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Chapter 6

Cause & Effect

Back in Minnesota (and back to our favourite couple).

Jack and Sam were lost in the sensations of discovering each other's bodies.

As the sun rose higher in the sky above them and the sky took on the same colour as Sam's crystal coloured eyes, Jack prepared to enter her for the first time.

"Sam, I have to tell you something, before there's no going back. You understand there will be consequences after this, don't you?"

"Of course I understand Jack, but honestly, I don't care anymore. I love you with all my heart Jack and I want to love you with my body. We'll deal with the consequences and regulations together" She replied, her voice sounding more confident and stronger than she actually felt.

"Samantha, that's not the consequences I was talking about. The results of today will be long lasting and will affect us both, forever. I love you Samantha, and I want you to be my wife"

"Jack, Yes, oh Yes, but how can we do that, one of us will have to be reassigned".

"No we won't I got the go ahead from General Hammond before we left, we have been granted special dispensation via a Presidential order, Sam, we're allowed to do this and now, we're not even breaking the rules. If only we'd known earlier, we could have had so much more time. Sam you've made me so happy and now, I just can't describe how I feel, I Love you, I'm gonna make love to you and I'm gonna marry you, this is the best day in my life".

Nothing more was said, Jack began to enter Sam's velvet heat and groaned at the feeling of being surrounded by her. Sam gasped as Jack entered her and brought her legs up around his hips and locked her ankles together, so that she could take him in fully. Jack wasn't a small man, and was surprised that Sam did this as no woman had even taken him fully. "Oh Sam, you feel so good, I'm not hurting you am I?"

"NO, Jack, God NO, that feels, God – WOW!" As Jack began to thrust Sam all but lost the ability to articulate.

"Sam", he grunted, "feels.so.good"

As they began dancing together in the dance of love, they both gave over to their emotions and feelings and what started out as gentle lovemaking, became loud, sensual and passionate lovemaking. Jack wasn't at all shocked to find that Sam was a very vocal and passionate lover, making demands of him, all of which he was more than eager to obey, and in the end, he had taken her almost brutally, pounding into her nubile and flexible body as she began to come crashing down around him. As she felt the beginnings of her orgasm she screamed out "Jack. Jack Come too. I want you with me"

"Oh baby, No. Problem" he grunted.

He grabbed one of Sam's legs and hooked it over his shoulder, allowing more contact and every time he pulled back, he grazed over her swollen clit and within seconds his thrusts became erratic and Sam let out a loan moan, followed by a primal scream as she experienced her most explosive and intense orgasm of her life. Just as Sam screamed, Jack let go and he too cried out as he continued to pound harder into her. Their combined pinnacle seemed to go on forever, but was over all too soon, as both drifted slowly back to earth, Jack collapsing on top of Sam, burying his face in the crook of her neck and her arms reaching around him to hold him close to her body and within seconds, both fell into a pleasurable sleep.

Sam awoke some time later to a feeling of utter contentment. She was snuggled under Jack O'Neill, his now flaccid penis still embedded inside her, she was naked in the forest, she had made love with him and was now engaged to him, her long lonely path in life had finally turned the corner and she couldn't be happier. There was one problem though, she was having trouble breathing with Jacks dead weight on her and although she didn't want to ever move, she began to gently wake Jack.

"Jack" she whispered

"Jack, you have to move"

"Mmmmm" was all she got from him

"Jack, I can't breathe"

"Sleeping" he said

"Colonel O'Neill"

Upon hearing his rank, his head jerked up and took some of his dead weight off her, his eyes beginning to focus on the vision in front of him and he smirked "Hey beautiful. I was having the most erotic dream…" he began.

"That was no dream" Sam replied

"I know, god you're beautiful Sam, I don't know what else to say. I feel almost overwhelmed. As much as I hate to say it, we're gonna have to get up and start back. I promised Teal'c we'd be back for lunch, so we better get a move on."

As much as Sam didn't want to move, ever, she knew he was right and reluctantly they got up and put their clothes on. As good an idea as it was of Jacks to use their clothes as a mattress of sorts, the results of their lovemaking had left a big wet spot right in the middle of the back of Jack's shirt. Giggling, Sam pointed this out when he put it on. He hadn't been able to feel it as he had a t-shirt on underneath. "Oh well never-mind, it'll be dry before we get back and I'll be able to smell you all the way back!"

And without further interruption, they headed off down the mountain, taking their time, exchanging sometimes shy glances and whispered words of love. God Sam couldn't believe how far their relationship had progressed in just 48 hours. It had taken a tragic event to bring them to this and although Janet was dead, Sam somehow knew that Janet would be happy that her death had been the catalyst to finally bring them together, even though there was loss, there was also happiness.

Coming into site of the cabin, and back on even ground, Jack took Sam into his arms and together they walked arms entwined around each other, knowing that Daniel and Teal'c would be happy for them.

Seeing them approach the cabin Daniel called out to let Teal'c know they were back and together they strolled towards Sam and Jack, unable to hide the huge grins on their faces.

"Hey guys, nice hike"

"Fantastic Daniel" advised Sam

"Where'd ya take her Jack?" Daniel continued

"The Peak"

"Wow, must have been a great view at dawn" Daniel said

"Gorgeous" Sam replied.

"Ah Jack, before I forget General Hammond rang earlier wanting to know,

How did he put it "where the hell O'Neill and Carter" as he couldn't get either of you on your cells"

"Crap" Jack said pulling out his cell, noting with dismay that the screen told him there were 4 missed calls. He put his phone on mute; not wanting to be disturbed and only took in just in case he and Sam got into trouble.

"What'd he want Daniel? He's not calling us back to active duty already is he?"

"Don't know Jack, but he does want you to call me ASAP"

"Double crap" Jack began as he punched the numbers of his phone. "Colonel O'Neill for General Hammond" he continued as the operator answered.

"General, sorry I didn't take your calls earlier, I was um, busy", he said staring directly into Sam's eyes.

"Yes Sir, it was a nice hike, beautiful scenery, great smells, all the things nature can offer".

"Yes Sir, certainly"

Sam tried to gauge the gist of the one-way conversation she was hearing when Jack suddenly handed the phone to her."


"Yes General, oh, is that all, Ok, tell him I'll call him soon as talk him through it, Ok sir, I'll do that.

"Yes Sir, thank you sir" she concluded and closed the phone.

"Well" Jack demanded.

"There's a small problem with the gate and they couldn't get me, so they told General Hammond, no biggie, I'll ring Siler from my phone. Oh and Jack, the General said congratulations"

During both one-sided conversations, Daniel and Teal'c had listened intently and were both waiting with baited breathes as to what the "congratulations" remark had meant

"You wanna tell them or should I?"

"What guys, WHAT"

"Jack proposed and I've accepted"

"WOOHOO" exclaimed Daniel as he wrapped his arms around Sam and then gave Jack a 'manly' hug, Teal'c did the same to Sam, but just shook Jack's hand and patted him on the back.

"I am very happy for you both, O'Neill, Samantha Carter"


"When what, Daniel"

"When are you getting married?" and then a thought struck him, "How can you"

"Special executive order Danny boy, we're both too precious to lose apparently. We haven't set a date yet, I only just asked her Danny, keep your shirt on!" Jack said.

"Sorry guys, we just never thought you guys would ever get there, we are both so happy. Hey did General Hammond know what you were planning?"

"Didn't plan anything Daniel, he just told me before we left that the President had made an executive order allowing SGC personal a relaxation of the frat rules because of the top secret stuff."

"So he doesn't know?"

"No unless he had a satellite tracking us, no he doesn't".

"But why the congratulations?"

"I'll answer that one" Sam said, "just now on the phone, he said congratulations on being able to get Jack alone in his element. He knew Jack would be more relaxed and more open to anything else that might happen. His guard would be down, and it was".

Before Sam had finished explaining this , Jack was already on the phone asking again for General Hammond.

"Sir, I forgot to tell you something before. I asked Sam to marry me"

"Of course she said yes".

"Thank You Sir"

Jack hung up and kissed Sam on the cheek. "That's from George".

"I'm famished, all that activity has made me really hungry, Jack, let's go eat"


"General Hammond for the President"

"Mr President"

"Hi again George, any news"

"Yes Sir, I have just spoken to Colonel O'Neill and he advises that Major Carter has accepted his marriage proposal"

"Hot Damn, George, how much did I win?"

"$1600 Mr President"

"That much, geez, there must have been some serious activity in the last few days George"

"More than ever, but you and I were the only ones to bet that he propose so quickly. We both knew that if he could just get Samantha to Minnesota, that he'd cave and ask her and that she'd accept." So we're both up $1600.

"George, donate mine to the families SGC personnel lost in the line of duty"

"Certainly Sir, I'll do the same".

2 weeks later:

As Sam walked up the ramp at the SGC, gazing directly into Jack's gorgeous chocolate colour eyes, eyes, that were almost black with passion. Sam took her place beside him and both turned to face the event horizon.

Jack reached out to shake the President's hand "Thank You Sir, I know that I have you to thank for all this"

"No problem , Jack, can't let my two best Air Force officers get away, now can I?"

"No Sir" Sam added and added her own thanks by leaning forward and gently kissing him on the cheek "Thank you so much Sir, I can't tell you what this means to me, to us both".

"My pleasure Samantha, now off you go, go enjoy yourselves, I'll make sure no-one disturbs you".

Jack turned once more to Sam, he took her hand in his and together they walked through the Star-Gate to begin their honeymoon.

The End!

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