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Sakura woke up due to the sunrays shining through her window- they were resting directly on her face. The light was so bright that it awoke her from her deep slumber. She was slightly grateful for the wake-up call, since it shook her from her graphic nightmares, but she wasn't necessarily looking forward to another day with Sasuke.

Sakura forced herself to abandon the warmth of her bed and shivered when the icy air hit her skin. She knew that she would need to clean her apartment and silently cursed herself for having been too lazy and distracted the night before.

She trudged over to her dresser and changed into her everyday outfit- a shirt with shorts and a white skirt over it. She also donned a pair of black gloves and raven colored boots. Sakura absolutely adored those black gloves and ninja boots; she thought that they added some pizzazz to her outfit.

She was still half-asleep and probably wouldn't wake up until the run to the bridge, where team seven continued to meet before they went off to training or missions. It has always been the designated spot, and they never bothered to change it. Every day they would meet there on the same bridge at 7:00 A.M. Sakura assumed that was one thing that was never going to change.

She forced her body to maneuver itself in a mechanical fashion towards her bathroom. She stepped on some shards of the mirror, cracking them, but she was too tired to notice. The blood that had spattered on the floor the previous day remained there, and would most likely stain.

After what seemed like years, Sakura finally made it inside of the bathroom and was in front of her sink. So much for ninja speed, huh? She was just so tired, more tired than before she actually received some shut-eye.

'Aren't you supposed to feel refreshed, or at least less tired, after you sleep?' she asked herself. She didn't get a reply from Inner Sakura; her alter ego was still out cold.

Sakura sighed to herself, 'You know what? Sometimes I really envy you…' She proceeded to splash some icy water on her face, which seemed so cold it burned, but was certainly sufficient in waking her up a bit. Next she brushed her teeth and combed her vibrant, pink hair. Normally, her next move would be to inspect her appearance in the mirror, only to find that it wasn't there.

She just sighed and shook her head, some habits you could just never break. Was he a habit too? Sakura shook her head, but harder this time, and her hands were gripping the sink. Her hands that were on the sink were holding it so titghtly her knuckles were going white. Maybe Sasuke wasn't the only emotional one in the morning…

Sakura smiled lightly, even though she didn't have anything to be smiling about, and darted out her door. She made sure to lock it behind her, even if the complicated metal barrier had proven to be easily overcome. The thought of anyone and everyone having access to her apartment made her sigh once more. Don't people know anything about privacy?

Sakura smirked gleefully to herself, 'Maybe Kakashi-sensei will allow us to do a bit of sparring today! Hopefully he will let us pick partners… Kakashi-sensei would probably want to battle Sasuke himself to test how much he has progressed though…'

She was racing from rooftop to rooftop, looking a bit similar to a pouncing cat who was attacking new of prey on each new roof, or at least she would have if she was moving slow enough to be visible to the human eye. Sure, you could see her, but she was so fast that most would simply brush it off as a hallucination because she was there and gone so swiftly.

Her short, pink hair whipped behind her in the wind as she accelerated towards the bridge. Sakura still wore the slight smile on her face; it just felt like it was going to be a great day for some reason and that put her in a fabulous mood. Of course, her great mood could also be because Inner Sakura hadn't awoken yet…

When she arrived at the bridge, Sasuke was the only one there. Naruto would be the next to come, and they would have to wait a few hours for Kakashi. Maybe her day wasn't going to be as wonderful as she thought, since the first thing she's doing is spending alone time with dearest "Uchiha-san." Yet, she was raised with manners, and she would continue to act so… at least every now and then, and now was one of those times.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Uchiha-san," Sakura bowed. She knew that there would be no reply from her former crush, and she certainly didn't expect one.

She studied Sasuke momentarily, he had his eyes closed and was leaning against the railing of the bridge. His breathing was deep, and he seemed oddly at peace. He actually seemed like he was completely unaware of her presence.

He actually looked like he was… "SLEEPING?" Sakura screamed in his ear.

'Uchiha was sleeping? His guard was down? Damn, we should've drawn all over his face! That would have been so funny! Him sleeping in public is pretty hilarious in itself! And to think that he's a Kage… Psh, he doesn't act like one!' Inner Sakura laughed.

'Darn, I hoped that you croaked in my sleep…' Sakura thought to herself mournfully. Inner Sakura was going to reply, but Sasuke beat her to it, so she just stood there with her arms crossed looking huffy.

Sasuke shot up straight and said stoically, "Hn." Sakura rolled her eyes at this, but was internally grateful that he was acting normal again. She decided that she wanted to play with him a bit, maybe bother him so much he snaps. It was her sadistic tendencies coming into play.

"Ah, Uchiha-san, I knew that it was bad for you to say 'Hn' so much when you were young. You used that nonexistent word so much during your childhood that it has become an automatic reflex!" Sakura scolded in an exaggerated voice.

She took a step back and looked at the situation in a third-person view. It seemed as though Sakura was in a considerably nice mood. It also appeared that Sasuke reverted once more to his old-stoic-self; he was even wearing that despicable smirk that made so many girls swoon. However, her light mood vanished when she recalled that Sasuke spread rumors about her, which caused her to gain more admirers, and other rumors, which caused people to believe that she was no longer virgin…

"So, Uchiha-san, how exactly did you get everyone one to think that I was a heroine and the savoir of our dear village," Sakura asked in a lethal voice.

Sasuke chuckled and replied, "All I had to do was tell Naruto what happened, and he repeated it in a louder volume, so loud in fact, that every one in the market heard him. It was quite entertaining. And to think that if you had only joined us for ramen, all of that fame could have been prevented…"

'Eh! So much for his childhood indifference…' Sakura thought sarcastically to herself.

Inner Sakura roared threateningly, forming a fist which appeared to be on fire, 'Na-ru-to! Pray for mercy and maybe I'll bless you with a quick death! Of course, maybe I won't! That depends entirely on my mood!' Inner Sakura's expression shifted from scary angry to scary happy as she spoke of bringing about Naruto's demise. Poor Naruto.

'Leave Naruto alone, it's the bastard that's at fault! He purposely manipulated Naruto by his weakness for speaking loudly and repeating what others say when he's excited. That bastard carefully calculated this so that the blame would lie on Naruto's shoulders… Why else would he tell Naruto such private information in a public place, which is the center of attention? Urgh…' Sakura groaned to herself as she defended Naruto.

"So are you suggesting that it was some sort of counter-attack for me not joining you for dinner or something, Uchiha-san," Sakura asked innocently, but underneath the sweet façade she was very dangerous and extremely serious.

Sasuke smirked, "That is hardly the case, Sakura-chan! I simply meant that your presence could have shut his mouth and stopped the rumors from ever spreading… What a tragedy…"

Sakura didn't receive the chance to reply, because Naruto was running towards them waving and shouting some unidentifiable words. He was as awake as ever, and certainly louder than ever…

When he reached them Naruto yelled, "Sakura-chan! I heard your amazing tactics in fending off Sasuke-teme! I admire you for warding off the great Otokage!" Naruto continued praising and admiring her, but she stopped listening after she heard the word "Otokage."

"Otokage? So, Uchiha-san, I see that Tsunade-shishou disregarded my suggestions for you title as a Kage…" Sakura trailed off then reassured brightly, "But, don't fret, Uchiha-san! When I want to call you by your title, I'll still refer to you as Asshole-kage! That is the name I decided upon! Jerk-off-kage was too long and Traitor-kage wasn't colorful enough!" Naruto just blinked up at her, completely confused, and tried to pretend that he understood at least a tiny bit of what was gong on. However, no one fell for it.

"You had to be there, dobe," Sasuke insulted Naruto.

Naruto turned towards Sasuke and whined, "Aw, Sasuke-teme, why do you always leave me out of everything?"

'Kakashi-sensei, hurry up and get here! They're starting argue and I know that once they begin, they go at it for hours… Which is exactly how long it takes you to get here! Maybe I should take a page from your book and arrive hours later too, it surely would save me the grief…' Sakura complained to herself.

Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, Kakashi appeared. He was wearing his usual Jounin attire along with that mysterious mask. Sakura desperately wished to tear it off and see what his face looked like underneath it!

Kakashi greeted merrily, " Sorry I'm late, I got lost on the road of life." His visible eyes creased revealing that he was smiling beneath his mask.

Instead of yelling the usual "LIAR!" simultaneously with Naruto, Sakura ran up to him and gave him a colossal bear hug. Kakashi just stood there, completely dumbfounded as to why she seemed so happy about his presence. He was beginning to wonder if he replaced Sasuke as her new crush.

"I'm sorry Sakura, but you're too young for me. Sure, you're beautiful and I am perverted, but not that much," Kakashi said mournfully as he patted her comfortingly on the head.

Sakura thought to herself incredulously, 'What the fuck is Kakashi-sensei talking about?'

'Pervert-sensei! He thinks that we like him like that! Jeez, he surely doesn't hesitate to flatter himself!' Inner Sakura said angrily.

"Kakashi-sensei…" Sakura corrected, "I didn't mean it like that! I was grateful for you saving me from annoying people who wouldn't stop arguing!" She released him and landed one of her signature punches on his head.

"NEXT TIME TRY NOT BEING SUCH A PERVERT!" Sakura shouted in his face.

In the meantime, Naruto and Sasuke just watched nonchalantly from the sidelines, as if it were routine procedure. Yet when Sakura punched Kakashi on the head, Naruto burst out laughing and Sasuke even cracked a smile.

"Oh, well I'll rescue a fair maiden any time!" Kakashi said cheerfully then whipped out his favorite orange book- Icha Icha Paradise. He was constantly reading that porno; he seldom put it away, even during battle.

Sakura looked towards him and said sweetly, "Kakashi-sensei! I had this great idea- why don't we split up into teams of two and spar?" Naruto immediately looked worried and pumped at the same time. He was worried that he would have to face Sakura, but he wanted to face his rival against to see how much he improved.

"Sure, Sakura, that's a fabulous idea! I'll be paired up with Sasuke and you with Naruto!" Kakashi replied, never taking his eyes off of the dirty book.

Sakura turned to Kakashi slowly, narrowed her eyes, and asked in a malicious voice, "I'm sorry, Kakashi-sensei, but what did you say? I don't believe I heard you correctly."

"Eh? I said that I would be with Naruto today, since I knew just how much you wanted to battle Sasuke…" Kakashi amended in a slightly fearful voice. Once Sakura heard this, she flashed him a falsely sugary smile.

"Wow, Kakashi-sensei, you know me so well!" Sakura beamed then directed her attention to Sasuke saying, "Well, let's go find a place to get this started, Uchiha-san! Surely you're as excited as I am..."

Ohayo gozaimasu- Good morning.

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