Fandom: Serial Experiments Lain

Title: Make Me Lain

Pairing: Lain/Alice (kinda)

Summary: Lain works on her computer.

A/N: This is a prequel to "Wonderland," written after, and they are readable in any order. Constructive criticism welcome. Any mistakes left after beta are mine.

Disclaimer: Alas, not mine. I just play with them.

Make Me Lain

Lain looked up from the wires strewn across her floor to the brightly lit computer screen. For a moment she thought she saw Arisu's eyes reflected in the screen, filled with hurt and confusion. Her heart lurched as she thought about her dear friend, and she looked back down to the wires in her lap, shining in the light coming off her computer.

"Make me sad."

She closed her eyes for a second, waiting for the image to clear from her head, and turned her attention back to the task at hand. Faint moonlight filtered in her single window; that and the brilliant blue of her screen created a low glow throughout her room. She made almost no sound as she worked on the computer that she knew needed to be built. She glanced upwards, pausing as her eyes met those of her skewed reflection, and her dazed look of concentration faded into a frown at the sight. Standing up, wires spilling from her lap, she grabbed the nearest object to throw against the window. The teddy bear she flung bounced off harmlessly, and her reflection laughed as it wavered back into her own.

"Make me mad."

She frowned around her room, picking things up from the floor and placing them back where they belonged, usually the places they had fallen from. The wires strewn across her floor didn't seem to impede her motion, graceful feet stepping over and around them. A picture of Arisu, glass shattered around its discarded frame, was picked up with care and replaced on her bedside table. Damaged hands picked up her cracked porcelain doll and put it back upon the shelf with her other stuffed animals. Her discarded school uniform was folded neatly and set on top of her dresser, her bear outfit folded onto her pillow with care. Lain looked out the window as the sun rose, bringing the new day, and filling her with hope that this day would go better than the ones before it.

"Make me feel alright."

Today was the day Lain was going to delete herself again. No more pain, no more lies. Lain would be the Wired, and nothing else. Even Arisu wouldn't be hurt this time. Lain made one promise as she typed in the code that would remove her from this world again; she promised she would never hurt Arisu again.