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Hero's Part 2:

As Sam walked into Jack's room in the infirmary, she couldn't hold back the tears, tears for the loss of Janet and tears that he was Ok.

"Sir, when I saw you lying there", she began "I'm just really glad you're alright".

As the tears flowed freely, Jack stepped closer to her.

"Come here" he whispered and took her into his arms.

There were no cameras in this part of the infirmary, so he could hold her without fear of repercussion.

As he held her, she let go of her emotions and began to really cry. He held on to her, savouring her scent and the feel of her in his arms. He held her until her sobs subsided and when she finally raised her tear stained face to his, he couldn't help himself. Tenderly he ran his calloused fingers down her cheek, brushing away her remaining tears. Losing himself in the moment, he lowered his lips to hers. It was a brief, tender kiss that transmitted so much of his feelings for her.

Sam was too stunned to respond at first and when he pulled back, she just stared into his dark brown, desired filled eyes, her own round and disbelieving, still slightly teary.

Jack began to apologise "Carter, I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking".

"Don't Sir.." She started to say before she grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him with all the tenderness she could summon, telling him with her actions that she wanted this as much as he did, that she was willing to risk as much as he was.

Seven years they had worked together and for seven years they had denied themselves. In the beginning, when they lost someone close or a colleague, they comforted each other and they got through it, but losing Janet was the final straw for them both, they didn't want to be alone today, for that matter, they didn't want to be with anyone but each other.

"Sam" whispered Jack, "what are you doing?"

"What I've wanted to do for a very long time" She replied. "Thinking I had lost you and then losing Janet has showed me that regardless of my expectations, nothing in life is for sure, we have to live as if today is our last day. I don't want to be alone anymore and I don't want anyone but you. I want you Jack, do you want this with me?"

"Of course I do Sam, but there are consequences, you know that don't you".

"I know, but I don't care" she replied, her voice barely a whisper.

"Oh Sam" Jack said, "You don't know how long I've wanted to hold you in my arms, go to sleep with you in my arms and wake up with you still there. I just don't know how to go about this it's been so long. Do you want to have dinner or something?"

"NO Jack, I want to go fishing". She replied

"Oh… Ok" Jack responded. He knew what going fishing would lead to, but he could make it seem like a team bonding break, to help get over Janet's death. Daniel & Teal'c would go to Minnesota with them and what ever happened between him and Sam would happen. "I'll organise some downtime with General Hammond. We'll make it a team thing, so we can all go without question or innuendo and if anything should happen between us, Daniel and Teal'c know how to keep their mouths shut".

24 hours later:

"Daniel, "T" we've been granted downtime, meet at the surface at 0600 hours and we'll drive up to the cabin, we'll be there by midday and pack light, it's only for a couple of days" Jack stated, matter-of-factly.

"Sure, no problem, Jack, see you then" Daniel replied and then quietly whispered to Teal'c. "That was sudden and he didn't even ask, do you think everything's OK?"

"I do not think that there is a problem, Daniel Jackson, however, I have noted that his relationship with Samantha Carter has changed".

"Changed, How?"

"They are nervous when with each other, they do not seem as relaxed as usual" Teal'c replied.

"Oh" was all Daniel could say and then he thought I wonder if something happened between them, Sam did think he was seriously injured, or even dead.

0600 hours

Daniel had to admit to himself that he was surprised to see Sam waiting for him and Teal'c at the surface. "You're coming?" he questioned.

"Yeh, I need to get away for a few days and how can I refuse an invitation to go fishing?", and so much more she pondered!

"You have a million times before" Daniel mentioned.

"Well, I decided to come this time, if that's ok with you Daniel" Sam snapped.

"Sure, Sam it'll be a gas to have you there". Replied Daniel, trying to placate an obviously anxious Sam. He then continued on "Where's Jack?"

"He's just getting some gas, be here in a minute" Sam stated.


When Jack arrived less than 30 seconds later, he could sense the tension already building amongst two of his teammates. Sam and Daniel normally shared an easygoing, brother/sister relationship, and even at this early hour of the morning, they would be talking animatedly about something or another or giggling about something silly, however this morning, Sam seemed withdrawn and Daniel looked confused.

"Ok kids, lets make a move, we'll be there in time for lunch".

Without another word, the three other members of SG1 stowed their gear in the back and hopped into the car. Sam normally sat in the back with Daniel, but on this occasion, she decided to sit upfront with Jack. Once again, Daniel thought to himself Something has changed.

After driving for some 90 minutes, Jack pulled over to a roadside diner to get coffee. "Anyone else want coffee?" "Carter, Daniel?". He didn't ask Teal'c because Teal'c didn't drink coffee.

"I'll come with you Sir, I feel like something sweet to eat"

"I'll just stretch my legs out here" Daniel said quietly.

Daniel watched as Sam and Jack walked towards the diner. "You're right Teal'c something has definitely changed".

Teal'c didn't respond, just nodded his noble Jaffa head as he usually does.

Once inside the diner and well out of earshot of the others, Jack broached the subject with Sam.

"Carter, you Ok, you're really quiet"

"Yeh, I'm fine, just thinking"

"Second thoughts about coming"

"No, God no" She exclaimed. "Just a little nervous I think. If our relationship changes into a more intimate one, then this could be the last week-end we spend together as SG1"

"Carter, our relationship is already intimate, it has been for years, just not physically intimate. We know each other as well as we know ourselves, we've been "together" mentally for a long, long time, we just don't know what its like to be physically together… yet. Nothing has to happen this weekend, if you're not ready, after all, we are going up there to fish".

"Yes Sir, fish in a pond without fish". She whispered.

"Carter, whatever happens, know one thing, SG1 will never break apart, we are so much more than team-mates, we're family!"

Sam just looked at him, her eyes wide with amazement. Jack sometimes could say the most endearing things, without even realising it.

As they were waiting for the coffee and Sam's muffin to heat up, Jack pulled her into a corner, out of prying eyes and took hold of her hands, pulling them up to his chest. They just gazed at each other until they heard their number called.

Jack paid for the order and together they walked back to the car, back to a grinning Daniel.

"What's so funny Danny?" Jack demanded

"You two" Daniel replied

"Why?" questioned Jack

"You're together, aren't you, that's why Sam's coming fishing with us, that's why you're anxious and nervous. But why are Teal'c and I here?" Daniel asked with a lopsided grin on his face.

"Don't know what you're talking about Daniel, now get in the car, we've still got a long drive". Jack shot back

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, I don't have a problem with you two having a relationship, but why bring us?" Daniel retorted.

"Appearances" was all Sam needed to say.

"Oh, I get it, we're your cover story, Ok, I can live with that, Teal'c, how about you, got a problem with Jack and Sam getting together"

"I most certainly do not, Daniel Jackson. O'Neill, Samantha Carter, I knew that one day, you would put the warrior aside and realise that the most important thing in the universe is love. If I can be of assistance in keeping your relationship a secret, then I will do all I can".

"Thanks guys" Sam whispered as tears started to fall.

Jack, suddenly took Sam in his arms, in his first public, physical show of affection "Hey" he whispered, "Don't cry baby. Everything will be OK."

Teal'c and Daniel, humbled by Jack's public display, got back into the car as quietly as they could, but both with huge grins and their faces.

Jack and Sam joined them a few minutes later, Jack solemn, but ecstatic at the same time. He couldn't wait to be alone with Sam, take her hiking, show her his special place.

The rest of the trip went without incident and as they made their way up the road to the cabin, Sam was taken in by the beauty and tranquillity of the place. "It's beautiful, I should have come long before now".

"You're here now, that's all that matters".