were all very well off. The only other people in here were the camera crew, and they were too busy getting their shot for the media."

Nick piped up at this, "What about the other models?"

"They were all backstage," Catherine answered, "They had no idea what was happening until it was too late."

"Well I'm going to go track down those tapes that were so eagerly produced," Sara said, walking off to the camera crews standing outside of the yellow tap in the corner.

From her spot over the body, Catherine watched her. A hint of worry touching the far recesses of her mind.


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