Title: Emily

Rating: G

Summary: Jesse and Becky want another baby…

Author: tvrox

Disclaimer: I do not own Full House, or any of the rights to it. Those all belong to Jeff Franklin and WB. I do own, however, the title of this story and any characters, places, etc. that you do not recognize. Any other legal things that I forgot to mention I apologize for.

Author's Note: This takes place after the last episode.

Feedback? Yes, please! This is my first Full House fic, actually my first fic ever! Please tell me what you think!


Jesse Katsopolis sat in his attic home at 1882 Gerard St, waiting for his wife Rebecca Donaldson to get off of the phone.

"All right," said Becky happily, "See you soon!" That was one of the things Jesse loved about his wife. She was always so cheerful.

"Well?" asked Jesse. "What did they say?"

"The man said we can come whenever it's convenient for us. They've got lots of kids."

"Yeah!" Jesse raced downstairs to tell the news to his family. His huge family. His brother-in-law Danny Tanner, and his three daughters DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, his best friend Joey Gladstone, and his twin sons Nicky and Alexander. All of these people lived with him. That was why he lived in the attic. What a full house! "You guys!" he called. "Beck and I have some big news!"

Jesse and Becky's four-year-old twin sons, Alex and Nicky, came pounding into the kitchen.

"Daddy, what is it?" asked Nicky.

"Tell us, Daddy, we're too excited to wait!" cried Alex

"Well, boys, what do you think of an addition to our family?"

At that moment, nine-year-old Michelle ran into the kitchen. "Jesse," she said, "Is Aunt Becky going to have a baby?" Michelle loved babies. And what an adorable baby she had been her self. Whenever he was sad, Jesse thought of that adorable smile. It was contagious. It always made him want to smile.
"Mommy's going to have a baby?" asked the twins together.

"No, she's not going to have a baby."

Stephanie, who, like a typical fourteen-year-old, had been listening the whole time, walked casually into the kitchen. "Then what IS going to happen?" she asked.

"Yeah," added Michelle, "what other way is there for you guys to have an addition to your family?"

"Well," said Jesse, "If you go find Joey, DJ, and your dad, I'll tell everyone the news."

"OK" said Stephanie. Michelle ran off to get Danny, and Nicky and Alex dashed out of the kitchen yelling, 'Joey, Joey, where are you?' Stephanie walked up to DJ's room, where she found her oldest sister talking on the phone.

"Steve," said DJ, "I had a great time at the prom the other night. Being with you made me realize just how much I've missed you since we broke up." She paused. "Friday? Sure! See you at 7:00! I love you, too, Steve. Bye!" She hung up the phone.

"So," said Stephanie. DJ jumped a mile. "You and Steve are back together."

"Steph," said DJ, how can you be so quiet? I didn't even know you were here."

"Don't know," stated Stephanie. "But come on. Jesse and Becky have big news."

Five minutes later, the whole family, including the Golden Retriever Comet, was assembled in the living room.

"Okay. Big news," said Jesse, "Becky and I have decided that we want more children."

"Becky, are you pregnant?" asked DJ.

"No," said Becky, smiling. "We're going to adopt a little girl from China."