This is my first fanfiction! Yay! I hope you like it!

'Blah' - Inner Sakura

'Blah' - Normal Sakura

Blah - Flash Back

"Blah" - Normal Dilect

This chapter is going to be from Sakura's POV. In later chapters I might have some parts with Sasuke's POV, but I'll tell you about it!

xX Aya Marie-chan

She woke up with a jump, since some loudmouth was pounding on her door and yelling, "Oi, Sakura-chan, wakey wakey!" She groaned and thought to herself, 'Urgh, in Konoha there is only one loud, hyperactive, knucklehead ninja, and he just had to be put on my team…'

Inner Sakura shoved her fist in the air and yelled 'C'mon girl! Shove one of your fists of fury so far down his throat that you bust his vocal chords!' Sakura had to agree with her inner self, what the hell did Naruto think he was doing? You would think after being on her team along with Sasuke for three years that he would've learned never to wake sweet little Sakura from her slumber, because if you do, she isn't so sweet anymore.

Sasuke… I miss you so much… How could you even think about causing Naruto, Kakashi, and I such anguish? Perhaps you don't even deserve friends… 'Urg, I need to stop thinking about him, even though he always seems to be on my mind…' Sakura thought angrily.

Naruto had now proceeded to bust inside her one-room apartment. He grabbed one of the pink pillows off of her bed in a very non-stealthy manner and was preparing to attack her with it.

"Na-ru-to," Sakura growled, emphasizing every syllable of the hyper blonde's name, "I'll give you fifteen seconds to get out of my frigging apartment and to run as fast and as far as your tiny feet can take you." Having heard that, Naruto's eyes grew wide as he dropped the pink, plush pillow and darted out the door. Had he not, he knew that he would have to face Sakura's wrath of fury because he woke her up.

'Hmph, it's about time he left me alone so I can catch up on some well-deserved beauty sleep…' Inner Sakura growled grumpily. After Inner Sakura had her say, Sakura happily buried her face inside of the remaining pink pillow, allowing herself to drift into sleep. Such bliss. After Sakura's parent's died, sleeping and training became her two favorite pastimes. Anything to keep her mind off of the blood was good actually.

Before they were brutally murdered she always dreamt of sakura trees. Now in her nightmares all she ever sees is blood. All she hears are their screams of terror, and the breaking glass. All she smells is the stench of death, and if she's lucky she might get a light whiff of cherry blossoms. She remembers that awful day as if it were yesterday.

"Bye Naruto," waved a happy twelve-year-old Sakura. She walked up to her doorstep and paused for a moment, inhaling the sweet spring air, which was graced by the fragrance of the sakura trees that surrounded her house. By then Naruto was already gone, and racing off towards his empty apartment.

Her eyes became wide with fear when she heard her mother's terrified shriek, and her father yelling 'No!' Something was awfully wrong, she could sense it. Before she could even gather her thoughts to open the door, she heard the sound of shattered glass. In that instant she threw open the door to find her parents lifeless bodies, mutated on the floor.

That sight would scar her memories forever.

At first she gasped, and then she let out a blood-curdling scream that echoed throughout Konoha, and sent peaceful birds flying out of their trees. Only three people recognized it, and went running towards the Haruno residence.

After she screamed she ran towards their bodies, and thought, 'This can't be. This just can't happen. It's impossible.' With that she hugged her mother's body tight, and cried her heart out on her mother's lifeless chest.

She shook herself out of sleep; she just wasn't feeling up to being tormented by those moments, yet again. Sakura yawned and shook her light pink hair, which matched her pillows and most of her room. She had always loved pink, even though she hated her hair. She only hated her hair because it made her stand out in a crowd.

Sakura groaned as she attempted to force herself out of her soft feather bed… it was just so comfortable…

'Get your lazy ass out of bed if you aren't going to sleep!' Inner Sakura scolded. After Inner Sakura had her say, as she always did, Sakura pushed herself out of that nice, comfortable, warm, welcoming… 'ACK! I have to stop this!' Sakura thought to herself. As she sat up she took a moment to stare longingly at her bed. The cold had already hit her skin swiftly and she fought to suppress a shiver.

In an attempt to snap herself from this daze, she rubbed her eyes with her hands. This always seemed to do the trick. And so it worked. After Sakura blinked a couple times, she found herself capable of properly functioning, or at least close to properly.

She walked into her bathroom and splashed some cold water on her face. When she lifted her eyes to inspect what her reflection revealed, she nearly flinched.

Her eyes were studying an empty shell. Only when Sakura was alone would she quit putting up her happy front. She had to give herself credit; everyone seemed to believe that she was truly happy. If they noticed otherwise they never said anything. Despite the cheerful front she always put up, she was dying inside. Or maybe she already was dead…

'C'mon Sakura, get yourself together… If you can't be strong for yourself, be strong for Naruto. He deserves it for all he has been through and done for you.' Sakura chided herself.

'Psst… Sakura… The people who are the most jovial on the outside are the most sorrowful on the inside. You might appear to be vibrant and happy all the time, when you are actually are cold and lonely on the inside…' Inner Sakura whispered, even though there was no need for silence.

Sakura smiled sadly before she thought to herself, 'Hmm… It sounds like you're right… But does that mean that Naruto is as sad as I am on the inside as well? It's really too bad that he'll never be more than a big brother to me… I hope that someday he'll give up on me and move on to someone who deserves love, his love… I am simply destined to be left cold and alone. I am beginning to find this eternal winter attractive.'

'Of course I'm right! Maybe you should talk to Naruto, but be careful not to give off the wrong vibe... Quite frankly it's not "too bad" that Naruto won't be more than a big brother to you, I personally am still partially swooning over Sasuke! Aaaahh, Sasuke! All this crap about destiny! Pfft, have you been talking to Neji recently? I certainly do not appreciate this winter you speak of… I am a pretty girl who shouldn't have to hide her body in a freaking Eskimo suit!' Inner Sakura complained as she wrapped herself in a fluffy jacket.

Sakura began to ignore her ranting Inner Self, and studied her reflection in the mirror once more. She was tempted to shiver due to the chills caused by the gaze of her own eyes.

'Ha! You could probably outdo Uchiha with that glare, girl!' Inner Sakura exclaimed. She would have rolled her eyes at her inner thoughts hadn't she caught something in the mirror that was behind her. It was a person. A boy with black hair and empty onyx eyes.

As soon as her eyes meet his in the mirror, without hesitation, her fist met with the glass sending shattered pieces in every direction. Some pieces came flying her way, leaving her with a few deep gashes.

Sakura ignored the pain entirely as if it weren't there. After all, being numb due to the winter cold her heart was living in had its positive points. She whirled around to look the man she loved and despised at the same time in the face. Instead all she saw was her room just as she had left it. She had been hallucinating.

"God dammit!" Sakura cursed as loud as her vocal chords could muster. She began to scream a thousand unheard curses and cry a million unshed tears as she wrapped her arms around herself tightly. Sakura's legs gave out beneath her causing her to fall to the floor. There her blood flowed freely out her open wounds as she cried herself back to sleep on her bathroom floor.