A/N: It's done, this is the final chapter of Too Far Gone. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it (and revising it). For those who have read it before, I added the wonderful "I hate you" scene that all women go through when they have children. I omitted it before, but decided to put it in. It's a fun way to start the chapter and end my story. :) Thanks to everyone who read!

CH: 25- Changes

"I hate you, James Potter!"

Those were the first words Sirius heard as he woke up on the morning of July 31st. He yawned and stretched, assuming that James and Lily were having yet another row. Lily's pregnancy was getting hard on her, and she was taking it out on her husband. Sirius chuckled as he crawled out of bed. Better James then him, he thought as he pulled on his robe and walked down the hall to Lily and James' suite.

He heard Lily's screams and immediately crashed through the door, belatedly realizing that Lily wasn't fighting with her husband, she was in labor. "Dammit to hell, Sirius. What do you think you are doing?" James asked. He was standing beside the bed, attempting to hold his wife's hand but she kept reaching out to hit him. He was dodging her fists while still trying to comfort her.

"She is two months early! How was I supposed to know she was in labor?" Sirius demanded angrily, gesturing to the screaming, sweating woman in the bed.

"If you want to help go and get my mother, she will know what to do," James shouted so he could be heard over Lily's wails.

"He doesn't have to come and find me, I'm already here," Kylie said as she stepped through the door and pushed Sirius aside. "No offense Lily, but I could hear your screams all the way in our wing of the manor."

Kylie pushed her way to Lily's bedside and put her hands on her daughter-in-law's stomach. "Kylie, I'm dying," Lily whispered tearfully.

"You aren't dying, you are going to have a baby. Just by the feel of it I can tell little Harry is ready to meet the world," Kylie turned to her son and his best friend, "If you two want to help I need towels and hot water."

James and Sirius raced to the door and fought their way out, both trying to be helpful, but like all men just getting in the way during a birth. "Mum, I need him..." Lily said and pointed after her husband.

Kylie shook her head and began to plump Lily's pillows. "Trust me dear, it might seem like you want him here, but he would just get in the way. I know it's handy to have someone to yell at, and I promise that he will be back after he runs around for a bit and get the baby adrenaline out of his system. Now what we need to do for you is see how close your contractions are together."

Twenty minutes later James and Sirius ran back into the room, both of their arms laden with towels and two steaming bowls of hot water. "We brought you what you need," James said with a bright smile on his face but when he saw Lily's look of pain he dropped what he was carrying and rushed to her side. "Sweetheart, are you okay?"

"No I'm not okay! Look at me! You did this to me you bastard!" she screamed and lunged at him again. This time he didn't back away fast enough and she caught him hard on his right shoulder. "I hate you! I want you to get down here and do this... you did this to me!"

"Sweetheart, don't say that, I love you!" James said anxiously, reaching for her hand again but his mother interceded.

"You might want to wait in the next room, James. I know you love your wife and it's difficult for you to see her in pain. Just go, I can take care of her," Kylie said kindly and steered her son out of the room.

Lily began to cry, "I didn't mean that, I love James! James, come back, I need you!"

James jumped around his mother and took his wife's hand in his. "I know you love me, just hold onto me okay? You can clench my hand as hard as you need to through the pain." He was as good as his word, he resisted all attempts at getting him out of the room and he bore Lily's screams when she was in her fits of agony. Three hours later (through even more screams and a fainting fit on Sirius's behalf) Harry James Potter was born.

Lily smiled down at her son; he was so tiny and so beautiful. She said as much to Kylie when she brought Harry back after cleaning him up.

"He is two months premature Lily, he is supposed to be small," Kylie said with a grin and kissed her grandson's hair. "He already looks so much like James."

"Yes, but he has his mothers eyes," James said tenderly as he leaned down to kiss his wife. He was absolutely correct, Kylie realized as Harry opened his eyes slowly. They were the exact shade of Lily's emerald eyes.

"Thank you so much for giving me a son Lily," James said softly and kissed her again. Lily eagerly leaned up to receive his kiss and Sirius sighed. After all she had put them through, all the screaming and wailing and threats, the bruises his friend now carried on his right shoulder, James was still smiling at his wife as though nothing had happened. Sirius smiled down at his Godson and winked.

"I just hope you don't cry as much as she does," Sirius teased and Lily pinched him playfully on the arm.

"I hope he doesn't faint at the slightest provocation like his Godfather does," Lily teased back.

"I love Lily's eyes when they shine with tears," James said and leaned down to kiss his wife again.

"I need to rescue my Godson from all this snogging," he said and gently pulled Harry out of Lily's arms. "Stick with me Harry, we'll go far kid," Lily heard as Sirius walked out of the door with his Godson cradled tenderly in his arms.

"We made the right choice," she said with a sigh of happiness. James looked down at her.

"What decision was that Lils?" James asked as he sat on the side of their bed. Lily looked surprised for a moment.

"The decision to make Sirius Harry's Godfather of course."

"Yes, I'm glad Dumbledore refused. You can tell how much Sirius loves Harry, he will be so good to him," James admitted. Kylie left the room slowly, not wanting to draw attention to herself while her son and his wife were having a special moment together.

"I love you so much James, I can't believe I almost ruined what we have. I can't imagine a life without you," she whispered gently and James brushed her lips with a kiss.

"I knew that we would be together Lily, you just needed time to fall in love with me," he teased and Lily pulled on his ear softly.

"What if I hadn't though James, would you have married another girl?" she asked.

"No." She looked relieved but then he kissed her quickly and told her, "I would have married a woman." He was rewarded with a smack in the face with Lily's feather pillow.

As the Potters began their new lives with Harry things seemed to be perfect. They began to work at the ministry less often, but they still loved their job. Nothing could have prepared them for the blow that came shortly after Harry's first birthday.

There was a knock at their door early in the morning on the first of September. It was an urgent knocking, almost frantic, and Lily ran down the stairs to open it.

"Albus," Lily exclaimed happily when the door was opened. If she had expected his usual wide grin, she wasn't receiving it; instead he was looking pale and worried.

"Close the door tightly," he ordered and rushed inside, leaving Lily to double bolt the door.

"What's wrong Albus?" Lily asked in a worried voice and she looked into Albus's eyes to read something, anything, but they were cold and empty. "Albus?" she asked softly.

"Get James and meet me in the parlor, we have some urgent things to discuss."

Lily didn't hesitate in going upstairs to wake James up. "Darling," she whispered sweetly and James's eyes fluttered open. A slow grin crept onto his face and he reached for her, obviously to pull her down and back to bed. "No James. Dumbledore is here, something has happened."

Instantly he was awake and he grabbed for his glasses on the bedside table. "What is it?" Lily shrugged, but he could tell from her eyes that whatever had happened, Dumbledore had scared her enough to make her worry. They rushed downstairs, hand-in-hand, into the parlor but they stopped dead when the entered. Dumbledore, who neither of them had ever seen upset, was crying.

"Albus?" James asked as they sat down on the small chintz sofa. He glanced up at them and sighed through his tears.

"I have some bad new for you I'm afraid," He whispered hoarsely. Lily felt tears come into her own eyes and suddenly she knew without a doubt what had happened.

James watched his wife sink to the floor in silent agony, her shoulders heaving with sobs. He got to the floor beside her and wrapped his arms around her. "Lily?"

"Oh James, they can't be dead," she cried pitifully.

"Who is dead?" James asked in a worried voice and then he turned to the headmaster and demanded, "Who is dead?"

Dumbledore sighed again, removed his glasses and began rubbing the tears out of his eyes; he made no pretense of dignity at all. "Voldemort's death eaters struck last night..."

"What in the hell are you talking about?" James demanded, Lily still sobbing in his arms.

"Your parents were murdered by Lord Voldemort James. I'm so sorry…"

"Are you ready Lily?" James asked softly from behind her. Lily was taking her very last look at "Awakening" before leaving forever. She felt a tear roll down her cheek but she paid no attention to it. Since last week when Dumbledore informed them of Kylie and Nathaniel's death Lily hadn't been able to turn off the well of her tears, they seemed to spring up from inside of her. Dumbledore had also told them that they had to go into hiding, for the Dark Lord was after Harry. He told them that Frank and Alice were also going into hiding with their son Neville who was born the day before Harry was. Apparently the prophecy that was made two years before had meant the Longbottom's as well. It was hard to take in.

James understood what his wife was feeling, everyone she loved in the world was being taken from her, first her parents, then James's parents and now her last real friend was being forced into hiding as well. He kissed her cheek softly and she shivered a bit and the turned to look at him.

"Will we ever come back here James? I have such a bad feeling about leaving," she admitted. James looked around the room and then down at his wife, whose eyes were filled with fright and worry.

"I don't know Lily, I wish I did," he wrapped her in a hug then, her face pressing into his shoulder.

"Sirius should be ready in a few minutes, and then we can perform the Fidelius charm. Everything will be alright Lily, Sirius would never betray us," James said confidently and Lily kissed him hard. They heard Sirius clearing his throat behind them.

"I have something I need to tell you," he said softly and James looked hard at his friend.

"I'm not going to like this am I?" James asked in a tired voice. Sirius tried to put on a smile but he failed miserably.

"I have been thinking James and Peter is right…" he broke off as a tear formed in his eyes.

"Peter is right about what?" James asked with worry etched onto his face.

"Peter came to see me last night, he told me that Voldemort would come to me first, knowing that I am your best friend and would be your secret-keeper. He thinks that if you let him be secret-keeper Voldemort would never think about him. He is your best bet to survival James," he finished lamely, staring at the floor.

"Do you really think that we will be safer this way Sirius?" James asked incredulously. Sirius sighed and nodded his head.

"You have to understand James. You are my best friend, and Voldemort knows it. He will come after me and after he kills me there is no one left that knows where you are. I am doing this for your sake James," he said softly and James felt tears prickling his eyes.

"All right Padfoot, if you think this is best…"

Lily lie in bed that night and stared at the ceiling dejectedly. It was her first night in Godric's Hollow and she was trying to make the best of it, but this place wasn't home to her. She rolled into James's embrace and pressed a kiss to his neck.

"Something on your mind sweetheart?" he asked and rolled over to face her. Lily's eyes were swimming with tears, and she hid her face from him. "Oh Lils," he whispered and held her tightly.

"At least we have Harry," Lily said dolefully and wiped her eyes. James smiled softly at her; his wife could always look at the bright side of things. "Everything will be okay for us, won't it James?"

"Lily, I can't promise that everything will be okay, but I can promise that I will love you until I die," he said and ran his fingers through the titian hair he loved so much.

"That is a wonderful promise," she said quietly and then she leaned in to kiss him. It was meant to alleviate her fears, but instead it left them both wanting more. As James rolled her onto her back and stared into her vivid eyes, he smiled.

"I love you Lily."

"I love you James."