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Drizzt sat there staring at her. For along time they sat in silence. He did not know what she was thinking. And he did not know what she planed to do now that he was refusing her request. Would she truly let him die? Was she exactly what he had first thought of her? No, he did not believe that. He knew now that he truly never had. But then what was her motive? He looked at her. Her long auburn hair was soaked and clung in tangles down her slender back. Her grey dress was also soaked and clung to her lithe body, as he stared in awe she started to tremble.

Drizzt caught himself wanting to put his arms around her and warm her, like he had seen Wulfgar do for Catti-brie. He pictured him self as he had seen them, sitting in front of the fire in Mithral hall, wrapped in each others arms. Whispering together…

Shaking the startling thought from his head he looked safely at his feet. What was he thinking? This was not some woman he had met on his travels. This woman was holding him hostage! Get a grip on your self Do'Urden, He scolded himself.

Letting he fall back on to the sand he laid there in silence. Her voice, so soft, startled him.

"I need your help, Drizzt Do'Urden." She said softly. He looked over at her. She was looking out at the dark water of the large lake. He did not say anything. Wanting to here what she had to say.

"My people died many centuries ago. I am the last of them." She looked back at him, "How old do you think I am?" Jade asked, her tone told him that she was serious.

"I do not know."He answered truthfully, "You look to be a human of twenty, but your eyes tell a different story. They are old, like an elf's."

"I am human, or a race of human wizards. Born with the magic of an arch magus, my people could do wondrous things with magic. We live slightly longer then the normal humans, but not as long as elves. Not even as long as the dwarves. But we were not meant to live as long as I have." Her voice was sad and Drizzt again wanted to pull her close to him and comfort her.

"What happened? To you and your people?" He whispered.

"With our magic, we tried to do thing that the gods did not wish for mortals to do. The elders of our people tried to bring back to life our chieftain, who died in a battle."

Drizzt frowned, that did not seem so bad. Many races had tried to bring back the dead. His thoughts must have shown on his face.

"Yes, to attempt such a thing is innocent. But we did not just try. With our power, we succeeded." Drizzt, his jaw dropping, was shocked.

"When the chieftain returned to us he told us of the wrath of all the gods of the pantheon. Not just our gods. He said that we would suffer for our blasphemy." She was so quite as she spoke. The gentle lapping of the water almost drowned out her voice. But Drizzt did not interrupt her, even during her pauses.

"Our gods sent a plague. It was horrible. It hit the elders first, for they were the ones that had truly sinned. But as we prayed for mercy we learned that the gods meant to destroy us all. For our magic was too great for a mortal to wield. They would correct there mistake." After all this was told she finally looked at him, he saw a single tear trailing down her pale cheek. "I watched as my mother, my father and my people died. Before they died though, my parents, not wanting me to share there fate, did once last blasphemy. They created a scepter that held in its core my life force. As long as that scepter was intact I could not die. The plague sparred me." Drizzt felt for her, he did not know what it was like to watch all that you loved whither and die as you alone lived, but it was one of his worst fears. Since he would out live his closest friends by centuries, he knew that fate would eventually find him. And here was some one who had gone through it.

Jade sat in silence for a long time. He did not know what he was to say. So he too remained silent. He sat up, feeling the up rise of the poisons flame in his body he feared that the flame would return. But after a fleeting moment of pain it subsided, and he was able to breath easier. He sat there still not knowing what to say wishing that he were some where else and then not, all at the same time. He was so confused, he should hate her for what she was doing, yet he found himself drawn to Jade, he wished to help her. But did not know how. Lost in his thoughts he was startled when she stood up, she sighed and looked down at him.

"I am sorry about all that has happened to you, Drizzt Do'Urden. But, I need your help." Turning her back to him she continued "Now is the time I will ask you for your promise. Before you answer know this, I am not after anything that will hurt anyone or has any evil properties. But it is strictly personal. I can not achieve this on my own and you are the only one that can help me. With out your help…" She trailed off. Drizzt thought about what she told him. Then about what was at stake. Closeting his eyes, he sighed. He needed to ask one thing before he answered.

"Can you promise my that, in helping you, that no evil will come of this? To me or any other person?" He looked in to her eyes. And she back at him.

"Yes. I promise." Her eyes held no lie.

He still could not believe he was doing this, and had to close his eyes as he spoke.

"I promise to pledge my self to you, Jade, and to fallow through with the oath I will take, to the end." He looked back to her. Her face held no joy, no elation over her victory. She just looked …sad.

"Thank you." She said. Then she shivered. Drizzt still only in his pants was almost dry, but her dress was soaked through and the thick cotton did not dry in the time that they had sat there.

She walked away from him then. Heading toward the entrance. When he started to rise she stopped him.

"No stay here, I am going to get all I need for the cure. I do not think that we have anymore time to wait. This has sped up and I feel that it is for a purpose." Her eyes grew cold, she looked back at him, with a heavy sigh, she added to one particular. . Raven wanted you to be weak." He stared up at her. He was not quite sure he heard her correctly. But the chance to ask her was gone, for as he pondered her words she had already gone up the stairs that lead back to the cliff they had jumped off of. And as if she read his thoughts her voice came floating down to him.

"If you feel the fire rise again with in you, do not hesitate to submerge your self in to the water." And then he heard as much as felt the heave door bang shut. He was alone again.

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