My Dark Haired Angels

Final Chapter

(A/N: Here it is, the final chapter of My Dark Haired Angels. I also have to bring something to everybody's attention. The lemons, when I meant the lemon count is down to two, I meant that there will only be two lemons in the fic overall, so the last one will be in this chapter. It has been fun writing this fic but I was planning to make it this length ever since it started and it's got to end. I plan to write some more Naru/ Kure in the future, I just hope it's as good as this or better. Also, since the Yondaime's real name is unknown; his first name is whatever the hell I want it to be. Also, Itachi will be in this fic but the will be no more fights or character death, you'll probably ask me "What in the hell did you do to Itachi, Ninja Prinny!?"

This is the longest chapter I have written and never expected it to take so long. I originally considered writing this fic after reading stories by cs-ayeka and antiassasinguy to see if I could write something that would be good by their standards. Then I just wrote this story because the plot bunnies would not stop rampaging in my head and most of all, I wanted to do it. Why I made it KurexNaruxHina was that I wanted to throw a little randomness into the mix and make so that in a way it would most likely be the only NaruHina I will ever write. Also, don't you think that in this crazy-ass world and after everything Naruto has been through, he deserves twice the love?

Before anyone asks; Yes, I read the manga so I know what's happening. But the pairing is also "dead", in the sense that it is frozen in time. AsuKure now can only be done with AU's or "canon" fics that take place before his unfortunate death. I have to say that Kishimoto-san pulled a fast one on us; make a pairing canon, then kill it in the same arc.)

Disclaimer: If you think that I own Naruto you must be smoking some serious weed and I want some. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

As Naruto stood near the corpse of the once living apprentice of Orochimaru, thoughts went rampant in his mind. Silence enveloped the group a for a good while until Shizune came into the scene and spoke "So you really did kill him Naruto, what are you going to do now, you do know that some people back in Konoha are not going to like this and you know who those people are." Naruto stood there quietly for a few minutes and finally answered "They can kiss my ass for all I care! That bastard needed to die, if they can't see that then they need a dose of reality! "

Kurenai moved towards the Chuunin slowly fearing that he would lash out in anger, instead she found him with a depressed look on his face as she put her arms around him. Hinata slowly walked to where Naruto and Kurenai were standing and she put her arms around him, Shizune soon followed suit and did the same thing and spoke once again "Naruto, you still have us and you still have people who care about you. They are waiting for you back in Konoha; like you said a few minutes ago you can finally move on with your life and focus on becoming Hokage." Naruto closed his eyes and thoughts ran through his head once again 'like Shizune-kaasan pointed out, I can focus on becoming Hokage and move on with my life with Kure-chan by my side. I'm glad I took some time off; I got so much done and learned a lot of things in just three days. But I guess it's time to go back.'

"Thanks guys, now what I do need to do now? I'm sure I'm forgetting something very important." Naruto mused

"A shitload of explaining to do for us about many different things, like that weird ass red chakra, why Sasuke mentioned the Kyuubi and the seal on your stomach to start off with. Also the fact that you can use water chakra like it's nothing and the fucking Mizu Bunshin, where did that come from?!" Kiba elaborated

"That's one of them, Kiba. But it had to do with Sasuke's corpse and a plate, what was it?" Naruto stroked his chin as he contemplated trying to remember his "task".

"I know that it had something to with a delivery and a head." Kiba added while Kurenai slapped her forehead in response to all the stupidity about.

"I know it had to do with cutting something, Naruto-kun." Hinata commented as Shizune shook her head.

"Naru-kun weren't you going to cut off Sasuke's head and deliver it to Tsunade on a plate." Kurenai kindly commented after getting her fill of the stupidity that had ensued. Kiba and Shino proceeded to twitch at the pet names that the unusual couple had for each other.

"That's what I forgot, thanks Kure-chan. Looks like I have something to do right now, if you'll excuse me." With that said; Naruto walked to where his sword was, picked it up and returned to his previous spot. "Here's the moment of truth, guys." Naruto slowly raised the sword into the air until it reached the peak of the slash arc, took a deep breath, and brought it down as fast as his arm strength would allow. A spurt of blood hit Naruto's face just as the massive blade sliced through the flesh and bone connecting Sasuke's head with the rest of his dead body; soon he raised his hand slightly with his pointer finger out and said: "That could have gone a lot better. Oh well, at least the head's unharmed and now I need to find something to put his head in."

"Smart move, Naruto! Now how are we going to get rid of that fucker's body without having to drag it back to Konoha?" Shouted Kiba

"I burn it, dog boy." Sai stated matter of factly.

"How in the hell are you going to do that without a Katon jutsu smartass." Kiba spat back.

"I happen to know Katon jutsus, dog boy." with that said the dog user no longer said anything.

"Sai, can you take care of the body while we find something to store the head in before it start stinking and rotting like hell." Naruto asked happily

"No problem, Naruto-san. Also, the bag you need should among my possessions at Tsunami's house; it should be a glossy dark red you shouldn't be able to see through it at all. You'll be able to find it in a white box, feel free to take your time with this." Sai elaborated.

"All right, Sai." Naruto said as he and the others walked away.

Some Random Park 8:20 P.M.

As the entourage of shinobi continued the journey to Tsunami's house for the coveted bag that Sai had mentioned minutes before, until Kiba spoke up about a very sore subject "Naruto, we'd like to know about that seal on your stomach THIS YEAR!" Naruto, Shizune, and Kurenai hung their heads in defeat when the realization of the situation came to them.

"All right, you win guys." Naruto sighed as he resigned himself to his fate while Kurenai and Shizune shared an extremely worried look with each other. "But not here, we need to find a more….what's the damn word."

"Secluded?" Shizune interrupted

"We need to find a more secluded place; thanks for that kaa-san."

"Here's just fine, Naruto." Shino stated

"I'm afraid that Naruto is right, Shino. This is too big a secret to talk about in the open." Kurenai replied. With that said the team of shinobi made their way towards a tree, a very big tree, a huge ass tree, scratch that it was an abnormally large tree, screw that it was a gargantuan tree. "How in the fuck can a tree get this big, it's impossible?!" Kiba shouted, depositing his two cents into the bullshit machine.

"Can you say that again, Kiba? I don't think the other half of the Wave Country heard you." Shino teased as the short walk came to an end when they were under the aforementioned tree. "To answer your question, I don't know. I was never at this part of the village on my mission here; then again the entire country was in poverty the last time I came here."

"Naruto, I'm going to cast a Genjutsu to make sure this doesn't get out to anyone." Kurenai stated while Naruto nodded accordingly. As Kurenai went through the seals, everyone thought the same thing in their own version: "What the fuck is going on!?"

"Anyway, guys what do you know about the Kyuubi?" Naruto inquired knowingly.

"It attacked Konoha for unknown reasons and that your f-father killed it, why." Hinata answered knowingly. Of course Shizune put her two cents into the anti-bullshit machine when she elaborated "That is all a lie, Naruto will tell you what really happened. If you kindly would do so, Naruto-kun." With that said, Shizune sat down still keeping her guard up for obvious reasons. Naruto sighed at his new task and sat down "Everything is true up to the point that my dad came in. The Yondaime tried as hard as he could to kill the damn thing, in the end even he couldn't kill him."

"How come Konoha is still standing" Shino inquired upon the obvious fact

If Naruto smoked cigarettes, he would have taken a long drag from it as he thought 'How troublesome.' a certain Chuunin exam proctor sneezed. "The Yondaime used a last ditch effort to beat the Kyuubi."

"Get to the fucking point!" Kiba demanded

"The Yondaime used a Kinjutsu to seal the Kyuubi in the body of a newborn infant. Who do you think it is?" When Naruto finished the eyes of three shinobi widened at what the Jinchuuriki was implying.

"D-Don't s-say it, Naruto-kun!" Hinata screamed out

"That bastard of a father of mine sealed the Kyuubi……in me. This is the true reason the villagers have hated me for so long thinking that I am the Kyuubi reincarnated, to the point that I had to pull pranks just to get a little attention. This is one of the reasons that Gaara and I are like brothers to each other." The three of them hung their heads in for reasons unknown to Naruto, wanting to get some kind of reaction out of them, he pressed on. "Do you hate me now? Do you want to kill me? Do you want to make me suffer? Do you want to…" At this point Kiba had enough and delivered a well placed punch to Naruto's face and started screaming. "What the hell is wrong with you, Naruto? Do you think we're as stupid as those villagers?" The demon vessel's eyes widened as the bug user helped him off the ground, dusted him off, and spoke up. "Don't make decisions for us Naruto-san; it is not a very wise thing to do. The villagers don't know that you're not the demon and it is their own fault for not seeing that." Hinata nodded at their statements in agreement. As Naruto raised his head, he looked at the three shinobi in front of him and scratched the back of his head. "I was afraid you guys were going to hate me after you found out. You have to understand that ever since I could remember, people have hated me with a passion and those same people have been trying to get rid of me for years." All the other shinobi in Naruto's presence hung their heads in shame of what had transpired.

"Naruto, has the law ever been enforced?" Shizune asked giving in to curiosity

The Chuunin's head hung once again as he went to sit down against the tree and looked at his mother's eyes as words began to form once again. "Yeah it has and I'm speaking from experience. If you don't believe me maybe you will when I tell you people have carried out assassination attempts, formed a mob of villagers dedicated to killing me, vandalized my house, burned my apartment down, beaten me to a bloody pulp, discriminated against me, pretended to be my friend, called me a demon and even molested me once." As the Jinchuuriki went through the list, eyebrows were raised, people winced, and disgusted looks were given.

"What is the law that you are speaking of, Shizune-san?" Shino asked in the usual monotone.

"It was a law that the Sandaime made in order to protect Naruto. It forbids anyone from telling anyone of the younger generation the truth about the Kyuubi in order to keep all the villagers from acting against Naruto which in one aspect the law failed, the punishment for breaking the law can range from imprisonment to execution. Also the law prevents anyone from attacking Naruto."

"Naruto-kun, how many people h-have b-been e-e-executed because o-of t-t-this law?" Hinata inquired worriedly

"From what Oji-san told me, at least 200 people." The jaws of the surrounding shinobi in the area dropped.

"THAT MANY, NARUTO!!!!" Kiba screamed

"What can I say, people really hated me." Naruto answered somberly. "Now unless anyone has more questions they want answered, I suggest we get moving again because Kure-chan doesn't have unlimited chakra and I really don't want her to pass out."

The blonde waited for anyone to speak up about anything and waited some more. "Kure-chan, you can stop now the others and I are done talking." With that said Kurenai dispelled her Genjutsu and gave out a sigh. "I thought that you guys wouldn't stop asking Naru-kun questions, it's already dark out." Shino and Kiba twitched once again to the new couple's pet names.

"Let's get going already; Sai's probably waiting for us back at Inari's house." Naruto said as he started to walk alongside Kurenai hand in hand, away from the enormous tree. Meanwhile Hinata looked at the two of them while she was in the realm of her thoughts, many of them rushed around in her head like a maelstrom. The most defining of those thoughts were along the lines of: 'I didn't know Naruto-kun's life was that bad, maybe I should take Kurenai-sensei's offer……'

"We're here Hinata."

"Arigato, Kurenai-sensei." Hinata replied, snapping out of her thoughts as she stopped walking blindly past the compound. As our entourage made their way inside a very familiar bridge builder came into everyone's sight.

"Well, look who it is. How have you been, brat" Announced a thinner, clean-shaven, slightly less stressed-out Tazuna.

"Never better" Naruto replied as he attempted to hide Sasuke's head behind his back

"Don't even bother brat, I can smell the blood from here." Tazuna interrupted "You can wait outside while your lady gets something to keep whatever you have with you inside something. At least you're not getting blood on the mats; Tsunami would have torn you apart for that one."

"Kure-chan, I'll wait outside while you get the bag."

"Sure, Naru-kun" Kurenai replied before kissing him. "Come on guys, we have a box to find." With that said Kurenai and everyone else walked into the residence while Tazuna stayed with Naruto. "Kid, you made a nice catch. But, don't you think that she's a bit old for you."

"She's only twice my age, besides we love each other. When I'm around her, my heart feels like it's going to fly and I feel like nothing can bring me down at all. She always gives me something to look forward to and when I felt down, Kurenai-chan was there to pick up the pieces. Now I can't see life without her at all, old man." Naruto explained as Tsunami came out through the door.

"Naruto-kun, you have to think about how long you guys have known each other like this, a day or two from what I heard from Kurenai-san." Naruto sighed and faced Tsunami "I knew Kure-chan before I ran away, I went on at least 7 missions with her and her squad since I was requested to go along with them all those times. I even met her outside of a mission many times after a lot of stuff happened back at Konoha, my point is that even though what I know about Kurenai-chan is somewhat moderate, there is more to know and learn about Kure-chan. Understanding her will be one of the better things I've done in my life."

"As long as you understand that these things take time and patience, you'll be all right Naruto-kun." Tsunami replied sweetly while Naruto scratched the back of his head. If Naruto could see through Genjutsu, he would be able to see a smiling Yuuhi Kurenai walking back into the house before she canceled it as said blonde talked with Tsunami and Tazuna.

As Kurenai walked into the house, she saw Kiba come out with the bag. She quickly spoke out as something clicked in her mind "Kakashi-san told me about those bags once, apparently you use chakra to make an airtight seal on the bag. It makes it so whatever's in that bag doesn't rot or give out a stench." Kiba gave a puzzled look that clearly had "How the fuck does Kakashi know that?" written all over his face.

"Ask Naruto about it." Kurenai replied.

"Maybe I will, maybe I will."

After Kiba made his statement, Kurenai went inside and spotted Shizune in the kitchen drinking sake with a depressed look on her face. Kurenai's curiosity got the better of her as she decided to inquire upon Shizune's unusual behavior. Kurenai walked into the kitchen and lightly tapped Shizune's shoulder as the aforementioned kunoichi knocked back another shot of sake.

As the medic-nin turned her head, she showed a faint tinge of red. "I've been meaning to talk to you since this morning, until that Uchiha bastard decided to try and kill me. At least my son put him out of his misery with my poison; even though I've been wondering how in the hell Naruto managed to find my poison in the first place." Kurenai gave out a puzzled look when she mentioned the poison the Naruto used. "I caught up to everyone when the fight was over, since I had to make sure Sasuke wouldn't attack Tsunami. Anyway, how did Naruto-kun kill Sasuke so easily?" Shizune took another swig of sake before making her response, "Naruto used my one of my good poisons and used it on Sasuke to weaken him; it is a fast acting venom that targets your nerves and chakra system, the rest I don't want to talk about but it ends with Sasuke vomiting a massive amount of blood or him drowning in his own blood. The Jutsu Naruto used to kill Sasuke was a Rasengan infused with water chakra." Kurenai's eyes widened at what Shizune told her as she went into thought 'Even the Yondaime couldn't do that, from what I heard from Kakashi'. At this time our favorite medic-nin took the time to cut in, "I know what you're thinking, but Naruto is the one you should ask that question to. Speaking of my son, there is a question I've been meaning to ask you.

"What is it?"

"What do you see in Naruto?" Kurenai's eyes widened at the question she was asked and she looked down at the table as she gathered her thoughts. "Kurenai, I'm waiting for an answer and we don't have all night." Kurenai was still in her thoughts when Shizune spoke 'How am I going to explain to Shizune, how am….' Kurenai's lifted her head and looked at Shizune as words started to form. "I don't even know where to begin, Shizune. What I love about Naruto is that he is passionate towards his goals and the people that he desperately wants to protect, his warm and carefree yet serious nature, his kind heart, the way he takes everyone's worries away, and there is just something about him that just make you wonder. There are too many things that I discovered about Naruto to list; although I did forget to mention the essential fact that he's not a pervert even after traveling with Jiraya-sama for 2 ½ years." Shizune smiled at the young lover's response and giggled at the last part of her mini-speech.

"Even though he has two perverted Ninjutsu in his arsenal?" Shizune added

"As long as he doesn't use them for his personal amusement and uses them as a weapon against perverts, as he originally intended." Kurenai chided

"Another question, Kurenai."


"Did you ever find out why Naruto ran away?" Shizune inquired

Kurenai sighed at the question. "From what Naruto told me, he went on a 'self imposed vacation' to find out who was actually worth protecting and if he should keep chasing after Sakura even if she was still obsessed with Sasuke or if he should find someone else who is worth his time; apparently he could only find the answer here and at Momochi Zabuza's grave. He also told me that he was going to come back to the village eventually."

"Naruto still could have told us where he was going; you saw how worried Tsunade-sama was. Even then he still can't do things like this out of impulse; what if the Akatsuki had run into him!? He was lucky this time; but he can't do something like this again."

"I know, Shizune. But Tsunade-sama will be more than happy to beat some sense into Naruto-kun when we get back to Konoha. But you do bring up a good point; he was extremely lucky not running into Itachi or someone else from the Akatsuki." Kurenai added.

"I fear what Tsunade-sama is going to do to Naruto when we get back; especially when she finds out you had certain relations with him."

"Speaking of that, when are we going to go back? It seems that Naruto-kun has everything taken care of here and seems to be willing to come back with us."

"We should leave tomorrow morning to make things easier for Tsunami and Inari. Also, Akatsuki may have found about our whereabouts, so we'll need to get back as soon as possible. We'll tell everyone in the morning, just get some rest Kurenai." Shizune said as the two went to their proper sleeping arrangements.

The Next Morning, Dood!

The sun slowly rose as a new day started in the village and life was beginning to make its daily routine once again as the early risers started moving once again. Meanwhile, a certain pair of shinobi was in their temporary room sleeping soundly in the same futon, softly cuddling each other. The door slowly opened to reveal a barely awake and now surprised Shizune as the saw Naruto and Kurenai in the same futon wrapped around each other. 'Aren't they moving a little too fast?" Shizune thought as Kurenai shifted and moaned. The waking kunoichi slowly rose up from her position and her eyes widened when she saw the medic-nin in the room. "Naruto and I didn't do anything this time, we just…."

"Cuddled, I know. Otherwise there would be articles of clothing all over the room." Shizune said as she cut the red eyed Jounin off. "We need to wake everyone so we can leave after breakfast."

"Why after breakfast Shizune-san; still can't get enough of Tsunami's cooking?" Kurenai replied smugly. "I thought we needed to get back as soon as possible."

"Didn't they ever tell you that rushing isn't a good idea?" Shizune chided in an attempt to not let anything on.

"They did, but they also didn't say anything about the delaying the mission for the sake of breakfast." Kurenai spat back

"Kure-chan, Shizune-kaasan, could you two please stop shouting; I'm trying to sleep." Naruto cutting them before they could speak

"Sorry Naruto, but we're going to leave for Konoha after breakfast." Shizune replied

"Sure, I just have to get my sword and I'm ready to leave anytime, but why are we leaving after breakfast." Naruto gave his confused look for three seconds before saying "You're addicted to Tsunami's cooking, aren't you?"

"You too, Naruto." Shizune dropped her head in defeat as she went into the kitchen and spotted Tsunami and Shino reading "Icha Icha Tactics" with perverted looks on their faces. The medic-nin stood there for a while until Naruto walked in and said "Good book. If you're interested Tsunami, I can get the author himself to get you an advance copy of 'Icha Icha Sanctuary'."

"But that's not supposed to be out for three months, can you really do that Naruto-kun?" Tsunami asked in disbelief.

"I didn't train with the author himself for 2 ½ years and not make a friend out of him, he would at least be happy to know that he has at least one female reader. When I see him again, I'll see what I can do, Tsunami-san."

"Arigato, Naruto-kun." As Naruto and the explorative woman talked, Kurenai took it upon herself to sneak up behind the two young males and grabbed their shoulders with a vice like grip. As the two looked behind them, they became scared out of their wits when they saw the look on the Jounin's face. "Naruto, never offer a single mother perverted novels in my presence, especially ones written by Jiraya-sama. Honestly, I never expected you to be such a pervert, Shino. Naruto was trained by Jiraya-sama, so that would explain everything. But you…"

"Shino." Naruto said worriedly

"We're going to die, aren't we?" The bug user replied in the same worried tone while Kurenai went through seals for a genjutsu, soon the two shinobi were in a Genjutsu that made them think they were being molested by Orochimaru and other men as they screamed in horror, disgust, and agony. Kiba walked into the room saw his two fellow shinobi writhing in mental anguish and sighed "Kurenai-sensei, please don't tell me that used that genjutsu on Naruto and Shino just because you found out Shino was a pervert."

"Ok, I won't." A collective sigh sounded off in the room while Kurenai cancelled the genjutsu……

An hour and a half later, Dood!

After a very eventful breakfast and some last minute touring, the seven of them stood in front of the very home of the family that Naruto had helped out absorbing the memory of scenery, seeing as how they won't be able to return for a long while. Inari ran up to the seven of them and handed them a bag of onigiri.

"Don't get yourself killed, Naruto."

"Don't worry Inari, I won't." Naruto quickly replied as he took the bag of food. "Looks like this is the part where we take off, Inari. Take care of yourself and don't let anyone you care about die." With that said Naruto picked up Sasuke's head, turned around, and began to walk away.

"Don't worry Naruto, I won't!" Inari shouted as he waved to Naruto; said blonde waved back the best he could with a bag in his hand. The other shinobi followed suit knowing that this would be one of the most memorable missions that they have ever been on and they all had Naruto to thank for that.

As they approached the Great Naruto Bridge, the seven of them stopped and looked back at the statue of Naruto. "It was really fun while it lasted, let's get going before Tsunade-obaachan decides to hunt me down herself." The others nodded before setting off into the bridge on their way back to Konoha.

Treetops on Some Random Road 12:10 A.M.

As the seven shinobi darted through the trees, Kurenai and Hinata maintained the same pace as they talked about an important subject. "Hinata, have you thought about my offer?" Hinata turned a light shade of red at the question that was asked. "I've thought about it, but are you sure you want to do this Kurenai-sensei. Doing something like this is a bit unorthodox, even if it involves Naruto-kun."

Kurenai sighed at Hinata's answer and knew how she felt somewhat. "I know Hinata, but you know how bad Naruto's life was. I'm giving you a chance to make your life and Naruto's better, you know nobody else would make you this offer and I wouldn't do for anyone else. After everything he went through in his childhood, I would think Naruto would need to have two women by his side to love him, care for him, and keep him from going insane in the future. What do you say, Hinata?" Hinata was about to sink into deep thought until Naruto spotted someone and yelled out a familiar name.


The heads of the other shinobi shot up to find the last remaining Uchiha standing right in from of them. While Naruto was looking at Itachi's body ready to fight, at the same time wondering if he was going to get out this situation not held captive.

"Unexpected." Shino being the first to comment at the sudden appearance of the S-ranked criminal and mass murderer.

"Oh crap, this is going to get quite bad for us!" Kiba being the second to comment; this time on the seemingly bleak situation.

"Quite unfortunate running into this guy." Sai added

Itachi sighed and muttered something under his breath before speaking. "I did not come here to fight and I did not come here to abduct Naruto." Naruto gave a confused look, Kiba tilted his head, Shino raised an eyebrow, Sai remained on guard, and the three Kunoichi gave a suspicious look.

"Then what are you here for, Itachi?" Naruto asked. Itachi stared at Naruto for a good ten minutes before actually doing moving or doing anything. Itachi pointed at the bag that the Jinchuuriki was holding before saying anything "I want to see if is true that you have killed my foolish little brother. Throw it to me; if you miss, there will be consequences."

Naruto carefully judged the distance of the throw as he picked up the non-transparent bag with Sasuke's head in it and threw it to the fugitive shinobi making a perfect arc in the air as it fell right into Itachi's hands. The elder Uchiha quickly looked at the contents of the bag carefully and sealed the bag shut as he nodded. "So my foolish little brother's desire for revenge is what caused him to run to that pedophile, even if he shouldn't have been seeking revenge in the first place." By this time everyone gave out a confused look at what Itachi had said. "Follow me and I will tell you why I killed my entire clan, it will seem very confusing to you." The Mangekyou user jumped off the branch and started to run down the trunk of on the very tree he was standing while the Konoha shinobi followed suit.

"Now that you lead us here, tell us why you killed your entire clan." Shizune chided while Itachi sat down against the tree. "Despite what my younger brother may have told you my reasons for killing my clan, I did not kill them all to test myself." Naruto sat down near the Nukenin which had given Itachi signal to continue on.

"Many years ago, my clan ran the Konoha police force which had helped keep law and order in the village longer than I could remember. My father was the head of the entire force for one reason only, to gain influence in the village so he could become Hokage or have enough support to overthrow the Sandaime. Not long after I became an ANBU, my father started holding secret clan meetings to come up with plans to overthrow the Sandaime."

Many people gasped at what Itachi was revealing bit by bit, but Naruto looked on with a face of interest as he nodded for Itachi to continue. "After I had found out about the meetings, I informed the Sandaime and I was ordered to look into it. As Naruto would do, I put a mask that would make the entire clan think I was loyal to them, while in reality I was loyal to the Sandaime and not my own clan. Week after week of spying on the meetings; my so-called best friend Uchiha Shisui was going to reveal my acts of espionage to the clan council, I was forced to kill him and forge a suicide note using the Sharingan not knowing that I had gained the Mangekyou. The police force was becoming suspicious of my dealings with the Sandaime and approached me while I was looking for facts about the Mangekyou Sharingan."

"A month later, on the night of the massacre I went in to do my job alone since it would make the village seem like it was on the verge of a riot if an entire team ANBU was sent in and the Sandaime would disavow any involvement in the massacre if he was questioned. I went in to the clan house and there were a group of clan members waiting to ambush me at the main room, a pitiful excuse for an ambush at that. After I was done killing, I heard my mother's loud screams and I went to see what was going on. I found someone that everyone knew as a lecher trying to take advantage of my mother; this enraged me quite a bit and I made him die slowly and painfully, she was the only other person who was against my father's plans, Sasuke never knew of this because he was too young to comprehend. I heard my mother's scream again, and I turned around to see that my mother was stabbed and she had sustained a fatal wound."

Tears had started to fall out of Itachi's eyes when he had begun to tell the part about his mother and they all wondered how a an emotionless killer like him could cry, much less of whether he was telling the truth or not. "I couldn't take it anymore, as I saw my mother die I hardened my heart and turned my mission into a true massacre; when I finished I went back to the room where my mother had died saving me from my own father. Sasuke came into the room and saw me next to our dead parents. Looking at the scene the way it looked, he naturally assumed that I killed both my mother and father even though it was only half the truth. I made up the worst lie possible since I thought Sasuke would eventually get over it; I told him that I killed them all to test myself, that it was very necessary. You saw the results of that particular lie, Naruto." Itachi got up and dusted himself off and zipped cloak halfway revealing a flak jacket full of scrolls. "Ever since that day, I have kept all proof of the truth hidden at my hideout and now I have it all with me. I have been running from Konoha since that day because of the fact that no one would trust a mass murderer and the mission was to be kept a secret."

"Itachi, why are you telling us all of this in the first place?" Naruto inquired

"I want all of you to make it look you have captured me by force and take me to the Hokage so I can explain everything."

"Why, oh why, sane Uchiha-san?" Sai questioned with a sarcastic tone.

"I am going to do what my brother should have done in the first place, rebuild the clan and actually aid Konoha against the Akatsuki."

"What makes you so sure that we'll trust you and bring you back; you have to show us proof first." Shizune chided

"And where the hell is your partner, Kisame was it?" Naruto asked.

"I have all the needed evidence and knowledge to prove everything; Kisame been either exonerated or acquitted of all his crimes in the Water Country and has returned to the Mist. The Lightning Daimyo at that time was corrupt and Kisame was in the same situation as myself; we only joined the Akatsuki to drive off most of our pursuers even though what we did with them was wrong." Itachi handed a few scrolls to everyone and began to talk to Naruto for half an hour until everyone was satisfied with the outcome.

"All right, we'll help you. Don't get any ideas, or you'll know what will happen." Kurenai said

Despite the complexity of the situation the plan to get Itachi in was quite simple; cast lots of Genjutsu and say that they caught Itachi by force. As the shinobi made their way to Konoha nothing else eventful happened except for Sai attempting to smoke while jumping from tree to tree and getting slapped upside the head by Shino. As the eight of them reached the gates of Konoha, Itachi cast about two or three (the third was) genjutsu at once to aid them in their shortly newfound quest to get the truth of the Uchiha massacre to Tsunade and report on their successful mission.

The first genjutsu was to put up the illusion that Naruto and the others were roughed up from their 'battle' with Itachi for obvious reasons. The second was to make Itachi look like he got the shit beat out of him but not too much so it would be believable. The third was to put people to sleep using a very subtle illusion, the frying pan. The journey to meet the blonde matriarch was uneventful for half of the trip until Kakashi, Tenzou, and Morino Ibiki came after they dispelled the three Genjutsu.

Hokage Tower 4: 20 P.M.

The shinobi and S-ranked criminal had finally reached the door to Tsunade's office after several hours of explanation and more facts coming to light. Kakashi and Tenzou actually were wondering why Itachi was meeting with the Sandaime frequently before the massacre happened. The chances of Itachi telling the truth were only increasing… "We're here, Naruto. I think you should go in first, see if Tsunade-sama is in her office." Shizune said as she put a hand on his back. "All right, if you hear blows landing; that means Tsunade-obaachan is in her office." Naruto commented

Naruto slowly opened the door peeking in through the slight opening seeing if anyone is in the room. Not being able to see much he cracked the door open even more, went inside and closed the door behind him only to see that Tsunade was about to drink her sake when she saw him. Not wasting time the blonde Hokage ran up to Naruto and hoisted him into the air. "Do you have any idea what you have put me through, gaki? Do you have any idea how worried I was? What if you were caught by Itachi, or someone else from Akatsuki?" Afterwards she set him down and gave him a bone-crushing hug, in other words Naruto couldn't breathe for anything. "Obaachan….can't…..breathe!" Soon after, Tsunade let him go so he could breathe his much needed oxygen.

"You're going to tell me everything, and I mean EVERYTHING." Tsunade said as she sat down and put her hands on her desk.

Naruto went and explained everything that had happened over the course of time, conveniently leaving out the part where he and Kurenai made love for obvious reasons. As the explanation went to its climax Naruto explained the battle with Sasuke, he pulled out Sasuke's head and set it on her desk. Unfortunately for the both of them Sakura was listening in on them and when the spiky-haired blond had pulled out the severed head of the subject of her affections, she had enough of the bleak truth and bum rushed Naruto. "Naruto, you promised you would bring him back alive not decapitated! Naruto you piece of shit, you can't even do that right!" Unfortunately for Sakura, Naruto no longer had any qualms about harming the pink haired girl and this was proved when he simply sidestepped when she had thrown a punch. Taking it further he grabbed her wrist, delivered a palm strike to her elbow as a popping sound went off (resulting in its dislocation), delivered a knee strike to her abdomen, grabbed her arm once more and threw the medic-nin over his shoulder when the same 'pop' sounded off(resulting in another dislocation).

"When you wake up, ask Tsunade-obaachan to tell you why I did it because you obviously don't understand anything about betrayal and loyalty." Naruto spoke to her, his words dripping with venom as the blonde drew his fist back and launched a punch towards her face; knocking her out effectively.

"Naruto, did you really have to do that to Sakura?" Tsunade inquired

"You heard the things she said and saw what she tried to do, Tsunade-obaachan. I'm not going to take her abuse any longer." Naruto replied as he sat down on a chair in front of him and explained the rest of the events that had happened to the Hokage. Once he had finished, Shizune had made her way into the office to see if anything was wrong with Naruto when she heard the sound of Sakura's voice.

"Ah, Shizune can you send in Itachi and the others? You can go to your place and take Naruto with you; he needs to know about ……that." Naruto blinked in response to Tsunade's orders for Shizune. "Understood, Tsunade-sama; if you would please follow me Naruto-kun, I'll show you to my apartment." Naruto got up and walked behind Shizune as she sent the others in.

Shizune's Apartment 6:10 P.M

As the mother/son pair made their way to Shizune's apartment, said medic-nin was lost deep in her thoughts. 'How will Naruto react to this one, I don't think Naruto is going to like this one at all.' Our blonde shinobi was in the same state of mind, except he was just trying not to think about it at all.

Once they had arrived at the door, Naruto was about to pass it by until Shizune called out his name and pointed to the door once the Chuunin had turned around.

The apartment was a looked to be normal one the walls looked to have fresh light blue paint on the walls with several pictures of Naruto, Shizune, Sakura, Dan, and Tsunade (not all together, of course). Dark brown couches and a loveseat with violet pillows were occupying the living room along with a TV, a wooden coffee table, several small tables where lamps were place on top of, and a small bed for Tonton. The kitchen was a normal one which had all the essentials which also included a door to the balcony. After they took off their sandals, the two made their way further inside the apartment. "Naruto-kun, you can sit and wait anywhere you want in the living room while I make us some tea." The blonde nodded and went to sit on the loveseat while finally deep in his thoughts about what Shizune was going to tell him. Moments passed and the Hokage's assistant put the tray with the two teacups on the coffee table sat down beside her son. "Naruto, have you wondered why I left you all alone in this hateful village?" Shizune hesitantly asked the young blonde.

"Ever since you told me the truth about you and the Yondaime, Shizune-kaasan; I've wondering all this time why you were never there for me until I met you. You don't seem like the kind of person to do something like this." Naruto sighed after giving her his answer in forlorn tone. "I supposed you would have to know eventually, so I should do what Tsunade ordered me to do. Naruto, I'll tell you why have committed this sin against the both of us; it isn't very believable, but this is the unfortunate truth. Before I was reunited with you; I honestly thought you had been killed by an ANBU." Naruto's eyes widened at what Shizune had said and struggled to maintain his composure. "But why, Kaasan?!" Shizune sighed, looked at her son and continued with her tale "On the day of the attack I passed out after giving birth to you on the day of the Kyuubi attack, the last thing I heard was that the Kyuubi was still advancing towards Konoha and there wasn't much we could do to stop it. When I woke up, it was nighttime and I was being carried by Tsunade-sama in another village to an inn. I didn't speak to her until we had reached the room we were staying in; as we went in I asked what had happened in Konoha. She told me everything and that she would be sure that they would treat you as a hero for sure; she even made one of her biggest bets on the whole thing. After six years of traveling we ran into a Konoha shinobi and asked her several things, including your well-being. We were told by the same Kunoichi that you had been killed by an ANBU on your 6th birthday. "Up until I had met you, I couldn't bring myself to return to Konoha because I wouldn't have been able to take it if I found out that you were really were……" Shizune could finish her sentence as the tears that had welled up in her eyes began to flow out as she began crying. Naruto looked at his mother as she sobbed over bitter memories and scooted closer to her putting his arm around her. "Kaasan, you could of have just come back no matter what, I really needed you all those years. I don't know how much it hurt you but couldn't have let the Sandaime know about this or something. Why did I have to wait all…" Naruto couldn't finish his sentence before he began sobbing. The two relatives embraced each other as they sobbed……

The Street Where Ichiraku Ramen Is 5:40 P.M.

As Naruto made the trek down to the road to Ichiraku ramen to sate his hunger after the sobfest he had with his mother, after some light shedding. While walking, he just happened to bump into a very familiar woman with a bandana on her head who just happened to be heading in the same direction as him.

"Watch where you're…….Naruto!"


Five Minutes Later

"Man, it's good to be back here with more people who are precious to you!" Naruto yelled out as he devoured his sixth bowl of ramen. He looked around the stand and saw that a smiling Kurenai was approaching the ramen stand. "Ayame, you should meet my girlfriend. She's really nice, smart, considerate of other people, and really beautiful; right now what I'm doing besides being here eating ramen, I'm wondering where she's been all my life." Ayame smiled sweetly and then she gasped in surprise when she saw Kurenai come up behind the blonde and lay a mind blowing kiss on the lips of the ramen addict. "I didn't know you had a weakness for older women, Naruto-kun. Not only that, you seem to be living out the student/sensei fantasy. Anyway, madam what will you be having today?" Kurenai sat down on the stool next to Naruto's and got herself settled in since Naruto seemed to be on his eighth bowl. "I'll have a Shrimp ramen; I also have a question for you." After Ayame wrote the Kurenai's order and gave it to her father; she simply answered with: "Shoot."

"How long has Naruto-kun been coming here to eat ramen?" Kurenai inquired

"Since he was five or six years old, I still remember it well. The Sandaime brought him here to eat until he was full; he was so pure and innocent back then. But it looks like you're starting to taint him, just a little." Ayame replied, resulting in Kurenai blushing at the last remark that was said. "But he looked so lonely back then; I was wondering how they could hate him so much, I'm just glad that he found people who care about him." Soon Kurenai's order came and they all ate in silence with somber looks on their faces. Soon after, the two shinobi were ready to leave after the two women exchanged names and a little of what they knew about the real Naruto; as they walked away from the ramen stand, Kurenai asked a sorrowful question. "Naruto-kun, isn't it your birthday today?"

"Please don't remind me of that, Kure-chan." At this remark Kurenai lips formed a smile and said kunoichi wrapped her arms around the young blonde, put her lips close to his ear and whispered: "I left you your birthday present at your apartment; just because I'm really nice, I'll give you some small hints. It's warm, soft, cuddly, and smooth; it also has a very shapely form, I suggest you hurry to your place." The blonde did just that as he kissed the older woman's lips and sped off to his apartment faster than Anko could devour dango.

Naruto's Apartment 8:25 P.M.

As the blonde made his way to his residence, he was gleefully thinking of the present that Kurenai had given to him for his birthday. As he opened the door he took a peek inside to make sure no one was inside his apartment, vandalizing it. As he took a look inside expecting to find a vandalized apartment; he found a very tidied up and clean apartment. The Chuunin initially thought that perhaps he was in the wrong apartment, which led to him checking the number which happened to disprove that theory. Next, he figured that someone had cast a genjutsu; which led to an attempt to dispel genjutsu. He just shrugged his shoulders and remembered that Kurenai was in his apartment earlier, a question he would ask later. He opened the door all the way and went inside the now clean apartment and took off his sandals. He walked straight to his room and began taking off his clothes, giving a hidden spectator quite a show. First the trench coat came off, then the undershirt and scarf, and then the hitai-ate. Just as he was about to take off his pants, he stopped suddenly picked up the discarded clothing and walked towards the closet. As Naruto opened it someone tackled him to the floor and laid a kiss on his lips.

"Hinata!" Naruto shouted in surprise of the sudden appearance of the Hyuuga heiress clad in only a set of a red nightgown and panties.

"Naruto-kun, didn't Kurenai-sensei tell you about your birthday present; now let's get those pants off." Hinata said as she led a trail of kisses down his chest and her hands went down tracing a sensual path down from his chest to his waist. Naruto could only lay there with thoughts and slowly accumulating desires as Hinata led a trail of kisses down his torso. As the blunette forcefully took off his pants, the blonde took a better look at the outfit she was wearing; it painted her shapely hips, her now noticeable breasts, and her small waist.

The very desires Naruto tried to suppress for the sake of staying faithful to Kurenai were running rampant in his head until finally the temptation was too much for the young Jinchuuriki, which was evident when Naruto sat up and pressed his lips against Hinata's. Their hands roamed over each other as they sank into the already deepening kiss and felt the heat of their bodies rise gradually. Her tongue ran across his lips begging for entrance into his mouth and Naruto opened his mouth just enough when both tongues darted out and wrestled for dominance as Hinata deepened their kiss even more while running her fingers through the surprisingly soft blonde spikes of hair. After an undetermined amount of time, their lips parted with a thin trail of saliva still connecting the two while the sound of heavy pants filled the room.

Suddenly, Hinata disposed of her nightgown for the night, revealing her chest to the subject of her affections, placed his hands on her breasts, sat down on his lap, looked into his surprised eyes until Naruto placed one hand on the small of her back and the other on the soft mound on her chest. Naruto slowly trailed kisses down her neck and began kneading her breast as the young kunoichi guided his mouth to the other fruit of her chest as she mewled from his ministrations and jerked her hips to feel the tent forming in his boxers even more. The young shinobi's tongue descended to her nipple and began its attack on the fleshy nub making her moan even louder in ecstasy as he licked, sucked and nibbled. Soon he switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, while he lightly pinched the other pink nub and rolled it in between his fingers. As the ministrations continued the female Chuunin felt herself getting wetter and wetter by the second and felt like she couldn't wait and lightly pushed him away from her nipple resounding with a wet 'pop'.

"Naruto-kun let's go to the bed, the floor is too uncomfortable." With that said Hinata got off of his lap, took his hand, and led him to the bed. The kunoichi laid down on the bed and pulled Naruto on top of her before uttering these words, "Make love to me Naruto-kun." Naruto couldn't help but blush and feel his member twitch at those words while his boxers became even more uncomfortably tight.

"But I can't do this to Kure-chan!" Naruto protested just before she put a finger to his lips. "Don't worry Naruto-kun, Kurenai-sensei told you about your birthday present and I'm just giving you half of it." Naruto gave a puzzled look while Hinata managed to remove her panties, exposing her drenched sex in front of the young blonde. "Naruto-kun make love to me now, I've been waiting for this for so long." Naruto slowly removed his boxers, tossed them to the side, and crawled towards Hinata until he was positioned between her thighs. He looked into her eyes and saw a slight nod from her giving him the signal to keep going. Hinata felt the subject of her feelings enter her slowly in hopes of not hurting her and inevitably felt a sharp pain as she felt her barrier break, as she silently winced. Naruto caught the look on her face and cast a worried look at Hinata.

"Hinata, do you want me to stop?" Naruto asked worriedly.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun; it always happens the first time. Just give me a few moments to get used to this." Hinata replied with a soft whisper.

After an indeterminable amount of time of adjusting, Naruto started with a slow rocking motion to get even more used to the tightness and warmth that was her womanhood. The sensations were wonderful to Hinata as he began to gradually quicken his pace; making her moan even louder as he sped up. Soon the clan heiress locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, urging him to go even faster. Not long after the Jinchuuriki was pounding into her as hard as he could, listening to her screams of long lasting pleasure.

He could feel himself reaching his limit as he went on until he noticed that she had become tighter around him and felt that the added tightness was becoming too much for him. With a few rough thrusts, Naruto emptied himself into Hinata and slowly filled her with his essence.

The final thrust, the feeling of being filled by his essence, and the sensation of her skin against his had given Hinata the needed stimulation as she gave out a loud scream of "NARUTO-KUN" that could be heard in close proximity as she came.

Naruto slowly pulled out, laid down beside Hinata, and looked at the heiress as she succumbed to her weariness and fell asleep. Just as Naruto was about to go into the realm of dreams, Kurenai cancelled her genjutsu and her naked form came into view. The nude Jounin made her way into Naruto's bed and lay beside her young lover smiling at him sweetly. "Did you enjoy your present, Naru-Kun?"

"It really was your idea; I really should have known Hinata wouldn't do anything like that by herself. But why?" Naruto answered.

"You may now know that Hinata has had a crush on you longer than I have known her, but I managed to catch you first." Naruto nodded in response and urged her to continue. "We came to an agreement and we decided to share you, you can say that you now have two beautiful women who love you and care about you. You're going to have a wonderful life ahead of you Naru-kun, if you play your cards right which I'm sure you will." Kurenai took the opportunity to wrap her arms around her nude lover, taking advantage of his overwhelming shock of having two lovers. In just a short while, the two lovers fell asleep and had their respective dreams.

Time for the epilogue, dood!

Five years later

With Itachi

The morning sun rose in Konoha and the villagers were just beginning their morning routines while our favorite trio was still asleep and Itachi was making his daily walk to the store for his pocky fix. As the Uchiha walked down the road, he wisely avoided the alley when he spotted two people consisting of Umino Iruka and Mitarashi Anko making out in said alley. As he reached the store he bumped into a very sickly Sakura and half apologized knowing that she should be rehab……

Minutes later the former Akatsuki member ran out of the store with ten boxes of pocky and headed off for the Hokage tower……

With Shizune

She was on the Hokage monument watching the sunrise, sitting near Tsunade's head and the Rokudaime's head. She was feeling the soft breeze as she sank into her thoughts about her current everyday life, Sakura, the newly appointed Rokudaime Hokage, Itachi, and other important things.

The medic-nin pulled out her breakfast just as she saw Rock Lee (who now happened to be wearing a Jounin vest and an entirely different outfit that didn't consist of spandex) and a pregnant Tenten make their way to the monument. She was greeted by the aforementioned couple just she took a bite of her melon bread and waved back.

"Shizune-san, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in a meeting with Kiba and the others?" Tenten inquired.

"I don't have to be there for another half hour, Lee-san. But it wouldn't hurt to be just a little early, just to see my grandchildren." Shizune answered as she smiled sweetly.

"I still can't believe that you're Naruto's mother and it's been four years since you told everyone. At least you're here for him now; he really needs you more than ever."

"Where's Tonton?" Lee asked

"He's with Tsunade-sama and Jiraya-sama. Now if you will excuse me, I have grandchildren to visit." The medic-nin replied as she vanished in a swirl of leaves and wind…

With Naruto

The morning light shone in through the windows as the three of them opened their eyes and noticed that they were naked under the sheets and cuddling. Said threesome consisted of Naruto, Kurenai, and Hinata. The two women looked at Naruto and blushed a dark shade of red once they had remembered what had transpired between them. The soreness between their legs was also a reminder and they spoke a chorus of: "Naru-kun that was amazing!"

Naruto soon blushed at what they had said, as it was his trigger to remember the activities they participated in last night. "It was like our honeymoon all over again, except that we didn't have to worry about waking up Kirie and Haku in the middle of the night at that time. We still have some time before we have to get to the meeting; you two want to take a shower?"

"Why, yes." Kurenai replied as she took Naruto with her……

After the long shower the three were dressed and made their way out of the bedroom and into Naruto's office. Naruto wore an outfit similar to the Yondaime's except the white part of the coat and the flak jacket were black; the flame pattern was orange. Kurenai wore her Jounin uniform, while Hinata wore a modified version of her usual outfit. As they entered they were greeted by a pair of fraternal twins: Uzumaki Kirie and Uzumaki Haku. Haku was a male version of his mother calm and patient; with blonde spiky hair and his eyes a deep crimson. While Kirie turned out to be a female version of her father; hyperactive and persistent; who also had blonde (long and wavy in her case) hair and crimson eyes.

"Mommy!" The two children called out.

"Ohayo, Haku, Kirie!" Kurenai replied with a smile as Shizune appeared in whirl of leaves.

"What brings you here, Kaa-san?" Naruto inquired knowingly.

"Just these two, Naruto" Shizune replied as she ruffled their hair and just as Itachi busted in with a sheet of paper.

"I was waiting for you, Itachi; I'm guessing it's about your probation." Itachi nodded as he set the sheet down for Naruto to sign. "This is to prove I have been to every appointment with my probation shinobi necessary to complete my time and to also remove me from probation." Naruto took the form and signed said form and handed it to Itachi. "You're a free man, Itachi-san. Enjoy your life and I'll be at your wedding personally." With that said Itachi took his leave with great haste, putting a stick of pocky in his mouth.

"Don't take your job too lightly, Naruto-kun." Hinata chided

"I know, Akatsuki is still out there and I have that meeting with the Mizukage so I can form an alliance with Kiri. This job is going to be anything but easy, but I don't have to worry so much. Not when I have my dark haired angels with me………

The End!

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