After much contemplation Naruto runs away to find some temporary solace in the Wave country. The 'departure' is taken the wrong way and a team of familiar ninjas are sent to retrieve him.

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Itachi: I see this your first attempt at this sort of thing

Ninja Prinny: Yeah, why

Itachi: I have come to aid you.

Ninja Prinny: Oh.

Itachi: Where the hell is Kisame, by the way?

Ninja Prinny: I don't know, at a seafood restauraunt?

Itachi: That would be a sign of the apocalypse. Kisame says that he would never set foot in any place that serves seafood. Kisame says it breaks his heart when he sees someone eating Shark Fin Soup.

Ninja Prinny: I guess I just found a taboo

Itachi: Yeah. I guess I should go look for him.

Ninja Prinny: Good luck and enjoy the fic

My Dark Haired Angels

Chapter 1

Hokage Monument Wednesday 11:30 PM

It was a chilly winter night in Konoha at the time of night when most people were sleeping comfortably in their beds. With the exception of a blonde haired, blue eyed, whiskered boy sitting on top of the Hokage monument. Naruto was wearing the same jacket and pants that had the usual black and orange along with a few additions. Now Naruto has a utility belt that was made out of snakeskin leather that was probably meant to piss off Orochimaru, along with fingerless black snakeskin leather gloves with the Konoha symbol engraved on a steel plate located near the end of the glove, and now he wore a long white scarf (think Konohamaru's scarf but slightly bigger) which was given to the Jinchuuriki as a gift for making Chuunin from Konohamaru himself.

Said Chuunin was deep in his thoughts as usual while looking at the blue moon appearing tonight, "Why I do keep going after Sakura-chan, when I am finally going to stop letting her hit me over and over again? Even though Sakura-chan's a better friend to me now, even if she never abandoned me when I told her about Kyuubi, it still hurts to see that Sakura-chan won't move on for a while." Naruto let his head hang even lower as tears of loneliness started streaming down his whiskered cheeks 'Why does Sakura-chan still have feelings for that traitorous teme? Why? Why does this all have to be so damn complicated?' Following this thought Naruto jumped from the Fourth's head to over to the top of the carved head of Tsunade otherwise known as the Godaime Hokage and sat down to return to his painful thoughts, "Oji-san, what would you do at a time like this? I wonder if you had to face any problems like this Oji-san, were you ever ignored by the one you had feelings for old man" The blonde said to himself while gazing at the stone carving of the Sandaime. "I need some time to myself for once, but I need to be outside the village to do this" Then as soon as he got to his feet, Naruto ran off into the starry night with a heavy heart and tears freely flowing down his face.

Kurenai's Apartment Wednesday 11:46 PM

The raven haired beauty sat on a chair on the balcony overlooking the Hokage monument with a glass of wine in her hand, gazing at the blue moon in the sky that seem to have an abundance of stars tonight. "I guess this is going to be another one of those sleepless nights for me again" Kurenai said to herself as she took a swig from her glass, after a few swigs a red tinge started showing up on her cheeks. As Kurenai was about to run her hands over her chest, a figure on top of the Hokage monument seem to get to his feet and run into the distance. "Why would anyone be out at the middle of the night? Alone no less, that person is going to become an insomniac if this keeps up. I should get back inside. I'll probably have a hard time with everyone tomorrow. I wonder how much sleep I'll actually get tonight, knowing my luck probably an hour or two." After a few minutes Kurenai rose to her feet and walked back inside rather tipsy only to fall asleep on the couch; not knowing that the next day would create a large turning point in her life which will impact the "Genjutsu Mistress" greatly and for the better….

Tsunade's Office Thursday 6:40 AM

As Tsunade was about to go for her first bottle of her morning sake ritual, a female ANBU bearing a squirrel mask appeared in a puff of smoke before her desk. Tsunade sighed--whenever the ANBU came, it was never good news they bore.

"Hokage-sama, I have urgent news that needs to be brought to your attention," she spoke stiffly as Tsunade lifted her head and groaned.

"This early already, speak," she bitterly commanded.

The ANBU started to explain, "Hokage-sama, this information has been confirmed by various shinobi, and you must be made aware of it... I have been informed that the demon has run away."

The ANBU was obviously stupid enough to refer to the boy Tsunade came to love as a son a 'demon'.

Upon hearing this information, Tsunade urgently stomped around her desk to deliver a blow to the female ANBU that sent the poor woman on a one-way path to a wall at least 5 rooms away.

"WHAT!" the Hokage's scream of anguish could even be heard by the distraught boy who was currently headed for Wave Country...

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Itachi: What do I get in return for this?

Ninja Prinny: Weed and pocky my man, weed and pocky. And free sake.

Itachi: Sweet!