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The Bridge

Kinch was lead to the third door on the left side of the lower basement corridor. He knew Carter was in the first room on the right - the younger sergeant had given him a nervous look as they were separated - but he didn't know where the others were. He had tried to reassure Carter the best he could, but now as he was taken into the room and the door was shut behind him, he could feel his stomach tensing.

It was a dull, utilitarian sort of room; no windows and unfurnished except for a long table and six chairs. The one on his side was empty, the other five - facing him - were filled.

One man appeared to be in the navy, an Admiral if he was reading the insignia right. Two of the others were wearing civilian suits - very academic ones with chalk dust covered lapels. Scientists, Kinch supposed. One was very tall, maybe 6'5", with thinning black hair and large hands. The other was a fussy looking man with a very suspicious expression.

His main questioner was another uniformed man who was seated at the center of the table directly across from him. Grizzled, grey-haired and gaunt, he was every inch the fighting General. It was surprising to Kinch to see such high-level officers here, yet when he considered the situation it was not so perplexing.

However, it was the last man whose presence Kinch couldn't figure out. In his mid-forties, with his blond hair cut extremely short and possessing slightly bulging eyes which gave the slightly cold, dead-eyed look of a fish, he wore a civilian suit and sat at the end of the table languidly smoking a cigarette. Throughout the proceedings he would say nothing, but Kinch was always conscious that the man's motionless gaze never left him.

The General finally addressed him. "You are Sergeant Kinchloe?"

Kinch snapped to attention. "Sir."

"Please be seated. We have a long night ahead of us."