Title: Touch of Serenity
Written by: Yue Guang Kuroneko
Pairing: KyouyaxHaruhi
Rating: PG.
Written for: All of those Kimi no Koe fans who wanted a sequel.
Dedicated to: Tamaki tono of the FRoP forum. I'm so sorry, tono…I really didn't mean to make you feel sad. I love you very very much, and I hope you can forgive both me and Nya for being insensitive and horrible. WE REALLY LOVE YOU, TONO!
Warning: Beware of OOCness and just general suckage. And again, not BETA'd...sorry for little mistakes here and there.
Summary: When the prince carries off the princess to his castle, when there are 'happily ever after's, and when dreams come true, there exists a small touch of serenity. Sequel to Kimi no Koe.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran or any of its characters. They belong only to the great Bisco Hatori-sama (and BONES)...if I owned it, it would never ever end. xD And I'd force BONES to keep animating until the end of time.

Touch of Serenity
(Sequel to Kimi no Koe)

By, Yue Guang Kuroneko


Chapter One:



"Somebody please keep Tamaki out of the dressing room!"

"OH NO! There's only ten minutes left until it starts!"

"Can someone please help me with the bouquet? IT KEEPS FALLING APART!"

Haruhi sat in front of her dressing mirror and sighed, listening to her wedding planners (which revolved around Shido Fuyumi, Suou Akiko, and Nekozawa Renge) bustle around with absolutely no sense of organization. She had claimed that she wanted a small wedding just for the sake of the reduction of planning, but Fuyumi had absolutely insisted that she had an extravagant wedding. Unable to say no to her future sister-in-law, Haruhi agreed reluctantly, giving Kyouya a small glare for sitting at the dinner table with a sly smirk on his face when he should have been helping her out of the situation.

Deciding something must be done so that they were at her wedding on time, Haruhi stood:

"The veil is in the box by the door—the dress is perfect—if Tamaki-senpai tries to come in again, someone bash him on the head with that skillet lying next to the veil—everyone except Fuyumi-oneesan should be outside in their designated places—and the bouquet is beautiful, so don't do anything to it."

"You'd be a wonderful mother, Haruhi-chan," Fuyumi said as she closed the door behind her excited bridesmaids and picked up the boxed veil.

Haruhi seated herself in front of the mirror once more and waited patiently as Fuyumi carefully pulled the veil out of its place in the box. She closed her eyes as she felt Fuyumi place the veil on her head, held into place by a crown of white Narcissuses above her elegant bun of braided hair.

"That's not true, Fuyumi-oneesan," Haruhi laughed lightly as she opened her eyes, feeling the veil safely upon her head.

"If you could quiet an entire room like that, you should have a lot of children," Fuyumi winked at her reflection in the mirror from behind her.

"Onee-san," Haruhi began to protest about the unnecessary future planning of the number of children she and Kyouya might produce.

"It's true," Fuyumi laughed, adjusting the veil a little. "You look so pretty, Haruhi-chan! And to have a spring wedding outside—it fits the mood perfectly."

"Yes," Haruhi replied solemnly. "That's exactly what we planned."

"Stop it with your sarcasm," Fuyumi gave her a smile. "We all know just how eager you two were to get married! Well, I should be getting outside to calm our bridesmaids. I'll give you a moment to let this all sink in. And your bouquet is resting on that table, so don't forget it when you're ready."

Haruhi glanced to the table Fuyumi indicated and saw her white Narcissus bouquet laying daintily on the lace-covering of the table. Fuyumi had already left and she was left to herself in the room. She took a deep breath and stood, looking at her reflection in the tall mirror. The person she saw in the mirror was not the Fujioka Haruhi she thought knew, but an elegant woman who looked as if she was ready to burst into tears of joy, anxiety, and anticipation.

She took another deep breath, calming her rapidly beating heart and walked over to the bouquet of Narcissus that was waiting for her hands. The Narcissuses were the focal flowers they used for the wedding mainly because they reminded her of the day Kyouya had accompanied her to her mother's grave a few months ago, not to mention that on her wedding day, she wanted her mother in heaven to know that she was thinking of her.

I'm ready, Haruhi thought to herself as she picked up the bouquet and walked to the door, her wedding dress trailing slightly behind her. She stood there for a moment before she opened the door to reveal an empty hall, indicating that everyone was ready for her entrance.

"Are you ready, Haruhi?" She heard her father say with his gentle smile and, surprisingly, wearing a suit with his hair tied back. "Today's your day."

Haruhi smiled brightly, trying to blink back the tears that formed at the sight of Fujioka Ranka, "Yes."

"Come now," Ranka held out his arm and she took it, feeling butterflies multiply at the sight of the open doors. "They're all waiting for you."

They reached the doors and Haruhi welcomed the warm, spring wind that brushed against her flushed face. Her eyes adjusted to the light and she realized she was standing behind her family, Kyouya's family, and their close friends. And then her eyes followed the pale blue carpet until it reached the front where her near-future husband stood in his handsome black tuxedo, his dark hair combed neatly, his onyx eyes meeting her brown ones and a small, secretive smile adorning his lips as he stood waiting for her as if he's been waiting his entire life to be standing up there to marry her.

Her young flower girl (who happened to be one of their distant relatives) had already made her way up to the front with their ring bearer, Kyouya's nephew, as her bridesmaids followed closely to stand to the side at the front. Suou Akiko, her matron of honor, was slowly walking up to the front where their best man, Suou Tamaki, stood proudly—given the fact that they trusted him enough to be carrying her wedding band and Akiko with Kyouya's. They had initially planned for Mori to be the best man, but due to his dedication to Hunny and his lack of an appropriate position, he kindly turned down their offer. Instead, they chose for Mori and Hunny to be the groomsmen, accompanied with Hitachiin Hikaru and Hitachiin Kaoru.

Their decorations were simple and just enough to capture the unity of a marriage. Pews were lined up outside where the guests now sat, watching her with tearing eyes. The pew decorations were simple and were hand-made by Haruhi herself. A few pale blue and white streamers hung from poles on both sides, waving in approval as the breeze fluttered through.

A slow, violin-instrumented (with the accompanying piano) song came to play (if Haruhi recalled correctly in her fluttered state of mind, it was called "Femme") instead of the traditional wedding march and Haruhi took a deep breath of air before her father led her down the steps of the church and onto the blue road that will eventually lead her to Kyouya.

The walk felt long and with every step she took, the butterflies in her stomach tripled, leaving her feeling even more anxious with every step. Her dress began to feel heavy and her knees weak as her eyes stayed connected with Kyouya's beautiful onyx ones. It wasn't to say that she was regretting this—no, she had been waiting for this moment since the day she fell in love with him but those dark eyes made her feel...

Calm down, Fujioka Haruhi, she scolded herself as she almost paused in her walking. It's just a wedding…your wedding…

Suddenly, Ranka's presence disappeared from her side and she realized that she had arrived at the front; Kyouya had extended his glove-clad hand for her to take. She glanced up at him slightly blankly and he gave her a small reassuring smile before she reached out her right hand to take his left, feeling his warmth enveloping it like a warm blanket. He gave her hand a comforting squeeze as they walked in front of the podium, where the elderly Father's smile caused all of the butterflies to cease in their consistent flapping.

She turned towards Kyouya and smiled lightly as he took both of her hands.

"We are gathered here today—,"

She glanced up at Kyouya, her eyes taking in his youthful, attractive features from behind her veil. A tendril of his ebony hair fell from its place and fluttered lightly in the late spring zephyr, his eyes holding hers tenderly, his lips curved into a graceful smile, and his cheeks slightly rosy from the warmth of the sun. He was perfect in her eyes and she couldn't imagine what her life would be like without him.

"Do you, Ootori Kyouya, take Fujioka Haruhi as your lawfully wedded wife?" The Father's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

Suddenly, a large wind blew past, the cherry blossoms scattered lightly in the air, snowing down on them from above. She smiled.

"I do," He murmured quietly.

"And do you, Fujioka Haruhi, take Ootori Kyouya as your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked her.

"I do," She said, feeling an indescribable happiness in her chest.

Fuyumi's son stepped up after given a small push and he raised the pillow horizontally, their rings shining. They placed the rings on each other's marriage fingers and…

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," The Father said with a smile. "You may now kiss the bride."

Haruhi felt the absence of Kyouya's hands as he reached up to push back the veil, revealing her face to the gentle sunlight and cherry blossoms. Her eyes meeting Kyouya's black ones, she tilted her face up to meet his warm kiss, his arms wrapping warmly around her waist.

She felt him whisper against her lips and she answered sweetly as she pulled away to smile up at him. Those words were never heard, for they were taken away by the strong breeze, carried up into the blue sky, but Haruhi knew very well that they had whispered into each other's hearts and that voices did not matter.

I love you…


Author's Note: -gasp- Kuron has returned? -laughs- Yes, everyone! This is the twoshot (or maybe more…) continuation of Kimi no Koe. Now, before all of you attack me with questions, I will explain to you why I have chosen to have Kyouya and Haruhi be married the English way. First off, it is always believed that those of the higher society usually follow the footsteps of the English people. Since Haruhi is being married into the Ootori family, they have a relatively rich English wedding—but by request of Haruhi, their decorations are simple but meaningful. Secondly, I just found it slightly more romantic. -sweatdrop- And sorry if it was horrible, this is my absolute FIRST written wedding scene and I did a massive amount of research on it, so I apologize if it seemed somewhat…unnatural.

Also, I'm not quite sure just how long this is going to be. I am almost positive that it will not pass six chapters, but it might be longer than just a twoshot. Maybe a three or fourshot. xD.

- "Nekozawa Renge" Yes, you read right. Nekozawa Umehito and Houshakuji Renge are happily married. Why? Maybe I'll write a fic about that, but I support these two to the fullest extent! (And I will get more into Renge's reaction about Haruhi's gender later, don't fret!)
- "Tamaki-senpai" The suffix -senpai is used for those higher than you. For example, an 8th grader would call an 11th grader "-senpai"
- "Fuyumi-oneesan" literally means "big sister Fuyumi."
- "Haruhi-chan" The suffix -chan is used for those either younger than you, or someone you are affectionately close to.
- "Onee-san!" means "sister"
- "Femme" is a BGM from Tsubasa Chronicle by Kaijura Yuki. Please, please listen to it one day! It's a beautiful piece and it really fits the mood!

Feedback is really appreciated. Constructive criticism is also appreciated. Mean flames are retaliated with my evil dust kitties and their water furballs...so don't try them. You'll regret it. Really.

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