The light deposited them all on the Castle's ceremonial tower: a wide, flat stone surface – exactly the kind of battlefield that Zelda knew Link would need to fight Majora. It was now late at night, Majora's unholy powers having warped time ahead. Dawn was only hours away.

It was doomsday's eve.

Majora, controlling Stal's body, floated high in the air above them, with Tael orbiting his head, as he looked up at the Dragon Star, the deadly space-rock coated in a flaming red corona as it began to re-enter the atmosphere. "If it can be stopped...just try and stop it!!" Majora cackled.

Tael flew forward. "Sis!!" he cried.

"Hang on, Tael!" Tatl cried, as she circled Zelda. "Everything will be okay!"

"Tatl, listen!" Tael cried. "Swamp. Mountain. Ocean. Canyon. Hurry! The four who are've got to bring them here!!"

"I understand, Tael!" Tatl replied.

"SHUT UP!!" Majora roared, backhanding Tael. "Don't speak out of line, you stupid pixie!!"

"No!" Tatl cried. "Majora, things aren't going to go the way you expect them to!"

"Stal, listen." Link said. "We've talked to your friends. Stal, they forgive you; they want to be your friends, again."

At that, Stal spoke with his own voice, shaking off Majora's influence. "Really?" Stal asked. "I thought..." Then Majora re-asserted control. "QUIET!!" he roared. "I'm in control, not you! You're mine, puppet!!"

Zelda knew that Link had heard what he'd needed to hear: Stal was still in there.

"You're done, Majora." Link said. "You say you know about us slaying your generals? Then you must know about how we've met the Temple occupants – Stal's friends – and can easily summon them. That's why you stole my Ocarina, isn't it?! So we couldn't call to them! Well,'s time for an introduction." At that, he took out the Ocarina of Time.

"NOOOOO!!!" Majora howled. "DON'T PLAY THAT SONG!!!" But Link ignored him, playing the Oath to Order, loud and clear.

Seconds later, Zelda heard the calls of the four giants, answering Link's call. Then, off in the distance, she saw them rise up, and walk towards the Castle, taking huge steps. In a matter of minutes, all four giants surrounded Hyrule Castle, calm under the approaching Dragon Star. They looked to each other, nodding in mutual understanding, and then each raised their hands to the comet, sending energy beams from their hands, striking the comet. The giants then began to push, using all of their might to stop the incoming space-rock. The Dragon Star's fall began to slow...and then...stop. Once it stopped, the giants kept their powers trained on it, ready to push it back into space, into its proper path.

When it was over, Zelda looked around; the Star was just hanging there, and Majora was floating lifelessly in the air. She walked over to Link, and they both looked to the east, and saw the beginning of a new sunrise, just starting to form. It had been a while since she'd seen one. "I've never seen anything so beautiful." she murmured.

Link smiled, and turned to her. "I have." he said, looking at her. "Zel, I've...been meaning to ask you something."

Zelda felt her heart begin to flutter in her throat. "Yes, Link?" she asked, every fiber of her being trembling at what she knew he would ask.

But before Link could ask, they were interrupted.

"Sis!!" Tael exclaimed, as he and Tatl flew happy circles around each other.

"Tael!!" Tatl exclaimed. "Tael, are you okay?"

"Yeah, Tatl, I'm fine!" Tael replied.

At the happy little reunion, Link and Zelda both had to smile. Tatl and Tael were back together, their little family reunited.

Suddenly, an evil chuckle filled the Stal's body fell away from Majora's Mask, which more than tripled in size, growing tentacles from its back. "I've underestimated you two." Majora hissed. "I'll not make that mistake again."

Zelda changed to her Fairy-form to assist Link, but before she or Link could do anything, Majora conjured an expanding dome of dark fire. It seemed to have no effect on Link, but it forced Zelda away, pushing her to the edge. Link was trapped in a domed arena! "Link!!" Zelda cried, pounding her tiny fists on the dome's wall.

"Zelda!" Link exclaimed, rushing over to her, stopping at the dome wall, placing his hand on the spot on his side of the dome where her hand was. "Are you okay?"

"Yes...but I can't help you; I can't break through." Zelda said. "I'm so sorry..."

"Don't worry, Zel. I'll be fine." Link said, smiling. "I've got an ace in the hole. I'll be okay, sweetheart." Then, he turned, walking towards Majora's Mask, drawing his weapons.

Zelda didn't know what he meant – could it have something to do with the immense power he'd started to show? Zelda simply smiled to herself; all she knew was that Link would win.

She believed in him.

As Link circled the floating Mask, Navi darted out of his cap. "Link, the only way to hurt Majora's Mask with your Sword is to use your Shield to reflect its beam attacks back at it to knock it down. Then you can attack it!" she squeaked. Link nodded, and returned his steely gaze to his foe. Majora whirled into a dervish, and flew at Link, trying to slice him with its spikes. Link easily leapt aside, and then Majora fired a steady beam of black fire at him. Link raised his Shield, using its mirror-surface to reflect it, angling it back at Majora, knocking the evil Mask out of the air. Link put his Shield away, and drew the Great Fairy Sword with the Master Sword, and then closed on the Mask, unleashing a deadly series of lightning-fast sword-strikes on it. Majora screeched in pain and anger, floating into the air, and then whirling at Link again, but the power of Link's Triforce of Courage warned him of the attack, and told him how to counter it; just before the Mask hit him, he leapt into the air and executed a down-thrust with both blades, pinning the evil Mask.

Majora shrieked as it broke free, and it began to change. The tentacles retracted back into it, as the Mask became a torso region, sprouting spindly arms and legs. It then grew a head, consisting of only one eyeball. "What is that?" Link exclaimed.

"That's Majora's Incarnation, Link." Navi explained. "It moves really fast, so stun it with a Light Arrow, and then attack it!"

The Incarnation began to run around the battlefield at incredible speed, and Link couldn't get a clear shot. Link ran after the Incarnation, managing to get a clear shot, and let a Light Arrow fly, knocking the creature of darkness down, where Link closed in and unleashed a slashing salvo on it. The Incarnation shrieked, and began to run around even faster. Link ran after it, his stamina straining, and hit it again, knocking it down, and unleashing a leap-strike.

The Incarnation screamed, and seemed to go into convulsions. Its arms and legs began to grow muscular, sprouting whip-like tentacles where its hands should have been. Its head mutated to that of a monster, with the single eye still in its forehead. "Link...that's Majora's Wrath." Navi murmured. "It's Majora's true form, and in it, he can channel his full power. I...I really don't know how to fight him, Link! Nobody's ever really beaten him in a fight like this; all anyone could ever do was trap him in that Mask!"

"That's okay, Navi. I'll be fine." Link said. Taking aim with a Light Arrow, he let it fly, but the Wrath effortlessly evaded it, somersaulting well over Link's head. As Link turned, the Wrath unleashed his whips, smacking Link over a dozen times before Link could even blink. Cackling, the Wrath unleashed a blast of deadly dark fire, and Link managed to get out of the way.

Now Link was getting tired. Keeping pace with the Incarnation had been tough, and Majora still wasn't done.

Link dodged another fire-blast...only to be snagged by Majora's whips. The Wrath yanked him right off the floor, and slammed him against the side of the energy dome, releasing him as the Wrath made his throw. "LINK!!" he heard Zelda cry out.

Link turned his mind inward, deep within himself, searching for the power he'd felt once before, the seed of potential. He found it, and felt it blossom, sending the power surging through his body, putting it completely at his command, ready for use at a moment's notice. Slowly, he got back up, and began to walk towards Majora.

Majora was practically salivating when Link returned. Link just smiled calmly, and sheathed his weapons. "Link!! What are you doing?!!" Navi cried.

"Don't worry." Link replied. "I'm okay, Navi...which is more than Majora will be able to say." Slowly, he began to concentrate.

He'd always had an ace in the hole...and now was the time to play it.

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