Title: The Greastest Enemy
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General
Pairing: Sasu/Naru
Summary: Being the Fourth Hokage meant he had many enemies. So who did he consider his greatest enemy?
Warnings: Over-protective father. Possible OOC. There may also be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.
Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me. No copyright infringement is intended.

A/N: I was searching through some of my old floppy disks and I found this fic. I've always been one of those people who thought the Fourth Hokage and Naruto looked way too alike not to be related so that was probably why this was written. I must say that this story is kind of stupid but since it's already written I thought what the hell I might as well post it. I usually update on my LJ first and I'm definitely going to continue this as a series of one-shots depicting different scenes from Naruto's childhood. I'm just in the middle of exams right now so I have no time to do it right now. Just a note for anyone who's interested.

Everybody has enemies, some more so than others. As the Fourth Hokage (and best looking of the bunch) Namikaze Minato was in absolutely no shortage of people who would love nothing more than to have his head on a platter. He was hated just as much as he was loved and for this reason he found it as absolutely no surprise that he topped nearly every list of those whom saw it fit to call him enemy. It was just too bad that they were the very same people who probably didn't even factor on his own. So who did? Well, considering the rather substantial list of candidates it would be easy to think that such great names as the legendary sanin Orochimaru or even the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure would rate a close first and second on his order of priority, but it just wasn't so.

Despite his love for the village he was a father first and foremost. The safety of all those who reside under his care would always be paramount, but when it came to a choice between his duties as a Kage and the wellbeing of his child there was no competition. A fact he made more than clear on the night of the Kyubi's sealing when one by one he saw the people he'd risk his life for, the very people he'd once held in such high regard deem his son the monster he had only just saved them from. For many nights after he wondered what would've happened if the Third hadn't, against his wishes, sacrificed himself in his place. What would have happened if he himself had not been around to set the record straight? He shuddered to think of the possibility. Although a select few still stubbornly clung to the idea his son was the demon itself they knew better than to even try to give voice their concerns anywhere near him. In Konohagakure there was only one thing more famous than his prowess on the battlefield and that was the overly possessive and extremely protective tendencies he often exhibited when it came to his one and only son, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, or quite simply his beloved Naruto-chan.

So it was only fitting those who topped his list were those who threatened the most precious thing in the world to him. His son. Many would find it hard to believe but his greatest enemy was neither the snake sanin nor the old codger of Iwagakure. In fact his greatest enemy was barely potty trained, let alone capable of single handedly decimating an entire town. Nevertheless, from the instant he laid eyes upon the little hell spawn Minato knew, he just knew, that the kid was going to become the bane of his existence for a very, very long time to come. Who was this hell spawn he spoke of and exactly what had he done to make himself the number one enemy of possibly the most powerful Kage of all time. Well to answer that it must be first known that there are very few people he trusted with his son and over the years these few have diminished considerably.

Jiraiya barely escaped a Rasagan to his sorry hide when he discovered he was using Naruto to help him in his so-called research. As for his student Kakashi, well, Icha Icha Paradise plus a collection of toys certainly not meant for the innocent hands of children, equated in a seriously pissed off father and the immediate hospitalization of one famed Copy-nin. For a while Tsunade had been a godsend. That is until she almost lost his son in a game of poker. Ibiki on the other hand did absolutely nothing wrong. His only mistake was trying to play peek-a-boo with the crying infant. Needless to say when his hands parted and he shot forward with a growl of "Here I am" the bawling stopped but Naruto hadn't been able to sleep for many a nights after. Then there was Gai. Gai whom Minato crossed off the list himself when one night Naruto turned to him with a gummy smile and the single tooth growing in his otherwise empty mouth actually sparkled. And of course who could forget Genma. No, really, who could? The one person worst than both Kakashi and Jiraiya combined. Enough said. As for Raidou, well there was Genma. Again enough said. And lastly there was Asuma, who couldn't for the life of him go without smoking for a full goddamn minute.

It was this lack of suitable babysitters that found him rocking up to the academy daycare center that was run entirely by volunteers and the few odd genins assigned to the place on D-class missions. Usually Minato would be hard pressed to leave his two year old baby with a stranger but desperate times called for desperate measures. With his son's tiny hand gripped firmly in his he somewhat hesitantly walked into the center.

"Daddy, Daddy," he heard Naruto call.

Halting in his step he looked down and was instantly met with the impossibly wide blue eyes belonging to his son, the same eyes he never could find it in himself to say no to. Minato visibly twitched. Desperately he fought against the sudden urge to reach down and squeeze the living daylights out of what he was sure was the cutest little boy in the world.

Upon receiving his father's full attention the little blond pointed across the room and simply asked, "Cans Naruto pwet the doggie?"

Frowning, Minato quickly scanned the roomful of children. It seemed he wasn't the only one unable to find a sitter. With her son in her arms and her daughter by her side was the ever impressive Inuzuka Tsume. Her faithful companion Kuromaru, no doubt the dog his son spoke of, following close behind as they headed towards one of the helpers on duty.

"Okay Naruto-chan," he replied with a smile and knowing they wouldn't mind began heading towards the Inuzukas.

Clearly unimpressed the bouncy two year old promptly tugged him to a stop and with a pout informed him, "No swilly, the doggie's over there."

Although hardly taller than his knee Naruto was definitely stronger than he looked. With another mighty tug he began pulling him in the other direction. It was then he finally saw the 'doggie' his son wanted to pet. There, sitting in a corner was a small figure glaring morosely at all who dared encroach upon his territory. If the pale skin and dark hair didn't give it away the glare sure as hell did. The scary looking three year old wearing a brown beanie with dog ears sown to either side was definitely an Uchiha, one that looked like he could very well take off finger if given the chance. He saw the kid growl at an approaching pink-haired little girl, viciously snapping at her with his razor-sharp baby teeth. He could understand the anger. He would be angry too if someone made him dress like that. His sympathy however was relatively short lived.

"Naruto-chan, I don't think that's a good idea," he gently said. There was no way he was letting his son go anywhere near the rabid kid. He would be safer petting a tiger. "Wouldn't you rather go pet Kuromaru over there?"

Naruto stopped for a moment to look between the real dog and the snapping Uchiha. He then determinedly turned back to his father and pouted, "No, Nar-Naruto wanna pwet the pwetty doggie."

"Naru-" he began again, letting go of the tiny hand in his for just a moment so that he could kneel down.

His first mistake was releasing his son. In an orange blur his little blond took off towards the 'doggie' while his father was made to watch in horror as he slowly approached the Uchiha who in turn eyed the blond bundle curiously. His second was to let them meet. When Naruto got close enough rather than biting his poor baby the tiny raven haired boy allowed the blond to actually give him a pat to his beanie covered head, just before tackling the unsuspecting toddler to the ground. His third and final mistake was not taking Naruto away sooner. Minato felt his eyes widen and was just about to show everybody exactly why he was called Konoha's Yellow Flash when rather than punch or kick the small blond the kid did something else, something maybe even worst. He licked him. Right on his scared cheek the creepy miniature Uchiha licked his baby. But that wasn't all. He also bit him. He bit him right on the neck. It was almost like he was giving him a hickey. He blinked and blinked and blinked again. Not quite sure if he had seen correctly. Despite the more logical part of his brain telling him how very wrong his next thought was he couldn't help but notice the rather comprising position they were in.

Quickly making his way towards the pair he non-too gently pulled the raven haired boy off his son and scooped the still giggling toddler up into his arms, practically crushing him to his chest as he glared down at the tiny Uchiha for, as unreasonable as it sounded, violating his baby. Of course he refused to listen to the ever present voice inside his head informing him three year olds don't have hormones and therefore aren't mentally or chemically capable of being perverts. Rationale be damned. He knew a pervert when he saw one.

Despite his ridiculous ensemble the Uchiha did a rather decent job in returning his glare, dark eyes lingering possessively on the hold he had around his son, as if to say 'you're not allowed to do that'. No words were exchanged but the message was loud and clear. He's mine. Defiantly Minato tightened his hold on his Naruto causing the raven haired munchkin to narrow his eyes. Just as he was about to gloat over his victory the little brat let out what sounded suspiciously like a bark. Almost instantly the bundle in his arms squirmed, threatening to dislodge from his arms as the blond toddler screeched, "Doggie, Naruto wanna pwet the doggie. Down! Down!"

The little punk had the gall to smirk at him, him, the Hokage. Minato twitched as he was forced to release Naruto who immediately jumped on the all too smug looking hell spawn. Now some may call him paranoid. Later many came to tell him that he was overreacting and the bite was not a hickey. The hell spawn was merely teething and Naruto was simply a convenient chew toy. Even his inner self was screaming at the absurdity of it all. However despite everything and everybody telling him that he was being crazy the alarm bells just wouldn't stop ringing.

Sure the snake sanin may launch an attack on Konohagakure every few years or so and the Tsuchikage may continually plot against them at every turn, but as far as he was concern those were threats he could deal with. He had people to support him, people to rally behind him and face the foe by his side. Against the spawn from hell however, he had nobody, nobody at all. No one could believe such a cute little kid could be the pervert he claimed him to be. No one was willing to back him up. And that was why his greatest enemy was neither sanin nor Kage.

No. His enemy was way sneakier than either could ever be. His greatest enemy was a snot-nosed little punk with the face of an angel and the intentions of a devil. His greatest enemy was none other than Uchiha Sasuke and though he never threatened the safety or security of the village he threatened something ten times more precious, the chastity of his only son, his Naruto-chan. He glared at the hell spawn, twitching at the smug smirk that greeted him as Naruto obliviously continued to coo over the raven haired midget.

It was so on.