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Chapter Seven


Kane Taylor was an attractive boy. He had the whole 'wind swept surfie' thing going fro him. Dark hair, green eyes, tanned skin; the works. But under the interrogation room lights no one looked good, and no one looked innocent.

"Mr. Taylor, you have recently acquired a job at the Smoothie Shack, have you not?"

"Yeah, that's right."

Sara nodded, "Under the sole supervision of Ben Sharp, right?"

"Yep, we're the only two there. He couldn't handle working by himself anymore, the Smoothie Shack is seeing a lot more foot traffic these days."

"Kane, you realise by telling us that you have just implicated either yourself or Mr. Sharp?"

"Well Ben would never kill anyone. Hell, he even lets the spiders go free. He wouldn't do harm."

"Well, that leaves you."

Kane nodded, "I understand how this looks, but I swear to God what happened to Angela was purely accidental." A look of desperation crossed Kane's features and Sara softened her voice at his obvious fore coming confession.

"What happened Kane?"

He was only a boy and he hung his head as if he knew that; as though he'd been caught doing something he knew he shouldn't have been, "I made the orders just like Ben taught me. He'd print out all the orders and pass them on to me and I'd make it easily." He sighed, "It was only yesterday that I learnt about the special requests section of the order page. I'd never know about it before, never saw it."

"Special requests like?" Brass probed.

"Like allergies, dislikes and stuff. Ben never showed me that before and I only saw it yesterday." He swallowed, "I just made the orders how I was taught-All ingredients included."

Sara couldn't help but shake her head. It was hard to see a young person commit murder; it was harder when the young person seemed so lost and pathetic.

Without a word Sara left the room, but not before hearing Kane mutter, "It was purely accidental."


Sara carried herself well until she got out the door. She left work early, having caught their culprit, and headed home. Gil and Sara still travelled home in separate cars, today she got home first. She waited for Gil in the doorway, she knew he would follow her home early. As soon as Gil walked in the door she was in his arms.

Nothing was said as she kissed him softly, pulling him tightly against her. There was a certain desperation in her kiss that let him know she just needed him; no words.

It wasn't until later, lying under the quilt on their bed that Sara finally spoke.

"It could have been me."

Grissom was rubbing lazy circle on her bare stomach, but his hand momentarily stopped as her contemplated that, "But it wasn't."

"Kane has been there for weeks, but Ben always insists on making my smoothies," suddenly Sara sat bolt upright in their bed, gasping, "Except one time last week when Ben was out of town," she pulled the covers off of her and looked at her legs, "When I was little, just after we found out about my allergy to strawberries, mum took me to the doctor. He said that as I grow older, the allergy may go from what it was, down to a rash."

She turned to face him, "Gil, that's what the rash is. It's an allergy to strawberries." She sighed and lay her head back down on her pillow, "Wow."

Grissom rolled back on to his side, his hand splayed across Sara's stomach again, "What?" He whispered gently, feeling suddenly fatigued.

She lay he hand on top of his linking their fingers, "It really could have been me."


Ben called Sara in the morning to ask what had happened to his only employee. She explained the situation to him in solemn terms and then hung up the phone.

She and Gil had gone home early the shift before meaning they had the whole day to themselves. Sara quietly got to her feet and made her way to the bathroom, pulling on her robe as she went. Grissom was looking intently at himself in the mirror. Sara followed his gaze and was shocked at what she saw in the reflection. She walked up to him and ran her hands over his now smooth face.

"What made you do that?" she asked gently.

He shrugged, "When I first saw that rash on you, I thought it was beard burn."

Sara smiled, "But we know it wasn't."

He placed his hands on top of hers, "I know. But it can't have been helping, so I just decided to make a change." Then as an after thought, "Do you like it?"

She went to kiss him as an answer but caught herself half way noticing something out of the corner of her eye. Something red.

"Gil?" She asked, pulling both of his hands away from his face to look at the subtle rash that was spreading up his arms, "Are you allergic to anything?"


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