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This story is a sequel to Neji Hyuuga: Matchmaker. I suppose you could read this one on its own, but it would be better to check out its precursor, even if you just skim it. The story would make more sense if you did.

This story will be shorter than the previous one. It starts the day after Matchmaker finishes, and looks at the two years leading up to Sasuke's and Hinata's wedding.

This story may be a little less amusing than its predecessor, just 'cause I have to stick the evil psychopathic brother in it, and that's just going to cause trouble all around. Villains suck.

Thanks for reading, hope I don't disappoint.


Chapter 1: The Beginning of Something New

Hinata left the Hyuuga compound and headed towards the training grounds just as the sun was making it first appearance of the day. Still feeling a little wrong footed due to the sudden changes in her life, she decided to train. It was very cathartic, after all, to beat the crap out of a tree stump when one was confused.

Apparently she wasn't the only one who found training calming. Sasuke was there as well, and Hinata's face immediately went bright red at finding her fiancée already in the middle of throwing punches at a log. He turned when he sensed her approach. The two of them stood silently regarding each other for a few moments.

"Hn," Sasuke finally said by of greeting. Hinata smiled briefly, then looked down.

"Wanna train?" Sasuke asked. Hinata looked up and nodded once. She got into her typical stance, watching as Sasuke went into his. The two of them sparred for the better part of the morning, exchanging more blows then words. They stopped when the sun was high in the sky, panting and sweaty. Hinata leaned against a tree, trying to catch her breath, and Sasuke walked over to her.

"You're slow," he said simply, handing her a canteen. She obediently took a drink, trying to ignore the sudden feeling of shame. She avoided his gaze, and heard him shift uneasily.

"I mean, it's not like you're bad," he mumbled. She looked at him shyly then, a little confused. Was he trying to apologize? Sasuke sighed and grabbed the canteen from her hands, taking a drink himself.

"Wanna have lunch?" he asked. She blinked at him. He still wasn't looking at her.

"I'm sorry but I can't, Sasuke," she said softly, her eyes expressing regret, "Father expects me back home."

Sasuke just shrugged his shoulders and when she left to return to the Hyuuga compound, he fell easily into step beside her. She glanced at him quizzically, and he mumbled something about walking her home. She stared at him for a moment, but he just looked off to his right, avoiding her eyes. Hinata felt a flash of amusement and smiled. Who knew that Sasuke Uchiha was capable of shyness?


Hinata and Sasuke continued to meet each morning and train. It wasn't planned or anything, Sasuke just happened to always be at whatever training grounds Hinata chose to work in. She pretended that she didn't notice that he seemed to be stalking her, and he pretended that he wasn't stalking her. Deep down, Hinata found it funny, and sort of charming. No one had ever seemed interested in her that way before, so it was new to her. Not that Sasuke was overtly romantic or anything. Quite the contrary actually. His attitude towards her didn't seem that much different from his attitude towards anyone else – annoyed tolerance. Although, when she thought about it, he seemed less annoyed with her than any other person.

They would train for awhile, and Hinata was pleased to see that she was improving. Sasuke even grunted once, while walking her home, that she was less slow now. He always walked her home, she noted, and she was slowly growing accustomed to his presence. Apparently her growing ease with her betrothed caught her father's attention, because one day, after Hinata had been training with Sasuke for about a month, he called her into his office as she was leaving.

"Hinata, are you going to meet Sasuke this morning?" he asked her. She flushed and nodded.

"Good. I'm pleased that you two seem to be getting along," he said. Hinata didn't reply, not sure if 'getting along' was the way she'd described her relationship with the Uchiha. It was true that they were comfortable around each other, but they hardly ever spoke, and she didn't think trying to land a hit on your fiancée was really 'getting along' with him.

"I want you to inform the Uchiha that he is expected to join our family for dinner every Friday night," her father was saying. Hinata snapped back to reality and stared at him.

"Sorry?" she said, bewildered.

"You and Sasuke are required to attend dinner with us every Friday night," her father repeated. Hinata stared at him blankly.

"For how long?" she finally asked.

"For the rest of your lives. It is a way for you to remain close to the Hyuuga clan, and for us to keep an eye on the Uchiha," her father stated calmly. Hinata could think of nothing to say to this, and merely nodded her head before exiting the house and heading towards the training grounds. She began poking her fingers together nervously half way there, wondering how Sasuke – antisocial, people-hating, loner Sasuke – was going to take the news. By the time she reached the training grounds, her nervousness had extended to her chewing on her lip, her brow furrowed. She tried out different ways of breaking the news to Sasuke, each phrase sounding sillier in her head than the last. She was so focused that she didn't even sense his approach.

"Hinata," Sasuke called, and watched in surprise as his betrothed (a slight shiver ran down his spine at the title) jumped about three feet in the air, letting out a small squeak. He blinked at her, the only outward sign of his confusion.

"S-S-S-Sasuke," she greeted, and Sasuke frowned. Something had happened – Hinata didn't stutter around him anymore, unless she was nervous or anxious.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"N-N-N-Nothing," the heiress stuttered. Sasuke smirked, and she flushed, looking away.

"Hinata," he said, his tone telling her he wasn't buying it. She sighed and shut her eyes. Right, she was just going to come right out and say it.

"My father requests your company for family dinner on Friday night," she said quickly.

"Is that all? Why are you so nervous?" he asked, watching with slight amusement as she cracked one eye open.

"Because it isn't just for the one night – it's for every Friday night for the rest of our lives," she whispered. She couldn't read his expression – it had gone blank at her explanation. She opened both her eyes and took a hesitant step towards him.

"Sasuke?" she asked. He sighed, and his face fell back into his typical irritated look.

"That's inconvenient. What if I have a mission?" he asked.

"I think you'll be exempt from the dinner than," she said, "but I'll probably still have to go."

He was silent for a few moments.

"Do you want me to go?" he asked as his eyes slid away from her.

"Yes," Hinata said softly, watching him. She didn't hesitate in replying because it was true. Sasuke, when she had accepted him as her betrothed, had suddenly become a huge part of her life. She realized that even though, in two years, she would move out of her old home to start a new one with him, she still wanted to stay in constant contact with the Hyuuga. And she wanted Sasuke to be a part of that. She wasn't sure why, she just did.

"All right," Sasuke said quietly, before moving into his regular training stance. Hinata smiled at him, thanking him softly, before taking her own position.


Sasuke sighed mentally and glared up at the gates to the Hyuuga compound. It was the first Friday night of his annual Hyuuga dinner and he wasn't looking forward to it at all. He couldn't remember the last time he had taken a meal with a family. Actually, come to think of it, he had never taken a meal with a family, except his own…but that was painful to remember, so he shoved it back ruthlessly. He didn't need to be reminded of his family, his decision to choose Hinata over Itachi was still gnawing at him, and he didn't want that hanging over his head. Especially tonight, as it was the first time he would be interacting with his betrothed's family in a normal setting.

He knocked and waited for someone to answer the door. After a few moments, he heard footsteps running quickly, along with muffled cries. They stopped when they reached the front door, and he heard a slight scuffle. He blinked as the door was suddenly thrown open by Hinata. Sasuke looked behind her to see Neji holding Hanabi in a head lock, his hand covering the younger girl's mouth. Hinata's face was flushed and she was panting slightly. Sasuke raised an eyebrow, and she nervously smoothed her hair.

"Hello, Sasuke," she said softly, and stepped aside, "Please come in."

Sasuke entered and watched curiously as Hanabi's face fell. Her eyes flicked briefly upwards, and he looked up to see an elaborate prank that looked like it had just been neutralised. He glared at the young Naruto wannabe, and she shot him an innocent 'Who me?' look. Sasuke gritted his teeth, and wondered what the hell he had just gotten himself into.


End of the first chapter. I was going to make this story into two loooooooong chapters, but figured this way was better, as you guys could all read a little something every week or two, as opposed to not seeing anything 'till Christmas.

Thanks for all your reviews for Matchmaker, hope you enjoy this next instalment.