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She knew she always would love him. She didn't love easily and when she did it was forever. She had given him her heart and would probably never get it back. In a way she would always be his woman. It was one of the reasons she left when he wasn't home, he always did fight for what he considered his, and she was defiantly his.

She looked around the apartment, his apartment, she had only lived there. Every inch had memories who screamed for her to stay.

A single tear fell from her eye and rolled down her chin. She had to remember why she was doing this. She was losing herself. Loving him without knowing if he loved her back, took all her being. He didn't need her. To him she was a great shag, a arm charm on his arm in public and a trophy to waive in Harry's face. He is proud, too damn proud. He is a Malfoy and she is a Weasley and he wouldn't let her forget that. He didn't love her; she didn't think Malfoys were capable of love.

Spite all that she knew she would stay if he asked her to. Because if he asked he must at least care, right?

She packs all her things, but leaves all the things he bought her behind. When she left she was leaving all of him behind. She couldn't have anything that reminded her of him.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live!

That is what she had been doing, living in a dream world. A world he had created for her, he had showered her with gifts, jewellery and expensive dinners. She had everything she had ever wanted except his love.

He didn't care, and she cared too much.

She walked to the front door, but stopped. There he stood with a shocked expression.

He saw her bags and he saw her tears.

"Where are you going?" he managed to choke out.

"I'm leaving!" she said trough her tears; he could bearably hear her small sob.

"Why?" he looked hurt.

"Because loving you is too hard, it's taking over all of my being, not being loved. Can't you see its hurting me?" she walked past his unmoveable figure. If she had heard his whispered plea, she would've stopped but she didn't. She didn't see his heartbroken face when he whispered: