Internal Torment

A/N: Written because my friend and brillant beta-reader, Laiquendi, requested a fic about Tanith/Hebron. :) Just a small one-shot dedicated to the poor human's suffering as a Gou'ald host. Afterall, he thought he was blending with a Tok'ra! Enjoy, and once again huge thanks to the wonderful Laiquendi for inspiring and betaing. ;)

"You are not as clever as you think, Tanith. The Tok'ra found you out, SG-1 slipped through your fingers now three times… your time is ending! Your death is near."

Tanith lets out a low growl, shaking his head, trying in vain to dispel the voice that creeps inside his very mind. The voice that taunts him continually, never resting nor stopping.

"Ah, you wish me to stop…. I think not. You Gou'ald enslaved my people, killed my previous symbiot, my beloved friend Sarnor and you wish to break me too? Never, Tanith, I promise you that! Sarnor taught me well the tricks of the mind, he always enjoyed out banter. Now I continue his legacy."

Hebron's voice again echoes within the Gou'ald until he almost goes mad with rage, ranting and raving at his host in a fury.

Tanith tries to stay calm, tries to focus on what he should be doing, namely piloting the Alkeish that he will use to kill or capture SG-1, but with Hebron's never ending poisonous words and his constant gloating that he is succeeding in distracting him, infuriate the Gou'ald even more.

"You shall never catch them, beast. They are too quick, too clever for you, worm."

The voice once again creeps inside the Gou'ald's skull, dark and mocking. And though the God can always brush it off, smile disdainfully and return to whatever he was doing, laughing at the human's weak attempts at attack, and both, slave and master, know that the weak human will always score hits and blows.

Even as he focuses on SG-1, never once moving his eyes from them on the ground so far below, Tanith feels weak and distracted. He roars and rages at Hebron, yet both know anything Tanith says is an empty threat.

The Gou'ald pulls himself from the torment, panic beginning to seize him as he sees how close to the Gate the hated humans really are. Finally(,) beginning to fly properly, he fights back against his attacker, a mere human host he has tricked and controlled, plotting the gruesome deaths, laughing as Hebron recoils in shock. And maybe, just maybe, Tanith begins to think, he may some day finally exert control over this host.

But when the Sho'va, Teal'c , turns suddenly, staff weapon raised, Tanith begins to feel dread for perhaps the first time in his life. Hebron laughs and jeers at Tanith's frantic attempts to raise the shield, fighting his host's sudden surge of strength. Tanith's hand wavers above the control console before being suddenly pulled away by Hebron.

Many would believe a Gou'ald like Tanith to be almost fearless, but as he wrestles for control against Hebron, and fails, and is left looking helplessly on in anguish as Hebron forces their hand down by their side, he feels the cold pang of fear. As Tanith watches the weapon's fire race towards them, eyes wide, fear almost choking him, Hebron whispers in a low voice, "My nightmare might just be over, Tanith. And you know what that means."

There is a flash of light and fire burns them both for an agonising moment and Hebron laughs in joy, revelling in his freedom. Then both know no more.

Yet in the few moments of darkness, before either of them go to where they are supposed to go, Tanith knows his reign of fear is over. And as he feels his control over Hebron slip away, the circle (of life) all Gou'ald live is complete for Tanith…forever.

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