The Boxcar Children… Gone Wrong!

A/N: I need my muses to get their exercise. I have to write a paper for school, and I don't have any ideas. So, I decided to dig out this parody I wrote one day and continue it. I used to love the Boxcar Children, but now I realize how pathetic they were. It was rare that any of them said 'Don't' or 'won't'. So, I decided to twist and mangle the beloved children's classic. Why not?

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Chapter One: Idiot Children

One warm night, four children stood in front of a bakery. No one knew who they were. No one cared. But, because they are the main characters in this story, I must tell you who they are.

There were four children, as I said before, two boys and two girls. The order of age went like this: boy, girl, girl boy. The oldest of all the children, whose last name, by the way, was Alden, was a boy, obvious to all who read the last sentence, named Henry. He was kind of a bland boy, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little on the tall side, but that could have been because the only other people around him were his shrimpy siblings.

The next oldest, a girl named Jessie, was almost a whole head shorter than Henry. She had long brown hair (all the Alden's had brown hair,) and brown eyes as well. She and Henry could have been twins who were different sizes, but they weren't.

The next child was Violet. Despite her name, she did not have violet eyes. She did, on the other hand, have violet hair. Yes, I know I said previously that they all had brown hair, but Violet had dyed hers violet a long time ago. Violet's eyes were, in fact, blue, much like the last, and consequently youngest child.

His name was Benny, and as previously said, he had blue eyes and brown hair. He was kind of chubby, although his parents would have called him 'pleasingly plump' because they were very nice. His face was pressed up against the glass, and I would be lying if I said he wasn't drooling a little bit.

The moon rose high overhead, and, unbeknownst to them, adventure began for the Alden children…

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