Shattered Diamonds

Summary: After leaving for five years, Robin returns to find many surprises: Not only does Starfire have a kid, but she's engaged! And Beastboy and Raven are getting along? Jinx is a good guy? What's going on?! (ROBxSTARxOC)(BBxRAE)(KIDFLASHxJINX).



Robin walked up behind Starfire, his heart filling with a painful ache, while his chest seemed to tighten. After telling his friends that he was going to take a break from the team in order to help Batman- the only father he has ever known- discover the mysterious puzzle involving the Joker... Well, let's just say they were a bit solemn, especially Starfire. He was going to be gone for ten months, March 12-December 27. Indeed, that long of a period had already triggered heart ache inside Starfire- he could clearly see it in her emerald, green eyes.

Him, and Starfire had been dating for about 5 months, now- and it was wonderful; the dinners, the various movies- mostly romance(to his dismay, and at the same time happiness; it was her crying on his shoulder, and the few romantic kisses). Although wonderful, they did have their downs. On a few occasions, various villains had attempted to "use" Starfire as bait, to lure him toward them. However, these villains always tended to underestimate Starfire, and were immediately granted by a barrage of green starbolts. The idea that he would be separated away from her made his heart lurch.

"I'm sorry I have to go," he whispered, sitting down next to her, and placing a comforting hand on her bare shoulder. She gazed up at him, eyes full of sorrow- so much sorrow that it made him want to embrace her, and hold on forever.

"I'll miss you," she whispered back, leaning against him.

"When I say ten months, I mean it, okay?" he promised. "I'll come back. And for those Ten months- Hell! Maybe only five... I'll think of you, and the others. I promise, Star..."

Starfire hugged him tightly, arms snaking around his back, and he returned it. His words were true- every word. He would return... If only it hadn't been 5 years... Not like the ten months he promised.

Five Years Later...

Robin stared up at the large T, his grin growing by each step he took. He couldn't imagine the shocked faces that would be on the team's faces when they saw him. Although he had said ten months, it had turned into five years. The Joker had gone beyond mad, and a murderous spree began to become his "thing". And Robin- being the determined fool- continued to pursue him, never giving up. It had ended with the Joker being locked up in the "Looney-Bin". But now he regretted staying there so long. After all, Batman could have done it so easily. Something inside his mind told him otherwise.

Then his thoughts turned to Starfire. How much he had missed her. Had she forgotten him, or was she still waiting- waiting for him to return? He wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't waited, but the idea of her with someone else made his heart beat faster. But not only that, what would his friends be like, right now? He had also missed them; Beastboy and Cyborg's constant, yet humorous, quarrels; Raven's all-to-often slaps to the back of Beastboy's head; and of course, Starfire, and her sunshine mood. His smile grew wider, as he finally approached the tall, metal doors.

Placing a hand on the detection pad, the doors immediately swished open, a burst of air following behind him, and trailing into the tower. His breath caught, as he stood mesmerized by the inside. It was still the same- large, black sofa, a line of chairs and counter tops, and a small game station near the huge rectangular window- but somehow, different; probably because he hadn't been here for five years...

"Starfire? Is that-" Cyborg stopped, red and brown eyes widened in complete shock. They stood there, eyes burning into one another, before Cyborg finally respond with a large shout.

"Man, you're finally back! Do you know how long its been? Are you crazy? You got us all worked up- I mean! YOU'RE FINALLY BACK!" Cyborg wrapped a robot arm around Robin's shoulder, and pulled him closer as if they were brothers- which they sort of were.

"Dude? What are you... Robin?" Beastboy's shocked face sent a burst of laughter coming from Cyborg, who marched Robin over to Beastboy, who blinked, and grinned at Robin.

"Sweet! You're finally back! How long has it been? I have to get Raven!... Raven!" Beastboy called, and left the two of them, his figure disappearing behind the hall. Cyborg smiled, his thin black lips stretching to an impossible height on his face. Cyborg, unlike him, hadn't changed much. Robin glanced down at himself. He had grown taller, but not by a lot, and his spikey, black hair had grown a bit longer, now shaggy. His mask was still plastered to his face, hiding his true identity.

"Trust me Raven! You're gonna love it!" Beastboy's voice traveled back to Robin, interrupting his thought. Beastboy dragged Raven in, who's mauve hair had grown just a tiny bit longer (Not that much though), and leotard had been turned into a skirt with slits running up each side. She stopped, eyes fixed on him, and he could tell that she was trying to maintain her emotions.

"Robin…?" she whispered, walking slowly up to him. Her pale, boney fingers tenderly touched his cheek, as if she were seeing him for the first time- well, she kind of was. She drew back, and to his own shock, gave him a wry smile.

"Welcome back," she said, stepping back next to Beastboy, who actually had grown taller than her.

"Raven... Smiling? No way..." Beastboy joked. Cyborg and Robin slapped their hands to their foreheads, while Raven used her dark energy to grasp his glow-in-the-dark underwear, and pull it high above his head; a wedgie. Beastboy shrieked, and ripped it off his head as Cyborg and Robin laughed. After wiping away his tears, Robin suddenly remembered Starfire once more.

"Where's Starfire?" he asked. Cyborg stopped laughing, Beastboy fell to the floor (He was only on one foot when he stopped struggling), and Raven turned away, violet eyes full of pity. Panic rose inside Robin.

"What's the matter? Is she okay? Did something happen? Where is she? Where?!" he demanded. Cyborg shook his head.

"Man, calm down... She's alright. Star comes by once in awhile... She just has to take care of her...," his voice trailed off.

"What?" Robin coaxed. "Take care of what?..."

Raven sighed. "… Her kid."

Robin could have sworn that his heart stopped, and it felt as though his lungs collapsed, sending no air through his body. He could feel himself drowning in a mix of emotions: confusion, sadness, and pain. Did she really have a kid? Then… with whom?

"Is she dating anyone?" he asked, voice rising with unintended anger that he didn't even knew was there.

Raven nodded. "Actually... She's engaged."

Robin shook his head. "This can't be happening. I thought she loved me? I loved her! How could she-"

"You can't blame her, man. After all, you WERE gone five years. Not everyone can wait..." Cyborg said, staring at Robin with sadness. Robin crossed his arms and looked away.

He needed to recollect himself. "I'm going to my room."

"Alright, just come back out-," but Robin had already vanished down the hall. Cyborg, Raven, and Beastboy sighed. Bring on the drama- not like they had enough of it.

"Do think he's gonna be alright?" Cyborg asked, staring after Robin.

"I don't think so..." Raven responded, casting her eyes down. They stood there for a moment in silence, trying to figure out what just happened, before Beastboy spoke up.

"You know what I just realized? Everyone still calls us the TEEN Titans! What gives? We're not teens... Ha!" Cyborg and Raven turned there heads slowly toward Beastboy, eyes narrowed. Beastboy immediately shrunk back.

"I know... Not helping."


Robin sat on his bed, looking at his old room- exactly the same. If only everything else had. A part of him was angry at Starfire for abandoning him, while the other part knew she wouldn't wait forever. He was gone five years! What was he expecting? For her to not have her own life? He sighed.

He just wanted her back... And a kid? Everything had shattered already.

"Maybe I should have stayed in Gotham City?" he whispered, staring at his own boots. It would have been a whole lot better than having to put up with his chaotic emotions.

"Maybe I should be like Raven and meditate?" he chuckled.

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