For Irrel's AU Challenge on the katara zuko LJ.

And, of course, for the llama.

First Love

When Ozai expels his son from the party, the peculiar (savage) girl from next door happens by him on the sidewalk on a blue tricycle, a half-eaten golden something hanging unappetizingly out of one side of her tiny, slobbering mouth, and she says,

"Sawkka says cryeen's for girls." He dislikes her more now then the first time he met her, when she was a wailing, unappeasable baby who supplanted words with obnoxious keening (Agni knows Zuko was never like that).

He opens his mouth to tell her to go away (as spitefully and with as much crushing finality as a 5-year-old can muster in the wake of being cast-off by a revered parent), and she takes the opportunity to pop the sweaty, drool-infused, spongy cake right into it, and instinctively, he closes his lips, disgust and horror rocketing him to his feet, where he performs an amusing sort of frenzied dance, and he's about to spit the revolting confectionary treat from his mouth when the flavor (beyond the thick, viscous, acidic taste of little-girl-spittle) hits him like a ton of deliciously creamy-spongy bricks, and Katara cracks a grin (rife with gaps where teeth should be) as she bears witness to the first time Zuko falls in love.