...Just the way you are...

#week one

"7:30! 7:30! moshi moshi! Wake up KUDASAI! La la! ..."Sakura turned over in her bed to turn the clock off...but it was silent she slowly went back to sleep.

"RAWWWWWWWWWR!" It yelled suddenly...

Sakura hated that Alarm clock so much. But it was useful...

"Today is the day!" She woke up determindedly. "I'm going to talk to him! no Matter what!" ( )!She went to the bathroom and prepared herself for the next half an hour

Then she went off to eat breakfast with her mother."What's up?" Her mother asked.

Sakura smiled her best smile at her mum, she had a load of makeup on her face. But you cuoldn't really tell because of her thick rimmed glasses.
"Can you tell naything different about me?" 8)?
her mum replied..."iiettooo...not really... Matte!Wait! I see it! you have a zit !"

"Ahhh?????! really?? Where??"

"hahaha right on your nose!!" How Kawaii!!" heheh. Laughed her mum, whose face was perfectly spotless and clear.

Must of been dad's genes.." T..T Sakura. secretly thought.

The time was now 8:15...theres still time...

"You'd better get going or you'll be late" her mother warned her."You've been late a lot for some reason lately...and don't forget your obento i made you!"

"Yeah yeah..., I'll go in a sec..." Sakura ran to the bath room. And tried everything to get rid of the zit. But all she eded up doing was making it hirt more, bright red and look around 5 times bigger than before. .

She looked at the time 8:27. Home group started at 8:40.

she better go now or she'll miss...

seeing him. Him..that handsome guy ..happiness..hehe//

Her zit... She sniffed. "Get GOING SAKURA!!" her mum yelled from the kitched getting ready to go ot work.
"Have a good day at work mum!"

The time was 8:32. She was early. he grabbed her bag and slowly make her way to school.

Going to the crossing. There were no cars yet she waited...

Then she crossed...

8:37!! She looked up ahead... There he was slowly makinh his way to school.

She tried to catch up to him, but at the same time not trying to ,make it look too obvious she was following him.

She stared at his back and his lovely bag. She couldn't talk to him today..she had a zit...

She sighed as she walked the narrowish alley way with him. There wern't many people around, it was already preety late..

8:42...homegroup had started.

Sakura swung her bag idly. She hated her wearing glasses.But she couldn't be bothered taking them off and putting them in their case. Most of her friends didn't need glasses , or had contacts...Would she get contacts..?? She sighed loudly out loud.She was so scared though...Gah
..touching her eye.
however she had booked an appointment next Wednessday... she panicked..that was tomorrow!.

They had almost reached the school, they cross the tennis court as a short cut...

8:47 ...Meh, she was too late for homegroup..!! She hurried the rest of the way..


I havn't writte a fanfic so long..this chapter preety boring .it;l get beter hopfully..gomen!!