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Sunlight danced on the azure blue, tropical water, a light breeze blew in from the southwest, and scores of boats bobbed gently in their slips. Among the many craft berthed at the marina was one of older vintage known as the S.S. Minnow.

Her skipper, a Navy vet by the name of Steve Barkin who had a fondness for heavily armed fast attack patrol boats, was still trying to decide on a more puissant name for his vessel. He'd been considering different possibilities ever since he'd purchased the Minnow after mustering out of the service; while a clear favorite had yet to emerge, at the moment he was leaning towards Punisher. However, what to rechristen his boat was not the most pressing thing on the mariner's mind that morning. He had other worries to command his attention.

Worries like his first mate.

"Stoppable!" the skipper barked as he brought down his captain's cap on the unsuspecting, snoozing form of the lone member of his crew. "Get up!"

"Wha–? Where am I?" a tow-headed young man stammered in confusion as he was roused from his nap. The sailor, who'd been resting against the transom, looked up to see the scowling features of his boss. "Mr. B!" he exclaimed.

"We're on deck, Stoppable," Barkin snapped.

"Aye aye, Skipper," Ron said as he scrambled to his feet, tugging at his red jersey and straightening his floppy white hat.

Ron Stoppable drove Barkin crazy at times: the boy could be lazy, scatterbrained, and just plain weird. But he was a good kid, his heart was in the right place, and Barkin was convinced that with some guidance, his first mate could be made into something. In short, Stoppable posed a challenge that appealed to the old navy man. Besides, the kid could cook up a storm, something that went over very well with the passengers, who as part of their three-hour cruise were treated to a picnic lunch.

"Is everything ready for today's trip?" Barkin asked.

"Sure is Mr. B, uh, Skipper," Ron replied, correcting himself. "I've got some bon-diggity treats ready for the passengers."

"Excellent," Barkin said, allowing himself a grin. It looked like a beautiful day for a sail.


"Hi," a short, chubby African American teen said as he walked up the gangway. "I'm here for the cruise."

"Aloha," Ron replied cheerfully, looking at the manifest, which bore five names, wondering which of the passengers he was greeting. "You would be …"

"Load. Professor Wade Load."

Ron pulled a face. "Dude, don't play me. You're like …"

"Sixteen," Wade said with a smile. "And I've got three PhDs, if you want to know."

"So you must be some kind of super genius?" Ron asked.

Wade blushed. "Well …"

"Coolio!" Ron said. "Welcome aboard."

"Thanks," Wade said, feeling a bit more at ease. It wasn't that often he left his room, let alone went on vacation. Wade hadn't really enjoyed his trip that much; he would have been happier back home holed up with his computers. Ron, however, made Wade feel welcome, and left the teen feeling like the cruise would be the highlight of his time in Hawaii.

As the young professor made his way aft, two men stepped off the gangway and presented themselves to Ron.

"Hello, young man," the older of the two said. "We are the Seniors," he said graciously.

"Welcome aboard the Minnow," Steve Barkin said as he appeared at Ron's side. "I'm the skipper, and this is my first mate, Ron Stoppable."

"It is indeed a pleasure to meet you," the urbane older man replied. "I am Señor Senior, Senior, and this is my son, Señor Senior, Junior. Say hello to our hosts, Junior."

"Hello," the young man said betraying his ennui. "Father," he whined, "could we not have gone to Hollywood? How am I going to realize my dream of being an international pop star on board this peasant vessel?"

"Relax, my son. Your career will be launched in good time," Señor Senior said indulgently before he turned to Barkin. "Would it be an imposition if we brought a few personal belongings with us?"

"No, not at all Mr. Senior," Barkin said. "Stoppable, help them stow their gear."

"Yessir!" Ron said brightly. The smile on his face faded when he saw the mountain of luggage the Seniors planned to bring aboard the Minnow. "Uh, you do know this is a three-hour cruise?" he observed.

"But of course," Señor Senior said. "However, what is the point of being a billionaire if I do not use my vast wealth to prepare myself for any contingency?"

"Can't argue with that, I guess," Ron said as he grabbed two bags.

A while later, as Ron was staggering onto the boat with the last of the Seniors' things, a harsh voice called out.


"Me?" Ron replied, looking around.

"Yes, you, you loser! Is this the Minnow?"

Ron found himself looking at a very attractive woman his own age. She had shoulder-length brown hair and aquamarine blue eyes and wore a sequined party dress that showed off her attractive legs.

"Hey," he exclaimed. "I know you!"

"Excuse me? I don't think so," she replied with an edge.

"But I've seen you in the movies. You're Bonnie Rockwaller. You had a bit part in Violent Reaction IV!"

Bonnie sighed. "No, that was Hemi Door. I was in Bricks of Fury V. And it was a very important scene."

"This is so cool!" Ron enthused, not caring that in the firmament of Tinseltown, Bonnie was B list, at best. "I'm talking to a movie star!"

"Not for long, I hope," she snarled as she shoved him aside and swanned onto the boat.

Ron tried not to be obvious as he happily watched the beautiful starlet make her way to the afterdeck where Wade and the Seniors were seated.

"Stoppable," Barkin called out as he headed towards Ron. "Let's get ready to shove off!"

Ron shook himself from his reverie. "Uh, I think we're still expecting one more passenger," he observed. "Shouldn't we wait?"

"This isn't some fancy-pants cruise line," Barkin said as he now stood nose to nose with his first mate. "This boat is leaving on time!"

"Gotcha," Ron said as he slowly backed away from his bellicose skipper. The young man barely avoided tripping over his own feet, then undid the lines fastening the boat to its slip. He signaled to Barkin, who engaged the motor vessel's engine. The Minnow was beginning to pull away from its berth when an auburn-haired, pony-tailed, green-eyed young woman wearing capris and a sleeveless blouse that, with a nicely-turned knot, she'd turned into a crop top, came racing up the gangway. Ron felt bad for her; she'd just missed the cruise by minutes.

He shrugged and offered a sympathetic look as he saw the disappointment on the would-be passenger's pretty face. He watched with curiosity as she took a few steps back and her face became a study in fierce determination. Ron was stunned as she bounded forward, then launched herself into a triple somersault. He couldn't help but stare slack-jawed as she landed gracefully on the deck of the Minnow.

"Badical!" he exclaimed. "That stadium rocked!"

"Well, that move did help win the cheer regionals a few years ago," the final passenger said as she brushed aside her bangs and tried not to blush from the compliment.

"I'm Ron Stoppable," he said, feeling wholly at ease with the young woman. "I'm the first mate."

"Nice to meet you, Ron," she replied with an open, friendly expression, as she, too, felt surprisingly at ease with her new acquaintance. "I'm Kim, Kim Possible."

"Well, welcome –"

"Stoppable! Stop goofing off and get to work! This boat won't sail itself!"

"I'm on it, Skipper," Ron called up to the bridge. "The Skipper's lost without the Ronman," he said, his chest puffed-out. Ron then turned to go – and his trousers fell down. "Awww man!" he whined. "This cannot be happening!" Ron exclaimed as he realized everyone, save Barkin who had witnessed this before and was merely rolling his eyes, was gawking at him.

Kim stopped staring, stifled a giggle, then offered Ron a warm, reassuring smile as she headed aft to join the other passengers.


Her passengers aboard, her crew alert, the Minnow motored out of the tropic port and began her fateful trip.


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