The Dimensional accident

It all began with an accident. A very unusual accident, but an accident nonetheless. Things were going as they usually did in the Elric household. Kumo (Makenshi) was practicing his summoning technique while his wife, Sakura Elric, prepared the Dimensional Gate to her father's world. Their daughter lay sleeping peacefully nearby. She had the traits of both her parents, Kumo's silver-white hair and Summoning ability, as well as her mother's Alchemy prowess, demonic powers, and her golden eyes.

Her mother finished the gateway. She called out to her husband.

"Kumo, could you carry Kiri-chan? I don't want her to wake up so soon from her nap."

"Sure. Is everything ready for your family reunion, Frost?" Kumo called.

Sakura/Frost shot him a look that said 'of course.'

Suddenly there was a gust of wind emanating from the gate. It sucked Kiri-chan into it as her parents watched in shocked horror. She was teleported to another dimension, one where her parents couldn't find her!

"What in the name of Mist just happened?!" cried Kumo.

"That's something I'd like to know! I don't understand why the Gate acted up. It's never done that before."

"We should stop wondering about it and go find Kiri-chan fast. She too young to be able to handle serious danger!" Kumo said upset.

Sakura and Kumo entered the gate only to find themselves in Feudal Japan! Sakura was furious. She couldn't sense nor feel her child's presence at all. Where was Kiri-chan taken to? And what was that gust of wind that took her? It couldn't be Kaze of Winderia, he was already dead. They had to find her fast before she was harmed or killed!

Meanwhile, Kiri-chan woke up in a world far from her parents. She was scared and started to cry. A figure appears and heads toward her. But it isn't either of her parents. Who was this man? And what did he want?

Kiri-chan was terrified when he picked her up and said gently, "It's okay little one. I won't hurt you." Kiri-chan was tired as well as scared at this point. The man gently held her as she fell asleep. He was not a man at all. He was a GOD from Norse mythology. But what did he want with Kiri-chan?

The next thing she knew, she was no longer on the Mortal world. She was in Asgard, the world of the gods. She looked up to see the man who she met down on Midgard (Earth for those who don't know Norse mythology.) Except he was different somehow. She could see his face clearly for the first time.

His face was that of a twenty-year old male. He had wavy reddish-brown hair. His eyes looked similar to emeralds. But who was he? Kiri-chan was scared.

"I see you're finally awake. What's you're name little one?"

"My n-name is K-Kiri-chan," she stammered.

"Cute name. My name is Loki. Nice to meet you."

The door opened. A man without a right eye entered. Loki gave a cold grin to the newcomer.

"Loki, what exactly do you think you're doing, bringing a mortal here?!"

"Nice to see you again too, Heimdall."

"When Odin hears about this he'll be furious."

"And when has that ever stopped me? Look, I couldn't leave the poor girl there. She was all alone and scared. I don't think she came here by choice," Loki replied, annoyed that Heimdall for bringing his Foster-brother into this.

"On your on head be it then. But I'm not going down for your actions."

"Since when have we ever been friends?!"

The god known as Heimdall, Guardian of the Gates to Asgard, left furious at his nemesis.

Kiri-chan passed out a few minutes after he left. Loki stayed by her, knowing there would be hell to pay if he didn't do something quick.