...Just the way you are...

------Chapter two-----

... Sasuke the spy !

#week two

Sasuke left his house at aprrox. 8:34 and walked to the crossing and walked past.

Sasuke glanced back quickly, trying to make it too obvious.

She was walking behind him...it was 8:37... He liked walking to school.

He didn't know why, but he felt connected to the girl behind him...maybe they had met 1000 years ago?? And met again after 1000 years????

He didn't even know what her name was...only that they were in the same grade level...

He heard her sigh..and wondered what she was thinking? I wonder if she even realized each day he went out at the same time, so that he could walk with her...


Why did he have no courage?? He was such a wimp secretly...

She was swinging her bag now...how...cute...

They had reached the school now.

They went difference ways...him to his "gifted and talented" class and her's to a normal homegroup...

If only his parents hadn't forced him to take the test for "gifted and talanted" people, maybe he would he would be her class...

Sakura looked at the time 8:45..She still had 5 minutes left of homegroup .Maybe if she sneaked in quietly...the teacher would just think she was there the whole time ??...

She crept slowly in...

"SAKURA CHAN!! HOW ARE YOU???" Naruto yelled as he spotted her.

"NARUTTTTO!! YOU BAKA!!!!!" Sakura hissed.

Her homegroup teacher Tsunde. Glanced at her.

"Sakura this the 2nd time in a ROW you have been late to homegroup this term!" Tsunde said calmly.

Sakura sat down in between Naruto and Hinata.

"You have detention tomorrow morning with me!!" Tsunde announced."You better be here on time! AT 7:45!!"

Sakura groaned.. She would miss seeing him...

"Hi Hinata!" She greeted her friend.

"...hi ..." Hinata whipsered back...

Sakura glared at Naruto.

What a bad start to a morning. (Y...Y)

Sasuke took his time getting to school it was already 8:49 and everyone was about to leave.

"OOHH!! Sasuke! He looks so cute today!" A bunch of girls yelled out.

"What are you TALKING about? He looks cute everyday 3!" another one yelled out.

Sasuke walked quickly to the front where none of the class seeemeed to want to sit, evern though they were mostly all nerdish anyway..

"AHhh Sasuke,I see you've finally decided to arrive". Kaskashi sensei anounced.

"Anyway just for fun Tomorrow you have detention!" He said..

"Oh wow!! Sasuke has detention I want to go to!! Kakashi sen-sei please give ME DENTENTIO too!" A girl named Ino yelled.

"Sorry no, I only give them out when i want to XP" Kakashi laughed.

Phew..Sasuke thought in relief these fan girls were sooo annoying.

"Anyway off to class peoples!!"


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