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Rea stood next to the blue green mustang, in the drive way of the grey brick building that housed the HOPE center, not quite sure she felt at all comfortable staying with strangers while her father was running around free to hurt her. She had expressed the concern to Trent who had taken her in his strong arms and told her that the place she was staying would be safe and the people there would nice and friendly. She would be surrounded by people all the time and Alex would make sure she felt safe before leaving her there, he told that her father would never hurt her again. She returned the hug and made him promise come and see her soon, a promise he had agreed to with a grin.

Alex came around to her side and put a warm hand on her shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. Rea gave her a small smile, she couldn't help the knot of fear in her stomach or the lump in her throat that refused to be swallowed.

"Scared?" Alex asked, Rea nodded unable to find her voice.

"It's okay sweetie you know all you have to is call us and we'll be right back here to see you." Alex reassured her Rea felt a little of the fear ebb. She picked up her bag and flung it over her shoulder and together she and Alex made the way along the small cement walk way to the door. Alex opened it for them and Allowed Rea to step in first before following her in.


A figure in the bushes grinned as he snapped off a few more photos of the building before gathering his things and sneaking away just a quietly as he had come.


Trent was working hard to put Rea's father out of her misery for good. So far they had an air tight case; the rape kit had turned up DNA, and hairs and though neither had provided a match directly to Terrance Meyers, the DNA sample came a back with seven alleles in common with Rea's DNA, that meant that she was related to her attacker and Trent knew that alone was more than enough for the warrant he now held. The only problem was they had no idea where to find Mr. Meyer's. Trent sighed in frustration as he slapped the file down on his desk.

"We'll find him Trent he'll pop up eventually." Walker pointed out, Trent looked at him his eyes betraying the fear he felt.

"Yeah he'll pop up alright just as soon as he finds Rea; I just hope we get him before he has a chance to hurt her again." Trent replied. Walked silently agreed, it was looking pretty dire for Rea, if they didn't locate her father in the next few days they'd have find away to protect her for as long as it took to find him.


A figured moved about in a make shift dark room in small apartment, humming to himself as he pinned up photo after photo of his latest job, he smiled to himself, they tuned beautifully, his boss would be very pleased about these.


Rea stood in the main room looking around taking in everything a couch and coffee table sat in the center of the room dominating the space and against the wall in from them was a large TV set with VCR and game station. Off to the left she saw a hall way lined with doors on either side, and off the right she saw a smaller room with wide plate glass French doors beyond them she could see small children, playing, coloring, some were clapping and singing.

"Welcome to the Hop center, that's the children's play room, we have a child care service for moms who work but can't quite afford the cost of daycare." Alex informed her when she noticed Rea's attention drift that way.

"Well lets see where you'll be sleeping shall we?" Alex led her down the lined corridor, stopping about half way down and turned to a door on the right, she unlock the door the pushed it open, then handed the key to Rea she took them slowly and put them into the pocket of her jeans.

"So this is it, it not the Ritz, but at least you'll be safe," Alex said.

"And I see Trent dropped off the things he collected for you." She smiled upon seeing the box that sat on the twin size bed. Rea made her way over to the bed and dropped her Back pack next to the box and peered inside to see a few of her more personal items. A Picture of her mom holding as a baby that she had kept on the bed side table, her bible she had hid under her mattress the bookmark still in place, her journal, and few other things.

"There are only a few rules to follow, your abuser, is not allowed within these walls for obvious reasons, although don't see that being a problem for you. Lights go out a ten, curfew is ten thirty no later your still minor and still subject the city curfew laws, otherwise your free to come go as you please. Trent has asked that you stay around the Hope center until your father is arrested." Alex listed for Rea's understanding, she nodded as she unpacked her things. She stopped herself from hiding the bible under the mattress, and instead she laid it on the night stand within reach, her mothers picture joined it, and her journal she tucked away in the drawer.

"It's different not having to hide things anymore, something I have to get used to again. With my dad I could never openly worship God I had to hide my bible or he would have thrown it out." Rea explained as she placed a hand on top of the bible.

"You don't have to hide anything anymore you can do whatever you want to now." Alex told her, Res nodded and smiled they left the room shutting and locking the door behind them. Walking back out to the main room again Rea's attention drifted to the children in the other room, they were still going kind of crazy, and the only adult in the room seemed to hopelessly out of her depth and the blond teen didn't seem to be fairing any better. The woman stopped and seeing Alex and Rea smiled sweetly.

"Would like to go in and meet them?" Alex asked giving Rea nudge from behind. Rea walked to the door and opened it.

"Hi I'm Melinda and this is Claire and these are our adorable charges as you can see we're a little crazy today." Malinda chuckled as two rather rambunctious five years tore around them both in a frenzy to catch one another. Rea's attention diverted from them to a little girl who sat in the corner all by herself she was holding a doll that looked to have seen better days, with her knee's pulled into her chest and her head resting on them she watched the rest of the children play. Feeling sorry for the girl Rea made her way across the din to kneel in front of her and smile.

"Hello there little one, why aren't you playing with the others?" Res asked, the little girl just stare at her.

"My name's Rea. What's yours?" She tried again only to met with silence, Rea thought for a moment and then smiled.

"Have you ever heard the story of the frog princess?" Rea asked the girl shook her head, her long fiery red curls bobbing as she did.

"Would you like to hear it?" the girl nodded enthusiastically, and so Rea made herself comfortable.

"Well once a long time ago there lived this beautiful princess, her hair was fiery red and really curly, her eyes were green and shiny, and oh was she nice, everyone loved her. Every one that is except for the witch who lived on the hill, she jealous of the beautiful princess and wanted to get even with her so one day she disguised herself as a cook and served the princess her lunch but she poured and special potion into the princesses milk and poof she turned into a frog, Hazel her serving girl rushed to the throne in shock, 'Oh my dear princess are you alright? She asked her, and do you know what the princess said." Rea asked the girl, she shook her head.

"Ribbit!" Rea answered, to her shock the little girl burst into fits of laugher, Rea's eyes went wide and the room fell silent Melinda turned to stare at them both.

"Well I'll be, she's been here three weeks now and that's first noise I ever heard her make." Melinda said coming over and see what the commotion was about.

"Yeah guess my story was little funnier than I thought." Rea told her. Hearing this the other children come to investigate.

"What kind of story?" On little boy asked.

"It's the frog princess." Rea's little friend informed them. Rea watched in surprise as the children all gathered around them.

"Can hear the story too?" A little boy of about six asked, his deep brown eyes shining brightly, his small mouth curved into a smile, which Rea returned.

"Of course you can." She replied and all the children took seats on the floor. That's how Rea spent her first day, telling stories to the children as they sat eagerly listening to her every word, she told of a princess turned into a frog, a prince who fell in love and saved his princess from danger, and a scared little kitten who learned to be brave. At the end of the day when all the children were back with their parents Rea went back to her room to do her homework. She pulled out her Math and started working the problems she's been assigned.


A figured moved about in a make shift dark room in small apartment, humming to himself as he pinned up photo after photo of his latest job, he smiled to himself, they tuned beautifully, his boss would be very pleased about these, he slide them in a manila envelope and hurried out the door.

Terrance Black sat in the living room of a run down apartment the cops and come looking for him at his own place so he had to hide out here like a filthy rat and all because of his no good lying daughter she thought she could hide from him but he'd find her and kill her just like he'd promised her when her mother died, He took a swig of his beer and nearly chocked on it when some one starting pounding on the door, and shouted to him to open up.

"Come on Terrance it's me Rick open up." A male voice shouted through the door. Pulling himself back together Terrance clambered to his feet and stumbled to the door, pulled it open and allowed his guest to enter, a thug given his appearance, tall, thin yet muscular to the point of looking just scary enough to get the job done, his black hair was short cropped, and his beady black eyes danced with malice.

"What do you want?" Terrance asked, Rick held out an envelope Terrance took it and tore it open. Pictures fell into his waiting hand. He leafed through his mouth splitting to a grin as he looked upon the face of his daughter, he leafed through them until he came to one that caught his undivided attention. Rea stood in front of the grey brick building, he could only make out the side of her face but he didn't care he grinned even wider when he saw the sign over her right shoulder.

"The hope center huh?" He wondered out loud, Rick cleared his throat bringing the attention back to himself.

"My payment?" he questioned, with a heavy sigh Terrance counted out the money and then dismissed the man who left him to his photos. Terrance ran his finger delicately over her image of his daughters face, drinking in the fear he saw in her eyes.

"Enjoy your freedom while it lasts Rea, cause ready or not here I come." he promised, as he gathered a few things before leaving the apartment.

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