Shattered Diamonds

Summary: Five years after leaving, Robin comes home to discover that Starfire has a daughter and is engaged! But worse, with the return of Blackfire and the unexpected death of one of their greatest foes, how can Robin cope? (ROBXSTARXOC)(BBXRAE)(KIDFLASHXJINX)

Author's Note: Thank you for your reviews and patience – at least I update faster than last time, right? Oh, can you read my other TT story, Of Candy and Dynamite? It's just a short story about each of the Titans before they were a team. Very short, but very emotional and dramatic in my opinion (especially Beastboy's chapter – 4).

Chapter Fourteen


I'm gonna break the cycle
I'm gonna shake up the system
I'm gonna destroy my ego
I'm gonna close my body now

I think I'll find another way
There's so much more to know
I guess I'll die another day
It's not my time to go

- Die Another Day, Madonna

"We can't let her get near Claire!" Cyborg hollered, pointing at the flare of purple speeding through the night sky. Behind him, Jinx and Kid Flash near Starfire's house where Claire slept in, not at all knowing what was happening outside her bedroom window. As Blackfire attempted to blast through the walls of the house, Jinx raised her hand, palm facing forward, and threw a wave of pink energy hurdling at Blackfire. Unable to dodge the fiery energy, Blackfire plummeted to the ground, a short gasp escaping her lips as she slammed into the ground.

Jinx glared, peering through the smoke. "Is she down?"

"Not quite," Blackfire's menacing voice shattered the stillness. She emerged through the cloud of dark smoke, a part of her outfit torn. A plate of armor on her thigh was gone, revealing scathed, bloody skin.

She charged forward, fists held out as a barrage of lightening fast bolts of power pelted the ground. Jinx, being the extremely flexible person she was, cart-wheeled backward, unharmed. Kid Flash zoomed through the barrage, and threw a powerful fist at Blackfire's smug face.

"Speedy, I see," she commented dryly. She flew into the sky, Kid Flash running right under her.

Cyborg growled. "Got her!" Holding up his sonic cannon, a blast of blue hit Blackfire, –mid air– knocking her right back onto the concrete, a scatter of rubble lying under her bruised body.

"Is… that all you've got?" She slowly straightened, her body still hunched. A gleam of black flashed across her malicious eyes as she stared at them. Their faces twisted in disgust as she spat out blood; the red liquid flooded from her mouth, staining her shirt and dirtying her neck and chin.

Cyborg held up his hands defensively. "Look, Blackfire – we don't want to hurt you…"

"Speak for yourself," Kid Flash muttered, a dark look spread across his face.

Jinx shot him a glare.

"Just leave Claire alone," he pleaded, "She's just a kid, remember? Why do you want to make her suffer like Starfire?"

Blackfire's body became stiff, an unsure feeling in her eyes. However, a murderous smirk carved onto her face as she gazed at them with hatred and loathing. "Because I want… power." Her eyes narrowed. "And this is the only way I can get it…" She then paused. "With that little girl."

Cyborg watched as she slowly drifted into the sky, strangely less hostile. This calmness of her was short; without warning, she was flying toward the house again, intent on breaking through the hard walls and plaster.

"No!" They ran toward the house, feet pumping. Kid Flash sped into the house, his form a mere blur.


"Where is it?" Beastboy whispered into his intercom, his eyes trained on the perpetual darkness of space. Raven shushed him, her own violet eyes scanning the area, watchful and cautious. She pointed at a strange swirling vortex of silver and blue that resembled thunderous clouds. Robin nodded and steadily sped up; careful not to just head into it.

Raven closed her eyes. "Hold on to something."

Beastboy arched an eyebrow. "Why-"

Less than a second after he spoke, the T-ship soared through the vortex, and a brilliant flash of lights exploded all around them. Time seemed to speed up dramatically as they were sucked into the vortex. Beastboy and Robin could feel their stomach becoming empty as they gripped the edge of their seats. Raven clenched her eyes shut, a string of chants being said from her mouth.

"When will it be over?!" Beastboy shouted; his teeth gritted.

Raven yelled, "It's almost over!"

As the collage of colors blinded them, the speed they were being pulled at slowly began to decrease. With one final gasp from Raven, the T-ship had halted; simply floating tediously through the mass of space. Beastboy chewed on his lip, dubious.

"D-Did we make it? Are we in…?" He swallowed the fear gnawing at his stomach. "Servix?"

Raven tentatively covered her mouth with her pale hands, masking her horror. "Yes."

"Then where is it?" Robin ground out, impatient. "All I see is-"

"Right there." Raven pointed at a huge rock the size of the moon, a swirl of electric energy surrounding it. Above the planet Servix –the planet– was a giant ball of dark energy, a thin ray of it hitting the center of the planet.

"How do we get in?" Beastboy pointed out, somewhat shaky.

Raven sighed. "We fly through the barrier."

"Fly through that?" Beastboy's voice was disbelieving as he gestured toward the barrier. "And what, get electrocuted?"

"I can use my power to cut off the energy, but only for a short time."

Robin nodded. "Then let's go…"

"Hurry though," Raven said, buckling her seat belt. "I can't hold against their power for long."

As they approached Servix, Raven pressed her fingers to her temples and began to chant her usual mantra; her eyes remained closed as she concentrated. "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos…" A few seconds after chanting, the barrier slowly began to fade. Hurriedly, Robin accelerated the speed of the T-ship, propelling them through the open hole in the energy field.

The barrier sparked and crackled before shielding Servix once more.

"The T-ship!" Beastboy cried out.

Before their ship could fully make it through, the barrier sliced off a part of the end. Smoke rose and electricity lashed out. Robin barred his teeth and pushed the steering wheel forward, coaxing the ship into landing.

"Hold on!"

It plummeted to the ground. Just as it hit the dirt, the T-ship skidded across the surface of Servix, knocking over pillars that lined the ground. Shakily, it began to halt on its path; viciously slamming into another pillar.

Groaning, Beastboy sat up. "Wow… That was a ride…"

"Tell me about it." Raven moaned, her palm resting on her shoulder; a thin gash lined the pale skin.


The Servix guards dragged Starfire across the stone floor, ignoring her pain-filled groans and fruitless struggles. Iron locks chain her wrists and a piece of cloth covered her eyes. Around them, fire seethed against walls.

"Here we are, princess," one of the guards sneered.

The cloth tied around her head was thrown off, revealing a brightly lit room full of Servix people, each holding dead yet excited looks in their metallic black eyes. They were each clad in simple black robes. Their features were hideous – wrinkled, fading grey skin and boney features. Rows of sharp teeth gleamed in their mouths. In the large room, a throne rested near the end; a woman sat crossed-legged, an iron crown lying on top of her thick, stark hair.

"Ah, the Tamaranian," she greeted, motioning for the guards to bring Starfire forth.

And, of course, they obliged.

Starfire groggily looked up, eyes strained. "Where's Claire…?"

"Not here yet." The Servix queen sighed. "When will Blackfire be back?"

Starfire gritted her teeth. "Not my daughter."

"Yes, your daughter will be the sacrifice," she whispered with mock regret. Starfire felt the tears that pressed against her eyes, tempting her to break down and sob in front of the queen, Xanthe. She would immensely enjoy watching Starfire weep, though, and Starfire wouldn't give the queen that privilege.

Xanthe leaned forward, grey hair spilling over her shoulders. "And then you, and then Blackfire. A whole Tamaranian family, destroyed."

"It won't happen," Starfire promised confidently, fuming.

The Servix queen hissed. "Why not…?" She smirked.

As they glared at each other, a loud commotion sounded. Inclining her head, Xanthe frowned as two other guards barged in, panic spreading across their grotesque faces. Starfire stared at them, searching for an answer at to why they would feel so afraid.

"What?" Xanthe demanded.

One of the guards stepped forward, hesitant. "Someone has broken through the barrier…" He paused. "They're heading this way, lady… And they've gotten past ten of our own. I'm sorr-"

"Don't apologize!" Xanthe snarled. "Just stop them-"

"You can't…"

Xanthe slowly turned her eyes to Starfire, murder etching into her soul. "What…?"

Starfire stared up, now, her eyes flaming. "My friends are stronger than you'll ever anticipate, queen."

Before Xanthe could react, a blast of hot energy slammed into her chest, knocking her off her throne. Starfire, her eyes glowing green, stood. As the guards reached out, she threw them away from her, super-strength surging through her veins. Balancing her crown, Xanthe stood back on her feet, and stared at Starfire with piercing black eyes.

"My turn," Starfire growled.

Xanthe stepped off the throne. Servix people watched with fear and awe.

"I guess you'll be the first to die," Xanthe hissed. A strange ebony cloud stretched across her body like a cloud. It wrapped around her shoulders, suddenly becoming a cape, dragging on the floor as she sauntered toward Starfire.

"Like I said," Starfire whispered, not at all intimidated. "You can't stop them or me…"

Xanthe, with one final growl, charged forward, ignoring the gasps of her court. Starfire, smirking, flew forward, her powers suddenly back. As she attacked, memories of Claire, her daughter, flashed across her mind.

I hope you're safe…


Just as Blackfire was nearly in the house, another blast from Cyborg's cannon threw her off. She slammed into the ground of Starfire's backyard, creating a crater where she had landed. Kid Flash's form zoomed past her in a blur, knocking her over as she twirled around. Groaning, she sat up, vision horrible, and proceeded to step forward when a wave of pink wrapped around her feet, tripping her.

"Give it up," Kid Flash said, exasperated. "You're not getting past us."

Growling, Blackfire leaped, and threw a punch into the ground. Shaking, the Earth split, cracking all the way to where Cyborg and Kid Flash stood. They wobbled, before finally falling over, landing on the dirt. Blackfire, the power of the Black Diamond coursing through her, sends a large proportion of black energy vibrating through the ground. It hit Kid Flash and Cyborg, instantly throwing both into an unconscious state.

"Bitch," Jinx growled, running forward.

Blackfire's eyes averted to Jinx; slight taunting lingering in them. "You're so annoying," she sighed. Raising her fist, she threw a ball of violet energy at Jinx. Startled, Jinx fell to the ground, her back aching.

"Now…" Blackfire, holding her hands up, created another ball of power, this time black. Crackling, it grew steadily. "I guess I'll finish you losers off…"

"Hey!" A shrill, high voice came from their left.

"What the-"

Blackfire was thrown on her side as a body tackled her.

Claire, her hands shoving Blackfire, fell to the ground alongside Blackfire. With her glowing red hands clenched, she repeatedly punched Blackfire in chest. Unaffected, Blackfire clamped an arm around Claire waist, and shoved her away.

"Wait just a second, meanie-head!"

Claire grasped the black diamonds on each of Blackfire's hand, and ripped them off. A scream came from Blackfire's mouth as she grabbed for them. Jinx, seeing this, used her power to throw Blackfire far away from Claire.

"My power!" Blackfire cried. Her once onyx eyes returned to their normal shade of violet. The dark aura surrounding Blackfire dispersed, leaving Blackfire more vulnerable.

"Finally…" Kid Flash and Cyborg sat up, rubbing their heads.

Claire jumped up and down. "Look, guys!" She clapped her hands together. "She's weak, now! I helped you guys!"


Jinx sighed. "I guess I'll have to do it…"

Without a second thought, Jinx faced a weakened Blackfire, and with her eyes radiating with pink energy, she sent all her power hurdling in Blackfire's direction. Blackfire sighed, defeated.

"Damn it…," she whispered, before falling to the ground as Jinx's power rendered her unconscious.


"We're inside!" Robin shouted, shoving a Servix guard.

Raven and Beastboy smiled. Pushing open two large doors, Robin, Raven, and Beastboy stepped inside a crowded room. Raven's eyes widened as she watched Starfire and the Servix queen stare at each other, preparing to fight.

"Starfire?" Beastboy whispered.

Not noticing them, Starfire flew forward, right into a path of black energy.

"Oh, god," Raven murmured.

This will not turn out good…