Boxcar Children Gone WRONG!

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Chapter Four: A Bad Business at the Boxcar

Benny Alden sat on the rotting wooden floor of the boxcar, picking at the peeling rust on the walls. "Hey Jessie? Jessie, I'm hungry."

"Shut up, warthog," Jessie was outside the boxcar, giving Henry a pile of hay she had stolen from a farmer with six starving children.

"What?" Benny asked.

"I know you're hungry, Benny, we all are," she said, grunting under the weight of the hay. Henry took it from her, and she went back to retrieve more. Violet sat, weaving a rug-looking-thing with her mad artistic skills. Benny stopped picking at the wall for a moment. Jessie returned with another pile of hay.

"Hey, Jessie?" Benny called again.

"What, crapface?"


"What is it?" Jessie asked in her sickeningly sweet voice, the only voice Benny was capable of hearing.

"I'm thirsty."

"Then go drink the rainwater out of that mud over there, and die of dirt coating your insides."


Jessie sighed. "Go stand outside with your mouth open wide, and maybe it'll rain."

Benny contemplated this for a moment. "Mkay," he finally said. He hopped out of the boxcar, nudging Henry in the process. Henry dropped the hay he had been holding onto Jessie's head.

"Great job, warthog! Now I've got to go get more!"

"Not my fault!" Henry shouted unnecessarily.

"Sure, butterfingers."


"Make me, worm."

Violet had stopped weaving, and was now watching the fight nervously. Benny stood a few yards away, mouth open as wide as he could, oblivious to the confrontation.


"Stay out of my way. Or curl up into a ball and die. Your choice."


"Then find us something to drink, genius!"

"I WILL! AND I WON'T COME BACK UNTIL I DO!" And with that, Henry jumped off the boxcar and stormed away. It was silent for a moment, then Jessie spoke to Violet.

"Get your puny hiney out here and help me."

Violet rushed to do so. Jessie had complete control now.

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